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Gideon - Brave and Mighty

Children learn how God gave good guy Gideon the strength to fight the mean men of Midian.

The following crafts and activities about Gideon come from The Resource Room. The complete lesson "Gideon - Brave and Mighty" is available to members and as an instant download.

Member's Gideon Bible Lesson

Instant Digital Download - $2.95 Instant Digital Download Bible Lesson about Gideon



In class ask your preschoolers to see how many Israelites they can find. Ask them why they think the Israelites might be hiding. Ask them if they have every been scared or hid when they were frightened.



Search and Find Words that Relate to the Bible Lesson

Search and Find Activity Sheet

1. Before class print out the activity sheet and make copies.

A printable pattern for this craft is available to members and as an instant download above.

2. In class have your children search for words that relate to the lesson. When a child finds a word ask him or her how the word relates to the Bible lesson. Keep playing until all the words have been found.

Words on the word search:

Horizontal - strength, pray, brave, angel, wheat, hide, lord, weak

Vertical - strong, obey, Gideon, scared, power, help



Color a Bible Verse Picture

Older children will enjoy coloring a Bible verse picture. A printable pattern for this craft is available to members and as an instant download above.

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Examine Wheat and Learn About Threshing and Winnowing

Gideon Bible Lesson - Children learn about Threshing and Winnowing from www.daniellesplace.com

Bring in some sheaves of wheat. (You can buy these at craft stores. You will find them in the dried flower section. They are used in flower arrangements.) Tell the children that people in Bible times made flour for bread from wheat. First they had to separate the seed from the chaff (outer part of the grain). To do this they laid the wheat out on a cloth on the floor and beat it with sticks or had their animals walk over them. This was called threshing the wheat.

Once the chaff was knocked off, they had to separate it from the seed. To do this they would place a blanket on the ground and then throw the seed and chaff straight up in the air on a windy day. The wind would blow the chaff away while the heavier seed would fall to the ground. This was call winnowing the wheat. They would then pick up the seeds and grind them into flour.

Spread out a clean tablecloth on the floor or on a table. (You may want to do this outside on the ground.) Show the children the wheat. Show them how you can rub the seed cases (chaff) in your hand and the seed will fall out. Let the children try. (If you have very little children, you may want to give them a cloth to put over the wheat and then have them rub the cloth over the wheat on a paper plate. The wheat can be a little prickly.) Once the children have removed all the seed from the chaff, tell them to remove the long stems from the table. Show the children that if you blow lightly over the top of the plate the chaff will blow away leaving the heavier seeds. Once the seeds are separated, the seeds would be ground between two rocks to make flour. Tell them that in our story today a man was threshing and winnowing his wheat.


I discovered this website a few months ago and absolutely love it! It has so many good ideas that are practical, easy to follow, and lots of fun for kids. Everything in the lessons are written so clearly and I get excited taking one of these lessons to my group of first graders. Thank you for this invaluable resource! Karen



Find Gideon Lift the Flap Activity

 Lift the Flap Find Gideon Activity

Preschoolers will love trying to find Good Guy Gideon behind the flaps. This activity comes with three different printable character patterns so Gideon will be hiding in different places when the teacher changes the back pattern. Children will also be eager to see what is hiding behind the flaps including: a monkey, gecko, camel, lion, bison, dinosaur, gorilla, bears, and an alligator.

1. Before class print out and the landscape picture and character sheets.

2. A printable pattern for this craft is available to members and as an instant download above.

3. Cut out the flaps on the solid lines.

4. In class place a character sheet behind the landscape pattern and have the children take turns picking a flap and lifting it to see if Gideon is behind the flap.



"Find Gideon" Card Game

Find Gideon Card Game for preschoolers from www.daniellesplace.com

1. Before class print out the two pattern sheets and cut the cards apart.

A printable pattern for this craft is available to members and as an instant download above.

2. Cut out the Good Guy Gideon figure and tape it to the back of one of the cards. Use a tape that isn't very sticky, such as painters tape, so you can remove the figure and place it on another card.

3. In class have the children take turns trying to find Good Guy Gideon.

Let each child pick a card until someone picks the one Gideon is hiding under. Play again if all your children have not had a chance to play.

*If you don't want to use the cards, you can just hide a "Gideon doll" or a picture of Gideon in the room and see who can find Gideon first.



Bible Verse Review Games for 1 Corinthians 16:13

Picture Bible verse review game for Gidean Bible lesson from www.daniellesplace.com

These Bible verse printables can be used in many ways to review the 1 Corinthians 16:13. The verse is broken up into four parts that are easy to remember using pictures. (Printable patterns for this craft is available to members and as an instant download above.)

1. Be on your guard; - Picture of a security guard

2. Stand firm in the faith; - Hiker standing on a rock

3. Be courageous; - Firefighter

4. Be strong. - Picture of a weight lifter

Relay Race 1 - Review the Bible verse several times before playing this game. Break your children up into teams of four. Mix up the pictures and place the pictures on the opposite side of the room from the children. On the word go a team of four children should run up and grab the picture cards, hold the cards in front of them, get in order of the verse and then each child says what is written on his or her card. The team that does it in the least amount of time wins.

Motions Bible Verse Review Game - Before you play review the motions for each card:

1. Be on your guard - Children put one hand out pretending to use a flashlight

2. Stand firm in the faith - Children hold both arms, hands in fist, above their heads.

3. Be courageous - Children pretend to be holding a firehose.

4. Be Strong - Children pretend to be making muscles.

Show your children the first card and have them say the words while they do the motions. Go over it several times until your children know the words. Keep playing, changing cards faster and faster, until the children know the verse and can say it without the cards.

Place the Children in Order - Mix up the cards and place children into groups of five. Show four child one each of the cards without showing the fifth child. The four children should then do the motions for their part of the Bible verse and the fifth child should tell them where to stand so that they are in order of the verse. The other children in class should say the Bible verse using the children to help them remember the verse.



Bible Verse Poster Coloring Activity

Bible Verse Poster Coloring Activity for Children's Ministry from www.daniellesplace.com

1. Before class print out the patterns and make copies.

(A printable pattern for this craft is available to members and as an instant download above.)

You can use the complete poster and print it on white paper, or print the background pattern onto colored paper and the Bible verse patterns onto white paper.

2. Cut out the Bible verse patterns.

3. In class have your children color the Bible verse sheets with colored pencils and them glue them to the background sheet to make posters.

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"God is With Us"
Written by Nancy Foss
(Sing to the tune of "You are my Sunshine".)

God is with us.
He's always with us.
He will give you strength each day
And when your troubles begin to double
Just pray to God each day.

©2002, Digital by Design - See Copyright Information


"Trust and Obey"
Written by Nancy Foss
Sing to the tune of "This Old Man".

Trust and obey, Trust and obey.
Always live God's way.
Let love live in your heart today.
Always live God's way.

©2002, Digital by Design - See Copyright Information


I just wanted to let you know I used this lesson today on my Junior Church kids. I have a group of kids from 2-9 years of age. Sometimes it is difficult to say the least. But we made a cave from our chairs and a big blanket, and they loved it. Told them the story, the little ones were a little scared but they all enjoyed it. We also did the wheat, which was fun, but messy! Thank you for the wonderful lesson. Berni King

For my 2-6 year old Sunday school class today, I used the lesson "Gideon - Brave & Mighty". I covered a table with a blanket, and we used our imaginations to pretend that we were hiding inside a cave. I brought a flashlight, just in case someone was a little afraid. The lesson went very well. Since we were inside the "cave" the children listened very closely. They didn't want to miss anything.

For our craft, we made puppets using patterns from www.makingfriends.com and we glued them to craft sticks. The children really enjoyed reenacting the story with the puppets.

I made up a song that I think goes very well with this lesson.

Good Guy Gideon
Sing to the Tune of Michael Finnegan

There was a good guy
His name was Gideon
Hiding from the mean men of Midian
An angel came from God and said to him
"The Lord is with you, brave and mighty man"

Gideon loved God and obeyed him
Sending home thousands of men
Only three hundred was God plan
The Lord was with this brave and mighty man.

Thank you for another wonderful lesson! Theresa Bostick

I did the Gideon lesson last night with my kids (2-4 year olds) and they loved it. We built a cave using a table and some blankets and we crawled in to tell the story. I have a suggestion. We made torches using brown construction paper and orange tissue paper. I rolled the brown construction paper in to a cone shape and taped down the edges (You may have to fold down some corners of the page that stick up.). I rolled up a few pieces of tape and stuck them on the inside. Next, I crinkled a whole sheet of orange tissue paper and stuck it inside the cone. I wrote "Gideon's Torch" on the outside and the kids loved it. Thanks for all your hard work! Katherine Welch

My preschool Sunday school class recently did the lesson "Gideon-Brave & Mighty". The children colored the "How many Israelites can you find? (coloring sheet provided on your website). The children then made a "God is Love" pin. We talked about how God's love helps to protect Gideon from the mean and might men of Midian. The children really enjoyed the lesson. Thanks for all of your wonderful ideas! Ella

I used this lesson with my boys. I used little figurines to show how Gideon thrashed his wheat. We would thrash, be silent to listen for any Midianites, and then thrash again, and then listen again. They really enjoyed it. Plus, to show how God used only a few men, I used colored buttons and put them on a pile on the floor. Some of more colors than others. We would take out certain colors until we only had a few of one color left. This helped make real how only a few men were used by God to defeat the foe. Thanks for your site!

Greetings from Australia! I am a children's minister and just wanted to thank you for a brilliant site! Keep up the great work! In Christ, Yvonne



Gideon Fights the Mean Men of Midian


Bible Reference:  Judges 7:1-23

Bible Verse: Zechariah 4:6

Teaching Concept: You don't have to be big and strong to serve the Lord. God will give you the strength and power you need to serve him.

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Gideon's Trumpet Bible Craft

Gideon's Trumpet Bible Craft from www.danielllesplace.com

What you will need:

Paper Towel Tube

Paper or Styrofoam Bowl

Glue Gun

Aluminum Foil

How to make:

1. Use a pencil to trace the end of a paper towel roll onto the bottom of the paper bowl. Make a slit all the way across the circle cutting the circle in half. Make another slit the opposite way cutting it in half again. Keep doing this until you have little wedge shapes all the way around the circle.

Trumpet Craft diagram


2. Bend the little wedge shapes out as shown in the picture.

3. Slide a paper towel tube inside the hole, through the inside of the bowl, until it is almost all the way down to the end of the tube. Place a line of glue all the way around the end of the tube and slide the paper bowl the rest of the way down to the end. Press the wedges to the tube to secure.

4. Cut pieces of aluminum foil to fit around the long part of the trumpet. Cut a square piece of aluminum foil for the bowl part of the trumpet. Cut a small circle in the middle. Place the end of the trumpet through the hole in the aluminum and bring the foil all the way up to the bowl and then press the aluminum foil down around the bowl into the inside. Wind a piece of aluminum foil around the handle and secure with tape. Use another piece of aluminum foil to roll up and form a handle. Tape the handle onto the long part or the trumpet.

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Torch and Jar Craft

What you will need:

An Aluminum Can (Make sure there are no sharp edges.), Brown Construction Paper, Red and Yellow Crepe and Tape

How to Make Gideon's Torch and Jar:

1. Give each child an aluminum can, a piece of brown construction paper, some red and yellow crepe paper, and some tape.

2. Show the children how to roll up their paper and tape it closed to make the bottom of the torch. Show them how to cut their crepe paper to make a jagged edge and tape it to bottom of the torch. You may want to have the children decorate their cans with stickers.

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Color a Picture of Gideon's Men

Gideon's Men color Sheet

1. Before class print out the patterns and make copies.

Member's Gideon's Men color Sheet Pattern7

2. While your students work, ask them what they think the men are holding, what they are doing, and why they think the men are doing it. Tell them that they will find out during the lesson.



Play "Who Stole the Snack?"

This is a fun way to give out snacks at snack time and reinforce the part of the lesson where the Midianites stole from Israelites.

Have your children form a circle. Pick one child to be Gideon and to sit in the middle of a circle. Gideon should close his eyes. Place a bag or box of cookies or other snack in front of Gideon. Pick a child to be the Midianite and sneak up and "steal" the snack and then go back and sit down in his seat with the snacks hidden behind his back. When the child is sitting and ready, all the children should chant, "Gideon, Gideon, where's your snack? A man from Midian took it and won't bring it back." Gideon then guesses who "stole" the snack. If he guesses right he gets to take the place of the child who "stole' the snack. If he guesses wrong, he is still Gideon and another child pretends to be the Midianite.

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Play "Pass the Bread" Hot Potato Like Game

Remind the children about the part of the story where the Midianites had a dream about a huge loaf of bread rolling down into their camp. Play some music. Tell the children that in this game they are the Midianites and a huge loaf of bread is rolling around. They should pass the bread around in a circle trying not to be the person holding the bread when the music stops. The child who is holding the bread when the music stops has to say the memory verse.

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Act Out the Story Using Props

Put some chairs at one end of the room. Tell the children that the chairs are the camp of the mean men of Gideon. Tell them that you are going to pretend to be Gideon and they are your army. Tell them to follow you and do exactly as you do. "When I blow my trumpet, you should blow your trumpets and shout, "a sword for the Lord and for Gideon." Lead the children over to the camp. Walk very slowly and on your tiptoes like you are trying to sneak up on the camp. Tell the children to walk very quietly. Direct them with your hands to stand around the camp. Blow your horn and have the children blow theirs. Have the children follow you as you pull your torch out from the can and drop the can on the floor. Hold up your torch and shout, "a sword for the Lord and for Gideon."

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Play "Separate the Soldiers" Game

Use this game to review the Bible verse or hand out snacks. Tell the child that God had Gideon separate his soldiers by watching to see how they drank water. Today I am going to separate you to see who says the Bible verse (or who gets a snack first). Here are some ideas of what you can use to separate the children. Once you have them separated into two groups, you can say, "There are still too many of you. I will have to separate you again. Come up with another criteria to separate them. Once you get a small group have them say the Bible verse or give them a snack. If you are giving out snack make sure you let the children know that they will all receive snacks

Separate Them By:

1. If they raise their right hand or left hand

2. Different colors of clothes they are wearing

3. Color of eyes

4. Boy or girl

5. How many brothers and sister they have

6. If they like broccoli or any other food

7. If they go to public school or home school

8. If they walk to school or ride the bus

9. If they ate eggs for breakfast or they didn't

10. If they watched television before coming to church or didn't

11. If they have a dog or cat

12. Tell them to sit on the floor. Separate the children that cross their legs from the ones that don'

13. Color of hair

14. If they can whistle or not whistle

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"A Man Named Gideon"
Written by Nancy Foss
Sing to the tune of "Little Bunny Foo Foo"

There was a man named Gideon
Working in the fields.
Threshing wheat to flour
To feed his family.
Chop, chop, puff, puff,
Thresh that wheat.

Gideon is brave and mighty.
He will save his people.
Through God's power we all have strength.
One shout, two shouts, three shouts, four.

©2002, Digital by Design - See Copyright Information


"Good Guy Gideon"
Written by Theresa Bostick
(Sing to the tune of Michael Finnegan)

There was a good guy
His name was Gideon
Hiding from the mean men of Midian
An angel came from God and said to him
"The Lord is with you, brave and mighty man"

Gideon loved God and obeyed him
Sending home thousands of men
Only three hundred was God plan
The Lord was with this brave and mighty man.

©2002, Digital by Design - See Copyright Information



Gideon's Torch Craft Using Lunch Bags and TP Rolls

We constructed Gideon's torch in a pot using a small flashlight, a paper lunch bag, a toilet paper tube, a small strip of tag board and some tissue paper. (Make sure flashlight will fit in the TP tube!) Also need, tacky glue, rubber band.

1. Cut the top off the paper lunch bag about 1 inch higher than the tube. (about 3 inches) Save the top.

2. Cut the top to form a long strip. Cut the strip in half to form two shorter strips. Cut one on these in half. Fold all strips in half lengthwise. Fold again.

3. Place the tube in the lunch bag. If needed add part of a crumpled newspaper around the tube to give the bag a rounded shape. put glue on the top 1/2 inch of the tube - then press the top of the bag around the tube. Use a rubber band to hold. Once glue has set, take the longest strip made from the bag top and glue this around to cover the raw bag edges. Use rubber band to hold.

4. Take the shorter strips and form in "C" shapes. Glue to either side of bag for "pot" handles. Hold to set.

5. Take a 1/2 inch strip of tag board and wrap around top of flashlight. allow enough overlap to glue easily. Don't glue yet.

6. Choose at least three colors - yellow, red, orange - to represent fire. Cut large and small flame shapes from all three colors of tissue and glue onto the strip of tag board. Layer and overlap some for a full effect. Allow to dry.

7. Glue the flame strip around the top of the flashlight. use the rubber band to hold.

Remind students to wait until all glue is dry before putting their "torch" in the pot.

This had a dramatic effect that evening when we turned down the lights and had all the children "light" their torches.

The youngest children were able to help cut and glue their flames. Older children are able to do most of the craft without too much help. Cutting the tops off the bags would streamline the craft as well as having the small tag board strips already cut. Be sure to do a practice one. Sent in by Loretta Wright

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I love your website! It has really helped me with a lot of my units that I teach in my Christian school classroom. Gayla

I used the lesson "Gideon Fights the Men of Midian" for my 2-6 year old Sunday school class today. It was a great lesson! The children listened well and remembered the first part of the lesson from last week in the "cave".

For the craft, we made Gideon's trumpet. I used birthday party hats to make the bell of the trumpet, instead of the foam bowls. Remove the elastic string from the hat and make four cuts from the point of the hat to just over half-way up the hat. Push the paper towel tube in through the inside of the hat and secure the ends of the hat with masking tape. I wrapped the tape around several times. In class, I used the extra wide aluminum foil and the children only had to use one sheet of it to cover their trumpets. We used and second piece to make the handle. They turned out great!!