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Ark of the Covenant Craft and Activity Sheet

Ark of the Covenant Craft Stick Bible Craft for Children from www.daniellesplace.com

What you will need:

Jumbo Craft Sticks

Mini Craft Sticks

Regular-Sized Craft Sticks

Round 1-Inch Wood Pieces for the Head

Gold Trim from Fabric Store

Gold Spray Paint or Acrylic Paint

Ark of the Covenant Craft Stick Bible Craft for Preschool Children from www.daniellesplace.com

How to make:

Member's Ark of the Covenant Pattern

In class have your children glue the craft sticks on the paper. Then glue on some gold trim to finish.

If you have preschool children or don't have the mini craft sticks, you can use the easier pattern, (Included with the pattern above). This activity sheet only uses the jumbo and regular-sized craft sticks.

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I have been using your site for the last few years and I think it is great. I sometimes have trouble putting my lessons together and this site has been a great help. Thank you for putting it up. I've been teaching for 39 years and I still need help. Also I love that I can get the KJV lessons which are rare nowadays. Again thank you. Penny, Liberty Baptist church Eadton MA



Ark of the Covenant Craft for Sunday School

Ark of the Covenant Box Craft from www.daniellesplace.com

What you will need:

Small Boxes Such as Jewelry Boxes

Gold Paint

Gold Trim from Fabric Store

Gold Paper

Skinny Craft Sticks or Straws

Small Twigs


How to make:

1. Paint a small box, inside and out, with gold paint. Paint craft sticks gold and then glue them to the box to make the poles.

2. Print out the angel patterns or draw angels onto gold paper, cut them out, and then glue them onto the top of the "ark".

Member's Ark of the Covenant Box Craft Pattern

3. Glue gold trim around the top of the box.

4. Make the Ten Commandment tablets out of white clay, and the bowl out of gold Fimo clay, and place them in the box. Place a small stick in the box to represent Aaron's rod.

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Work for the Lord Sunday School Lesson

The Israelites Build the Tabernacle - The Israelites used their talents and wealth to build a temple for God. God gives everyone special abilities and wants us to use our talents to work for him. God wants us to work hard at whatever we are doing, not for the praise of men, but of the Lord. The following Crafts and Activities come from the Sunday School Lesson, "Work for the Lord" on The Resource Room

Talk About Work

Ask your children what jobs their parents have. Ask them what they would like to do when they grow up.



Play "Important Jobs" Charades Game

Place your children into teams of twos and give each child a piece of paper with a description of the work being performed. Let the teams take turns acting out the scene and have the other children guess what they are doing. Remind your children that they can't say anything while they are acting. (If you have very young children, have older children or adults act out the scenarios and let the children guess what they are doing.)

Note: My first grade class did an excellent job on acting out the jobs and guessing what they were. I gave them a few ideas of what they could do before they started.

1.Teacher teaching a student.

2.Doctor examining a patient.

3.Window washers.

4.Taxi car driver taking someone some place.

5.Office workers answering phones and typing.

6.Fast food worker and customer.

7.Grocery store clerk and someone buying food.

8.Garbage men picking up trash.

9.Delivery truck driver delivering package to home.

10.Repair man coming to a person's home to repair something.

11.Construction workers building a house.

12.Assembly line workers.

13.Cooks in a fast food restaurant.

14.Lifeguard and a swimmer.

15.Police officer arresting someone.

16.Crossing guard and student.

17.Mother feeding baby a bottle and burping the baby.

18.Gymnastics instructor and student.

19.Coach and student.

20.Farmer feeding animals.

21.Firemen fighting a fire.

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Work for the Lord Color Sheets

Work for the Lord Coloring Sheets - Important Jobs

These important jobs color sheets are available on The Resource Room.


Colossians 3:23 - Work with it with all Your Heart Bible Verse Review Activity Sheet

Colossians 3:23 - Work for the Lord Bible Verse Review Activity sheet from www.daniellesplace.com

What you will need: Paper, Scissors, and Glue


What to do:

1. Before class print out the Bible verse sheet and the letter strips sheet and make copies.

Member's Ark of the Covenant Box Craft Pattern

2. In class have your children cut the strips apart and try to find the strips that complete the Bible verse. Once a child thnks he or she has found the correct strips, ask him or her to look up the verse in the Bible to see if it correct. If it is, have him or her glue the strip to the sheet.

*Note - Before your children start you can have them try to figure out the verse without the strips by filling in the blanks to make words.



Make a Model of a Tabernacle

The following ideas and pictures were sent in by Connie Henry.

I recently had a need to come up with an idea to make a model tabernacle for an illustration in my first, second, and third grade Bible class. After several nights of searching on the net for a suitable picture and gathering craft ideas I have now completed this project. I used as many items as possible around the house to help keep down the cost. The entire project cost about $40.00. I have attached pictures for you to see the finished product. (You can find a description of the tabernacle in Exodus 25 -27.)

sunday school tabernacle picture bible craft
sundays school Holy of Holies bible craft

I began with a box that had contained reams of copy paper. I covered the outside of the box with wood grain contact paper and cut the end out of the box. I cut a couple of side groves for square dowel rods to fit in and made two sets of divider curtains between the Holy Place and the Holy of Holies.

I purchased material for the four top coverings. The inner layer matches the first curtain in red, purple, and blue linen. The second top is white goats skin, (fleece material) the third one is red ram's skin (red thick material) the fourth one is badger skin (I found brown fleece that worked just fine). These were sewn like a pillowcase for thickness.

The furniture can be doll house furniture or handmade, as mine were, by one of our elders.

sunday school Ark of the Covenant bible craft for kids
sunday shcool tabernacle bible craft for kids

The cherubs on the ark are made from poster board and sprayed gold as is every thing inside of the tabernacle.

The lamp stand was made with gold pipe cleaners with red fingernail polish for the flames.

I found a coloring picture of a priest in his garments and colored them as described in scripture and glued him to 1/2 a toilet paper roll so he will stand.

The shewbread was crackers that I broke into small pieces and placed in a sprayed gold milk jug lid that was then placed on the shewbread table.

sunday school golden table bible craft for kids
sunday school tabernacle7 bible craft for kids
sunday school tabernacle8 bible craft for kids
sunday school golden table 2 bible craft for kids
sunday school tabernacle9 bible craft for kids

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