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Creation Crafts for Day 6 of Creation God Created the Animals


The following ideas come from the lesson "God Created the Animals" about the Fourth Day of Creation on The Resource Room.

Member's Paper Plate Craft - Spider Web and Spider Bible Craft Pattern


Make an "Everything God has Made is Good" Spider and Spider Web

This little spider is holding the Bible verse that says, "And God saw all that he had made, and behold, it was very good". Remind your children that even spiders and other slimy, scary animals are good.

Paper Plate Craft - Spider Web and Spider Bible Craft for Sunday School Creation Day 6 from www.daniellesplace.com

What you will need:

Black Construction Paper


Heavy Duty Paper Plates or Styrofoam Plates

White Yarn or String

Paper Punch

Googly Eyes

Tape and Glue

How to Make the Paper Plate Web and Spider Craft:

1. Cut the spider body and legs form black construction paper.

Member's Paper Plate Craft - Spider Web and Spider Bible Craft Pattern

2. In class show the children how to fan fold the legs and tape them to the underside of one of the body shapes. Fold the head in half and tape or glue it to the underside of the spider body also. Glue on googly eyes and tape a length of yarn or string to the back end of the spider. To finish the spider, glue on the other black body shape to cover up all the tape. Tape a Bible verse card in the spider's mouth.

3. To make the spider web, cut the center out of a paper or Styrofoam plate, punch holes around the edge, and lace yarn or string through the holes.

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Make Paper Bag Animal Puppets


Creation Paper Bag Puppets Craft for Sunday School

Provide pictures of animals, different colors of paper bags, construction paper, feathers, pipe cleaners, markers, crayons, tape, glue, scissors and googly eyes. Have your children pick an animal and decorate a paper bag to look like that animal.

Make several examples for your children to get an idea of what they will be making.

If you have very young children who can't cut, precut everything and just help them glue the puppet together.

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Day Five and Day Six Activity Sheet


Day 5 or Day 6 Cut and Paste Activity Sheet


The children glue the pictures onto the correct side of the sheet.

Member's Sunday School Animal Activity Sheet Bible Craft Pattern2

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Play "Find Your Mate"

Print out the cards and hand one out to each child. Make sure that you give out two of each animal. If you have an odd number of children use a helper to be one of the animals. Pass out a card to each child. Tell your children not to show anyone their card. Tell the children that on the word "go" they should pretend to be the animal on the card they received by moving like or making the sound of that animal. They must travel around the room looking for the other person in the class that is pretending to be the same animal as they are. When they find the matching animal they are to sit down next to him or her and wait until all the children have found their match.

Member's Find Your Mate Pattern3

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I've been using many of your ideas and lessons this past year. They've been so WONDERFUL!!!! I can't tell you all the "time" you saved me. Thank-you, Thank-you!!! Everyone comments about the creativity of the lessons. I've been especially impressed by the way you tackle the "heart" issues of things. Kids need that so badly!!!! Christie Hart



Make a Mural or Bulletin Board Display of Animals that God Created

Have each child draw a picture of their favorite animal and staple them to the bulletin board. Add a title and the Bible verse.

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Show and Tell

A week before class send a note home to each parent telling them that your class will be talking about the creation of animals and that each child should bring in a stuffed animal, a toy animal, or a picture of an animal (or a pet in cage) to show the class. Tell them that the children will be asked to tell why they like the animal or to tell something about the particular animal they brought. Have someone take a video of the children as they share. Show the video to the children and to the parents as they come to pick up their children.

A complete lesson is available on The Resource Room

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"I Went for a Walk" Printable Book


I Went for a Walk

I went for a walk.
What did you see?
I saw a honey bee looking at me.

(Repeats for all creatures.)

I went for a walk.
What did you see?
I saw all God's creatures looking at me.

Member's I Went for a Walk Printable Book