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Crafts and Activities for Jesus Heals the Paralyzed Man


Jesus Heals the Paralyzed Man Bible Lesson for Children from www.daniellesplace.com


The following crafts and activities come from the Bible lesson "Bear One Another's Burdens". A complete lesson with the crafts and activities on this page is available to members on The Resource Room and as an instant download.

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Jesus Heals the Paralytic Craft Stick Bible Craft

This craft can be used for the Sunday School lesson "Jesus Heals the Lame Man" from John 5:1-15, or Jesus Heals the Paralytic from Mark 2:1-12. Children draw a sad face on one side of a Jumbo Craft Stick and a happy face on the other. They can use the craft stick puppets to act out the story. When Jesus tells the lame man or paralytic to pick up his mat and go home children can take the craft stick out and turn it around so that the smiling face side shows. They can also fold up the mat and place it in the puppet's hand as pictured.

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3D Bible Scene with House and People

Jesus Heals the Paralyzed Man


What you will need:

Card Stock, Scissors, Tape, Colored Pencils, Mini Craft Sticks, Regular-sized Craft Sticks and Tacky Glue


How to make:

1. Before class print out the patterns onto card stock.

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Instant Digital Download - Jesus Heals the Paralyzed Man Bible Lesson

2. In class have your children color the pictures and cut them out.

3. Show them how to fold and glue the house together.

4. Children can make ladders from craft sticks. Use two regular-sized crafts sticks for the sides and mini craft sticks for the rungs of the ladder.

5. Fold back the tabs at the bottom of the feet of the people so that they will stand. Place the rug inside the house.

6. Have the children review the story using their 3D model and people.

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Make a House

Bring in boxes, paper, scissors, glue, etc. and pictures of houses in Bible times.

Have your children make replicas of the house. Tell them they can use the boxes to make the house or just draw pictures of them. Children can use their house to act out the story.

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"Bear One Another's Burdens " Bear Paper Craft

Friends Stick Together Bible Craft for Kids from www.daniellesplace.com


Children will love playing with there stand-up bears. The little bear can ride on the bigger bear's back.

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"Bear Ye One Another's Burdens" Coloring Sheet

Bear one another's burdens coloring sheet for Sunday School www.daniellesplace.com

As your children work on this coloring sheet talk about what it means to be one another's burdens.

Ask your children why they think the little bear might be crying and what the other bear might be doing to help little bear.

Ask them how they can help their friends and family.


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Bible Verse Review Relay Game

Jesus Heals the Paralytic Bible Verse Review Game from www.daniellesplace.com



1. Before class print out the paralyzed man pattern and cut out enough men from construction paper to print out the verse, one word per man, on the men. You will need a set for each team.

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2. Make some cots by folding a piece of construction paper in half lengthwise.

3. Make handles with folded up strips of construction paper.

4. In class divide the children into teams. Give each team a cot and a set of men. Mix up the order to the words in the verse.

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Learn What Burdens Are

Place a wet paper towel or facial tissue so that two ends are secured between heavy objects. (Experiment before class to see how well your set up will work.) Ask the children to think of things that might be a burden to someone. When a child thinks of something, let him come up and place a quarter or some other object in the center of the wet paper towel. (Write down the suggestions as they are mentioned.) Let each child come up and place a quarter on the wet paper towel as he comes up with a burden. Keep going until the paper towel breaks or everyone has a turn. If the paper towel breaks during the activity tell the children that some burdens are so hard to bear that they can break a person. That is why it is important for us to bear each other's burdens. Start again with a new paper towel.

When every child has had a turn, go back and ask them how they can help bear the burden that they had mentioned earlier. Let them take a quarter off the paper towel after they give their ideas.

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I just paid for my subscription yesterday, and I want to tell you I've already gotten my money's worth! This site is amazing! I teach 1st graders, and the text we have is very boring. I've been struggling to come up fun ideas for the kids to keep them interested, and now I have more than I could ever use in one year!! Thank you so much! I can't wait for class tonight for our lesson on the Good Samaritan. I'm not even going to be using our books tonight now that I have so many great activities planned! Keep up the great work! Kasha



Read Bear Feels Sick by Karma Wilson and Jane Chapman

Bear Feels Sick

Bear Feels Sick

By Karma Wilson / Margaret K McElderry Books

Bears friends come over and want to play but Bear feels achy and too sick to play. Hare finds him a warm cozy spot and mouse covers him up. His other friends all pitch in to help bear feel better.

The next day he wakes up feeling good and wants to play, but all his friends are exhausted and not feeling well. Now it is bear's turn to take care of his friends.

You may be able to find this book in your local library.

After reading the story ask your children if they can remember what some of the animals did to "bear Bear's burden".

1. Find him a warm cozy spot and try to make him more comfortable.

2. Gives him a hug.

3. Try to comfort him by reassuring him that he will be just fine.

4. Get him water.

5. Cooks him some broth.

6. Put a cool wet cloth on him to cool him down.

7. Makes sure he is covered up.

8. Helps him drink from a cup.

9. Gather herbs for him.

10. Draw pictures for him.

11. Bird brings him a flower.

12. They whisper and walk on tippy-toes so they don't wake him up.

13. Sing him lullabies.

14. And keep a watch over him.

Ask your children if they have ever done any of these things to help someone who was sick. Remind your children if they can't do any of these things, they can always pray for the sick person.

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Galatians 6:2 - Bear Ye One Another's Burdens

"Bear Ye One Another's Burdens" Bible verse and Doodlers for Sunday School from www.daniellesplace.com


These sheets are great for both younger children and older children. Younger children will enjoy coloring the sheets, while older children can add doodles of their own.

Coloring sheets are a great way to keep children busy while you are waiting for all the children to show up or to keep children busy during church services. They can also be used as a aid to help children remember their Bible verses.

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This week we did the lesson "Bear One Another's Burdens". My daughter has a lot of Barbie and Ken dolls left over from her childhood so I took several and cut out about a 16 x 3 inch strip of cloth from old sheets, cut a slot out to slip their head through and tied their new Bible time clothes together with a piece of yarn. I built a house out of building blocks that we had in the room and placed a Ken doll in the house to be Jesus. (I found one that I think was called cool guy Ken which had long hair and a painted on beard that made an excellent Jesus). I let the children hold the dolls in front of the door while I had one on a mat (construction paper) trying to get in. The kids had never been so attentive during story time. They loved this. I'm hanging on to my dolls. They can be used for many other stories as well. If you don't have any at home, keep your eye out at yard sales. The condition isn't very important.

I teach 3 and 4 year olds. With the lesson of "Jesus Heals the Paralyzed Man," we got our wiggles out by playing "Jesus Says." We followed the rules of "Simon Says". Everyone lies on the ground and are "paralyzed." One person gets to be Jesus and says "Jesus says, paralyzed man move your toes." And, as in Simon says, you catch the kids by saying "touch your head -- I didn't say Jesus says!" Hope this makes sense! We had great fun and by the end the children really understood what paralyzed meant and how special Jesus was and is. Trish Juranitch

My preschool Sunday school class recently completed the "Bear One Another's Burden's" lesson. At the end of the lesson we discussed different burdens people may experience in their lives, and then we thought of ways in which we as Christians can help them. The children colored the coloring sheet available on your web site. The craft they completed was "Love Bears All" . Thanks! Ella Price

I used the lesson for our Monday night outreach class of 7, 8, and 9 year olds. These are children that rarely, if ever, are taken to church. Everything is so fresh and new to them. They LOVED the model of the house and characters! I love teaching with props and this has been a favorite! Thanks! Denise McLemore

This lesson is one of my favorite's to have taught because of the incredible way that God showed up in it. I love teaching Sunday School and seeing the excitement on the children's faces as they learn the most important stories ever told. But sometimes I wonder about their spiritual growth. I pray God will anoint me to teach them and that they will grow in their faith and love for him.
When we did this lesson they enjoyed the paper props of the friends and the little house and were interested in the story. We talked about how the friends brought their friend to Jesus and how we can still bring people to Jesus today. I printed off a really nice picture of Jesus with little children and gave them each one of the stretcher templates. I asked them if they knew anyone they would like to pray for and "bring" to Jesus. Each child thought of someone significant to them who were going through difficult times (some that broke my heart as they mentioned them, the youngest was for a much loved favorite toy). They drew pictures of them (They are 3-5 years old) and glued them around the picture. Just when I was about to pray about their needs, they shocked me by spontaneously doing it themselves, with 3 out of 4 praying themselves. One prayer was for a Great Grandfather to get better and come and visit soon (and he came within 2 weeks! What a great answer to prayer to boost the growing faith of a 5 year old! Thanks for your inspired lessons, Krista.

I work with tots, age 3-6. On Sunday we were doing a lesson about the four friends who help the paralysed man to see Jesus. To reinforce the story I used your idea to print off a picture of Jesus with children and for the children to draw a picture of someone they wanted to bring to Jesus for healing. They all really understood what they were doing and drew pictures of friends, family, etc. When I asked them if they wanted to pray, four of them prayed out loud for the people on their stretcher, I haven’t ever managed to get them to pray out loud before. I followed this up with the doctor bag craft in another part of your site. This went very well at the time with some support from the helpers. Today I got this email from one of the helpers: Just wanted to let you know I have had four mums comment on how much their kids love their medical bags this week! Apparently they won't let anyone else touch them and have been praying for their parents/siblings and then putting plasters and bandages on them! Keep up the great work, you’re a real blessing to us Sunday School teachers!