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Candy Heart Bible Verse Bingo

Printable Bingo with Bible Verses About Love


Love Bible Verse Bingo Game

Twenty Bingo Cards with hearts and icons that represent nine different Bible verses in both KJV and NIV. This game is great for younger children who cannot read. Use candy hearts as markers for the Bingo game.

What you will need:

Card Stock (Heavy Paper)


Place Markers Such as Buttons or Valentine’s Candy


How to play:

1. Before class print out the cards and cut them apart.

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2. Print out the icon patterns, hearts, and Bible verse sheet. Cut apart the icons and the hearts and place them in separate bags.

3. In class give each child a Bingo card and some markers.

4. To play let the children take turns picking a heart from one bag and an icon from the other. Show the children the heart and say the color of the heart and then show them the icon. Ask them to find the colored heart with that icon on their card. If they have a matching heart, they should mark that square with a marker. The child who gets three in a row first wins.

5. Read the Bible verse that goes along with the icon on the heart or ask them what the icon represents after reading the verse.

6. Keep playing until everyone has had a chance to win.