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Bible Review Games Using Balloons, Balls, and Bean Bags for Children's Ministry


Balloon Bible Verse Review Games for Children's Ministry


Pop the Balloon Game

What you will need:

Paper, Balloons, Bucket and Small Balls

How to Play:

After teaching a memory work verse, we reinforced it by playing this game:

Write each word of the verse on a small index-size sheet of paper, roll it up, and insert it into a balloon. Blow up the balloon with the paper inside and tie it.

Have your children take turns throwing a ball into a bucket that is a couple of feet away (We gave them two balls and two tries.) If they get the ball in the bucket, they get to take one of the balloons and break it to get the verse out. Once all the balloons are broken, have your children put the words in order. We played this with two teams and the kids found it quite exciting. It is helpful to have helpers that will stand behind the bucket and return the balls to the next person in line. Sent in by Lynn

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Ball Bible Verse Review Games for Sunday School



"Get Down" Bible Verse Review Ball Toss Game

What you will need:

A Large Child's Ball (12" in Diameter or Larger) or Large Blown Up Beach Ball and a Permanent Marker

How to Play:

Before class draw large circles on the ball with a permanent marker, and in each circle write "Say the verse".

In class have your children take turns throwing the ball around the circle. If a child catches the ball and any of his fingers on his right hand are touching any of the circle that you drew on the ball, he must say the verse and "get down". The first time, he gets down on one knee. The second time he gets down on both knees. The third time he sits down, and the fourth time is lays down on the floor. The fifth time he is out, and must go back to his seat. The child who is the highest at the end of the game wins.

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"Catch the Spirit" Fruit of the Spirit Bible Review Game

Fruit of the Spirit Game

You will need a large, solid-color rubber ball, large balloon, or beach ball, at least a foot wide, for this game. I bought a big ball at Wal-Mart for $3.00. (Beach balls would work better because they are easier to store when you are finished.

Draw pictures of the fruits studied so far in the lessons (apples, cherries, lemons, pineapples, tomatoes, oranges, and pears) on the ball with a permanent marker.

Draw lines around the fruit pictures to enclose them in different shapes and connect them to the other fruit pictures.

In class have your children stand in a circle. Start by rolling or throwing the ball to someone. When a child catches the ball tell him to look under his right thumb to see in which space his thumb is resting. He should then say what the fruit is and what fruit of the Spirit it represents. If you have older children you can just write the name of the fruit instead of drawing pictures. Or you can write Bible verse references to the Bible verses from this series of lessons and see if the children can remember the verses.

You can also have the children throw the ball to each other, bounce the ball once on the floor before catching it, etc. You can also play like musical chairs and have the children pass the ball until the music stops. The child holding the ball should check where his thumb is setting and give the fruit of the Spirit represent by that fruit.

This Bible review games goes along with the Faithfulness Fruit of the Spirit Lesson on The Resource Room.

Member's Catch the Spirit Lesson

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Bean Bag Toss Games for Sunday School



Tick-Tack-Toe Bible Lesson Review Game

What you will need:

Mattel Toss Across

(Optional - If you don't have a Toss Across game you can draw a Tick-tack-toe on the floor with painter's tape.) and Bean Bags. If you don't have a Toss Across Game, you will need Bean Bags that are two different colors or X and O markers such a index cards with X's and O's written on them.

Preparation: Before class set up the Toss Across Game or Tick-tack-toe on the floor. Place a piece of tape on the floor where the children should stand when tossing the bean bags.

How to Play:

Divide your class up into two teams - X's and O's. Take turns asking each team questions from the lesson. If a team gets the question correct, a team member gets to throw the bean bag at the Tick-tack-toe. If you aren't using the Toss Across Game, place an X or O marker on the space that the bean bag landed. If there is already a marker on that space, remove the marker and place a new marker indicating which team threw the bean bag. The team that gets three in a row first wins.



Toss the Bean Bag in the Can

Toss Jonah into the Whale Review Game - Kids love to play “toss” games. Paint an old metal canister (the kind crackers, cookies etc. come in) blue. Cut a whale shape from poster board, paint it grey, use a permanent marker to draw the eyes and mouth, and apply a self-adhesive strip magnet to the back. Since the can is metal the whale stays attached to it. To make the Jonah bean bags I used a piece of white felt, colored a picture of a Biblical Man, printed it on a T-shirt transfer, and ironed it onto the felt. After cutting out a double thickness of the man, I hot glued the edges together leaving a hole in which I put in beans and then glued the rest shut.

The kids loved playing “Throw Jonah in the Whale’s Mouth”. Later we had a Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego” lesson. I made a fiery furnace out of poster board. A few months later we did “Baby Moses”. I made reeds out of construction paper (held on with magnets) and new bean bags with a picture of baby Moses in a basket. Possibilities are endless! Sent in by Sandy Petrille

Toss Bible Game for Sunday School and Children's Ministry www.daniellesplace.com

Use the toss game to review your Sunday School lesson. There are many games you can play.

1. If a child answers a questions correctly, he gets to try and throw the bean bag into the can. If he gets it in, his team gets a point.

2. Place questions written on sheets of paper inside the can. When a child gets the bean bag in the can, he takes out a sheet of paper and answers the questions on the sheet.

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Bean Bag Toss Bible Verse Review Game

Bean Bag Toss Bible Verse Review Game for Children's Ministry

What you will need:

Card Stock, Ruler, Pencil Scissors and a Bean Bag

How to Make:

1. To make the game pieces cut a piece of card stock in half length-wise.

2.Fold the top part of the half pieces back 5 1/2" from the top.

3. Measure 2 1/4" down and fold back on the line. Do the same thing again.

4. Glue the last folded part to the back of the first part as shown in the diagram below.

Bean Bag Toss Game Diagram

5. Print one word of the Bible verse on the bottom of each piece. Place them on the floor in front of the class. Glue pictures to the front.

6. Have your children take turns throwing a beanbag or ball at the game pieces to knock them over revealing the words on the bottom of the game piece.

Each time a child knocks over a game piece and reveals a word, let him or her try to say the verse by guessing the missing words.

7. When all the words have been revealed, have all the children say the Bible verse. Then discuss what the Bible verse means.

Note: You can also use words relating to the story to introduce the concept or Bible truth before your lesson. (See the Abigail Bible Lesson Ideas, Crafts, and Activities Page for an example.)



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