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God Made Me Bible Lesson 3

My Listening Ears


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Our ears are gifts from God. God gave them to us for our pleasure and to help protect us. They also help us learn about him God when we listen to his word. But we must not only listen to his instructions, we must do what they say. (A Complete Lesson is available to members only on The Resource Room.)



What I Like to Hear with My Ears Activity

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Have your children draw a picture of at least three different things they like to hear. They may draw a picture of a radio, television, birds singing, the leaves blowing in the wind, etc. Tell them that they will be using the pictures for a listening activity later during class.

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"I Can Hear" Printable Itty Bitty Book

I Can Hear Itty Bitty Book from www.daniellesplace.com

This 3" x 3" book was designed to go along with the Creation Series of lessons for Sunday school. Pictures and rhyming words help your children decipher the words.

I can hear a bird singing. I can hear a phone ringing.
I can hear an owl hooting. I can hear a horn tooting.
I can hear hands clapping. I can hear a foot tapping.
I can hear a dog yapping. I can hear wings flapping
I can hear fingers snapping. I can hear my friend rapping.
I can hear a cricket chirping. I can hear my friend slurping.
I can hear a lion roaring. I can hear my dad snoring.
I thank God for my ears!
© 2006, Carolyn Warvel

This book is available to members only. Go to "My Listening Ears" Bible Lesson to print out the patterns for this book.

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Make Musical Instruments

Bring in jingle bells, beads and baubles, and help your children string them on a rope or place them in a Pringle's can with a lid.



Make Listening Tubes

Roll pieces of construction paper up into tubes and tape them closed. Let your children decorate them with stickers. Use them for a Bible verse review games later in class. See the activity section below.



Musical Feet

Tie jingle bells on your children's shoes and sing a song as they walk around the room.



Listening Activity 1

Remind your children that God gave us our ears so that we can listen to him and to others. Tell them that they are going to practice being good listeners in this activity. Pick five children to show the pictures they drew at the beginning of class (or break up your class into even numbers, about five per group.) Let your children tell about all the things they drew on their pictures. When all five children are done, ask the other children who did not show their pictures what things they remember that the five children drew. Give candy prizes to the children who can say something that one of the children drew. Then let the next group share what they drew.



Listening Activity 2

Remind your children that the Bible tells us to not just listen but to do what it says. Today we are going to practice listening and doing what the teacher says. Give each child a piece of paper and a pencil and tell them to listen and do exactly what you say. Make up instructions for what the children should draw according to their age. You might say something like:

1. Draw a big red circle in the middle of your paper.

2. Draw a square inside the circle.

3. Draw three small circle inside that circle and color one in.

When you have finished with your instructions tell the children to compare their papers with their classmates. Discuss how they are the same how they are different.



Bible Verse Review Activity

Before class make enough paper cup phones so that you have one for every child. Make extras because you don't want the child to share them. They will be putting their mouths on them. Poke holes in the bottom of 9 oz. plastic cups with a large needle. Thread kite string through the holes from the outside to the inside of the cup using the needle to poke the thread through. Pull the string through the hole with tweezers. Tie at least 5 knots in the end of the string and cut off the end of the string up to the knot. Pull the string back through the cup so that the knot is tight up against the bottom of the cup. Thread the other end of the string through another cup. Make the strings about 6 feet long.

Review the Bible verse and then give every two children a set of paper cup phones. Remind them that they have to hold the cups so the string is tight (don't let it sag in the middle) and put the cups up against their cheeks with their mouths inside the cup for the phones to work properly. Have them practice telling each other and listening to the Bible verse. Also remind them not to touch the string with their hands when holding the cups. These phones work very well if your children use them properly. It is hard for younger children to keep the string tight as they hold the cups so you may want to talk to each child through a different set of cups if they are having a hard time.



Listening Tube Bible Verse Review Game

Have your children sit in a large circle. Whisper part of the Bible verse or a Bible truth through the tube to the children on your left. Have the children pass the verse around the circle by whispering the verse to the child on their left. When the verse gets back to the child on your right have him say the verse. You may want to let the children make up their own Bible truths and send them around the circle.

(You will find even more activities and songs for this lesson on The Resource Room. Click on the link to this lesson above.)


I am teaching Sunday Bible School for the first time for Primary class (First Grade) The children were doing so so with the standard lesson plan I was following (they seemed bored). Then I started looking into your site. What a difference! The kids cant wait to see what project we are going to be doing next. I also found that if they have a project to go with the lesson they seem to absorb more of the lesson. This week we did Jonah and the Whale ( I had the milk jug whales done ahead of time) and the children colored TP Jonahs. They had a blast! When the parents picked them up they were thrilled with the project and the lesson itself. Terrie Feher



Listening and Doing Exercise

Tell your children that today they are going to practice being listeners and doers. Tell them that you are going to give them some instructions and they should try to listen, remember, and then do what you say. Start with easy two-step instructions such as:

1. Clap your hands and then tap your toe.

2. Touch your nose with your index finger and rub your elbows together.

3. Blink your eyes and rub the palms of your hands together.

Use body parts that your children may not know the names of to help them learn new words.

Once they have master listening and doing two-step instructions add a third instruction. Give all three instructions without pausing. You want them to practice listening, remembering, and doing more complicated things. Here are some examples of three-step instructions.

1. Touch your forehead, jump in place, and then turn around.

2. Touch your nose, pull your ears, and wiggle your toes.

3. Bend your knees, turn around, and then say please.

4. Bend your wrist

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