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God Made Me Bible Lesson 2

My Wonderful Eyes


God Made Me Bible Lesson - My Wonderful Eyes


Children learn to appreciate and thank God for creating their wonderful eyes. They learn that they can learn more about God and understand a little better how great he is by seeing and studying his wonderful creation and reading the Bible. (A complete lesson is available to members only on The Resource Room.)



Printable Mini Book - Children Learn to Appreciate God's Creation by Observing and Journaling

God's Amazing Creation Printable Journal for Children from www.daniellesplace.com


"God's Amazing Creation!" printable journal contains eight pages with a different Bible verse about creation on each page. It is available to members on The Resource Room and as an instant download.

Member's Member's God's Amazing Creation! Journal Pattern

Instant Digital Download - Instant Download - God's Amazing Creation!

Read "The Looking Book" by P.K. Halliman. Explain to your children that sometimes we forget to really look at and appreciate God's creation. If we don't take the time to explore everything around us, we miss out on a lot of amazing things. Give your children "looking glasses", magnifying lens or binoculars, and a God's Amazing Creation! printable journal. Take them outside and tell them to look and find something that they find interesting, pretty, or amazing and draw the object in their book.

Give your children time to share what they have observed and then encourage them to write a short prayer thanking God for his amazing creation.

Encourage them to take their books home and go outside everyday and complete a page in their books.

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"What do I See?" Book

Children color the pages and add stickers and fun foam shapes to the pages to complete the book. (A pattern is available on The Resource Room.)

Member's What Do I See Pattern

I open my eyes, what do I see?
I see you. Do you see me? (Child draws a picture of a friend.)

I open my eyes, what do I see?
I can't see God, but he can see me.

I open my eyes, what do I see?
I can't see God, but I see a tree. (Child colors a tree shape and add foam leaf shapes.)

I open my eyes, what do I see?
I can't see God, but he can see me.

I open my eyes, what do I see?
I can't see God, but I see the sea. (Child colors a picture of the sea.)

I can't see God, but he can see me.
I know he is here; and you must agree, only
God can make things like these. (Child draws picture of things God has made.)

When I open my eyes and see all that I can see,
I know God made them because he loves me. (Child draws a picture of himself or herself.)

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My Wonderful Eyes Binocular Craft

My Wonderful Eyes Binocular Craft with Bible Verse

Have children explore God's amazing creation with these paper binoculars. Easy to assemble just roll up the sides of the pattern and tape the bible verse around it to secure it. Tape in place. (A pattern is available on The Resource Room.)

Member's What Do I See Pattern



"What Do You See?" Activity Sheet

God Made Me - What Do You See? Activity Sheet

Children draw pictures of wonderful things they can see that God has made.



My Wonderful Eyes! Eye Color Chart Activity Sheet

My Wonderful Eyes Eye Chart for "God Made Me" Creation Bible Lesson

Children color pictures of eyes to match their own eye colors and then work on a chart that shows how many children in their class have each eye color.



Draw Pictures and Make a Movie

This is a great activity and takes very little preparation. Have your children draw their favorite things on heavy paper. Tell them to draw something they like to see with their eyes. Ask them to think about why they like to see or draw what they have picked. You can also give them stickers that they can add to their pictures. Stickers are great for very young children who have a hard time drawing.

Video tape each child to make a movie. It would be best if you can do this in a separate room where it isn't noisy. Tell your children to say something about what they drew. They might say, "I like to see beautiful, red flowers. Show the movie to the children at the end of class and when the parents come to pick up their children. Your children will probably want their parents to see them in the movie.


I love your ideas!!!!!!! People ask me where I come up with my ideas and I tell them all about your site. I also told a dear Christian friend who attends a different church than I. I told her how spiritually filled and Bible correct your stories are. I'm glad to have your site and it is well worth the money. Bobbi


Look at Things God Created

Bring in some natural items such a pretty flowers, sea shells, rocks, etc. Let the children pick them up and look at them. Talk about how pretty they are. Ask them if they know anyone who can make anything as beautiful as the things they are looking at. Comment that only God can make these things. Bring in pretty paintings (or pictures of paintings) of sunsets. Talk about how pretty the sunset is and how the person who painted the picture is very talented. Ask the children if they have seen a real sunset. Ask them which they thought was better -- to see the real thing or a picture of the real thing.


Teach Your Children this Rhyme

See how fast they can say it.

This is me, from my head to my toes. (Touch your head and then your toes.)
God gave me two eyes and one little nose. (Point to your eyes and then your nose.)
I can wiggle my ears and stamp my feet. (Wiggle your ears and stamp your feet.)
From my head, to my toes, I'm really neat! (Touch your head and then your toes and then give yourself a hug.)



Play "I Spy"

Bring in some pictures from nature magazines. You can use landscapes, animals, oceans, planets, or anything that God created. Show the children each of the pictures and hang them up in the front of the room. Pick out a picture you want to describe and start by saying, "I spy with my little eyes something God made that __________________________ (Describe something you see in the picture.) Let one of your children try to guess which picture you are describing. The child that guesses correctly gets to take a turn. Make sure your children say the whole saying each time including, "something God made".

(You will find even more activities and songs for this lesson on The Resource Room. Click on the link to this lesson above.)

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