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Extreme Faith - Walking on Water

Jesus Walks on Water - Faith


Extreme Faith - Jesus Walks on Water Bible Lesson

"Extreme Faith" uses a sports theme to teach children about faith. A complete lesson is available to members on The Resource Room.

Member's Sports Race Bible Verse Review Game Pattern for Members


“Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the  evidence of things not seen.” Hebrews 11:1, KJV

Lesson Text: Matthew 14:22-33,  Mark 6:45-52,  and Hebrews 11 - 12


Sport Race Bible Verse Review Board Game

What you will need: 



Game Pieces such as Buttons or Coins

What to do:

1. Before class print out the game board and game instructions. 

Member's Sports Race Bible Verse Review Game Pattern for Members



Be the first person to reach the finish line by landing on the arrow  space and moving forward.

How to Play:

1. Place your marker on any space on the first row of boxes at the bottom of the game board.

2. Players take turns throwing a die moving the amount of spaces shown on the die towards the finish line.

3. Players may only move in one direction on their turn except if they move over a “faith” space. If a player moves over a "faith" space, he must say the Bible verse, and then may change directions on his turn until he moves the amount shown on the die.  If a player comes to a sports square on his turn, he must stop in front of the space without completing his turn. The next turn he must move in another direction until he runs into another sports space or moves over  a faith space.

4. If a player lands on the arrow space, he may change his direction to move into the finish space.

5. The first player to reach the finish line wins.


Who Had Faith? Activity Sheet

Who Had Faith Activity Sheet

What you will need:




1. Before class print out the activity sheet and make copies. Available to members on The Resource Room.

Member's Who Had Faith Activity Sheet for Members

2. Hebrews 11 gives example of many people who had faith. Give your children the activity sheet and tell them to see how many of the questions they can answer.  The names of the people that belong in the answer spaces are at the bottom of the sheet.  One name is used twice. When your students have completed the sheet have them look up the answers by reading Hebrews 11.


Color an "Extreme Faith" Bible Verse Poster

Extreme Faith Poster Printable

What you will need:

Light Colored Card Stock or White Card Stock

Highlighter Markers, Paint or Markers


How to make:

1. Before class print out the pattern onto a light colored card stock. Available to members on The Resource Room.

Member's Extreme Faith Poster for Members

2. In class have your children color the poster.  Highlighter markers work very well to color posters. They are very bright and you don't have to worry about being really neat because the color doesn't show up if you go over the black areas.


See How Many Extreme Sports Your Students Can List

Have your students list as many extreme sports as they can think of. Some might be: surfing, snowboarding, skiing, skydiving, bungee jumping, whitewater rafting, traversing, rappelling, hang gliding, kayaking, windsurfing, BMX biking, and mountain climbing. You may not have heard of these: mountain boarding, blobbing, powerbocking, zorbing, and base jumping, etc.

The walls of your classroom could be lined with pictures of sports stars in action, or the pictures could be held up as students consider extreme sports. Many are designated extreme when they are in combination, such as surfing/snowboarding. Really, any sport in which a person pushes the limit is in the extreme! Guide your student's to think about what it takes to participate and/or compete in an extreme sport. Some aspects to consider: they must give it their best; they must love what they are doing; they must be confident in their ability. A video clip or two of athletes performing their skill could be shown.


Consider What Floats or Sinks in Water

Bring a variety of objects to class with a bowl of water. Be sure students think about how a person could stand up and/or walk on the water and what occurs if a man were to stand up in the water with no water skis.


Faith Challenge

Have students volunteer to participate in a "faith fall." Not all of the students will feel comfortable doing this activity. Some discomfort is good. After all, most kids discovered as toddlers that gravity lands them on the floor. They must trust (have faith) in the adult to catch them. A responsible adult will catch students one by one as they lean back and allow themselves to fall straight back. Discuss with the students how they felt during this activity.


Discover How Many Drops of Water Fit on a Quarter Bible Lesson Review

You will need a quarter and an eyedropper. (You will also need extra eyedroppers for the children to experiment with.) Before class practice dropping drops of water on a quarter. Discover how many drops a quarter will hold before it runs off. It is really interesting to watch as the water begins to bulge over the sides of the quarter. You will be amazed at how much water a quarter actually holds. I counted about 40 drops.

Before asking questions from the lesson drop a drop of water on a quarter using an eyedropper. Ask each child to guess how many more drops will fit on the quarter before the water runs off. Add a few more drops. Tell the children that you will add one drop of water for every correct answer they give to the following questions.


Last night I did the lesson on Extreme faith and it was amazing. The pictures and discussion about extreme sports really encouraged their input. We have mostly boys and it is a subject they all seem to love. The demonstration on faith with a child falling back into a teacher's arms was excellent. (we do our story and most of the lesson together with the younger class and all 15 of them had to try it! I told the Bible story using Betty Lukin's Felt Flannel graph which they always enjoy and it was a very exciting story. Then when we went into our own class, I used the quarter with the eyedropper demonstration while asking the questions. It was absolutely amazing! Their eyes were transfixed on the quarter and they didn't move a muscle as we got towards the end in case the table wiggled. In over 40 years of teaching, that is the best trick I've ever learned. Thanks so much! We used the boat with the styrofoam in it for the craft and it was also a great success. I made all the boats ahead for both classes and used a glue gun for the paper and the styrofoam. It didn't take long. I also precut the popsicle sticks and the sails and straws. The kids painted the boats, drew the disciples, and decorated the sails with felt pens. We had a little time left so, in our class they lined up all their boats and, using extra straws, they blew at the sails and had a race. All in all, it was an excellent lesson and it wasn't hard to reinforce the importance and meaning of faith without boring the kids. Marilynn