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"I am the Vine" Bible Crafts and Activities For Sunday School

How to Make Crafts and Activities Relating to John 15:5, "I am the Vine" Including: Bulletin Board Display, Scratch and Sniff Grape Picture, Crepe Paper Grapes, Bible Verse Review Sheets, Vine and Branches Lesson


"I Am the Vine" Bible Lesson or Children's Sermon

The following Bible crafts, activities, and games come from the Bible lesson, "I Am the Vine". This Bible lesson or Children's Sermon is available to members on The Resource Room.

In this lesson children learn that if we stay connected to Jesus, we will glorify God by becoming more like Jesus. They also review the fruit of the spirit.

Member's I Am the Vine Bible lesson and Children's Sermon



John 15:5 - I am the Vine Bible Verse Review Activity Sheet

John 15:5 - I am the Vine Bible Verse Review Activity Sheet

Children match the numbers on the grapes to the numbers on the Bible verse to reveal the complete verse. Available in both KJV and NIV.

Member's Scratch and Sniff Pattern



"Bear Much Fruit" Bible Coloring and Activity Sheet

Bear Much Fruit Coloring and Activity Sheet

1. Before class, print out the activity sheet and make copies.

Member's Scratch and Sniff Pattern

2. In class, have your children color the picture with highlighter markers. As they work, talk about the words on the grapes.  Ask your students to give examples of each word. For example, for the word "joy", a student might say, "If you stay connected to Jesus, you will produce joy. Deciding to be happy even when things don't seem all that great is displaying joy. We can be happy because we know that God is in control, loves us, and wants the best for us.



Make Scratch and Sniff Grape Pictures

Scratch and Sniff Grape Picture for "I am the Vine" Bible lesson from www.daniellesplace.com


Print out a picture of a bunch of grapes hanging on a vine and have your children paint the grapes with grape Kool-aid paint. To make the paint add one or two tablespoons of water to a package of powdered Kool-aid. When the pictures are dry, show them how to scratch them with their fingernails to smell the grapes.

Member's Scratch and Sniff Pattern



Make a Crepe Paper Grapes Picture


Print out a picture of a bunch of grapes hanging on a vine. Cut pieces of purple crepe paper into 6-inch square shapes. Have your children scrunch up the crepe paper pieces into balls and glue them to the picture to make the grapes.

Member's  Crepe Paper Grapes Pattern



Vine and Branches Lesson and Crafts on The Resource Room

I am the Vine Bulletin Board Display fromw ww.daniellesplace.com


You can find a complete lesson with crafts, activities, and a bulletin board display on the "I Am the Vine" Sunday School Lesson on The Resource Room.

The Resource Room is a subscription site designed specifically for Sunday School teachers and homeschool parents.

It is updated weekly with new Bible lessons,crafts, activities, and bulletin board ideas, color sheets, and worksheets for preschool and primary age children.


"I Am the Vine" Activities:

John 15:5, "I am the Vine" Bible Verse Activity Sheet


1. Find the Verse Work Sheet

Children follow the twisting vine to discover the Bible verse.\

Member's Grape Cluster Refrigerator Magnet Pattern


Vine and Branches Bulletin Board Display

Children help make a bulletin board display by adding their grape cluster to the vine. A printable grape vine board is included in this lesson.


Lessons Review Game

Before class cut round circles out of purple paper to make the grape shapes. Write a question on the back of each circle. Cut out some green leaves and a brown stem from construction paper and attach them to the wall.

The object of the game is to make the biggest grape cluster by answering questions correctly. Divide the class into two teams. Take turns asking a student from each of the teams a question from one of the round circles. If the student answers the question correctly, he gets to tape the circle onto the stem to form a grape cluster. The team that has the largest grape cluster at the end wins the game.


"I Am the Vine" Grape Cluster Refrigerator Magnet

Grape Cluster Magnet for "I am the Vine" Bible Lesson from www.daniellesplace.com
Grape Cluster Magnet Craft

What you will need:

8mm Amethyst or Purple Faceted Beads (about 25 per student),

Clear-drying Glue, (Aleenes Tacky Glue works best),

Purple Card Stock or Paper Glued to Cardboard

Brown Pipe Cleaners

Small Magnets

Green Paper

What to do:

1. Before class cut purple card stock into 3" x 2" pieces. If you do not have card stock (heavy paper), you can use regular paper and glue cardboard to the back.

2. Print out the leaf shapes onto green paper and cut them out. Punch tiny holes near the top of the leaves.

Member's Grape Cluster Refrigerator Magnet Pattern

3. In class have your children glue the faceted beads to the purple card stock in the shape of a grape cluster. They can glue beads on top of each other to make it more realistic. Set the clusters aside to dry. This may take up to an hour depending on how much glue is used, but you can use a hair dryer to speed up the process.

4. When the clusters are dry give each child a brown pipe cleaner and have them fold it in half to make the stem and curl. Wind one half of the pipe cleaner around a pencil to make the curl. Tape the curl and stem to the back of the cluster.

5. Have your children attach the leaf by inserting the pipe cleaner stem through the leaf and then taping the pipe cleaner to the back of the leaf.

6. To finish glue or stick on a small magnet.



Vine and Branches Bulletin Board Display

Have your children make leaves by pressing their hands in green paint and placing them on pieces of paper. Let the paint dry and then cut the handprints out in a leaf shape. Twist long sheets of bulletin board paper to make the stems and branches. Make bunches of grapes in the same way you made the leaves but use fingerprints.



Growing Vine and Branches Bulletin Board Display

Have each student in the Sunday School class or Vacation Bible School class write their name on a branch. Have the children stick it on a vine that is on the classroom wall. On the vine write, " He is the Vine and we are the branches." If a child brings a friend to Sunday school, he can add a leaf to his branch. If the friend begins to attend regularly, he can then be a branch! In time the vine will definitely grow as more come along. This is a great way to show the children's parents how they have reached out to the community! Sincerely, Amy