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Writing the Bible Craft

Bible Crafts about Writing the Bible



Paul's Important Letter Bible Craft

Children pretend to be a Scribes and write Bible verses in Greek.

Pretending to be Scribes Bible Verse Craft for Kids from www.daniellesplace.com


What you will need:



Water Color Paint

How to Make:

1. Before class collect pencil-sized sticks. Cut one end of the sticks at an angle to make points.

2. Before class print out a Bible verse in Greek.

Member's Greek Bible verse pattern

3.. In class tell your children that in Bible times scribes used pens made by sharpening reeds with knives. They made their own ink by mixing soot with other substances to form a dried cake of ink. When a scribe was ready to write, he would moisten his pen by dipping it in water and then dipping it on the cake of ink to mix the ink and then write. Demonstrate how this is done but instead of using ink, use water color paint.

4. Your children can pretend to be scribes by using sticks that have been sharpened at one end (Use sandpaper. Just rub the end across the sand paper until it is sharp) and water colors. Have them dip the stick in a glass of water and then in the water color to make it moist. (It's basically painting with a stick). Use a long piece of paper that they can write their memory verse on.

Talk about Bible scrolls and how they were made. When their verse is dry, roll up the ends to make a scroll. You can tape craft sticks or straws at the ends to make it easy to roll up.



Practice Writing the Hebrew Alphabet

sunday school practice writing the Hebrew alphabet bible craft

The Bible was written in Hebrew and Greek, you can have your children practice writing the characters. Print out some of the characters and have your children practice writing them using the method above or just use markers. Remember, Hebrew is written from right to left so the first letter Alef is on the first column on the right.

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