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How to Make Bug Crafts and Learning Activities for Children



Create-Your-Own Bug Headband Craft

Create Your Own Bug Headband Craft

Children pick the head, wings, and antennae they want to use to create their own unique bug. Patterns include five differnt head shapes, a page of antennae, and four sets of wings.

Member's Make Your Own Bug Headband Craft

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Compound Words Bug Game and Creative Activity

Compound Bug Words Game and Creative Activity from www.daniellesplace.com

Compound Word Bugs Game

Compound words are two words together that make one words such as ladybug. There are many other insects that have names that are compound words. Ask your child if he can think of any. Play the following game with your child.

1. Before class print out the cards onto card stock, cut them out, fold them in half, and glue them closed.

Member's pattern5

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2. In class mix the cards up and place them a table. Have your child try to match up the cards to form compound words.

3. When a child has found two words that make a name of a bug have him turn it over to see if the pictures on the other side make a picture of the bug. If the cards don't match, have him try again. Keep playing until all the cards have matches.

Draw Compound Bugs

Use the cards from the Compound Word Bug Game above. Mix up the cards and have your children pick two cards. Have them put them together to make a new type of bug, and then draw a picture of the new bug.

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Termite with Moving Mandibles Paper Craft for Kids

Termite Paper Craft with Moving Mandibles from www.daniellesplace.com

What you will need: Card Stock (Heavy Paper), Chenille Stems, Brass Fastener, Tape and Glue


What to do:

1. Print out the termite patterns.

Member's Termite Pattern

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2. After studying termites have your children color the patterns to look like a termite.

3. Punch holes in the mandibles and in the center of the head. Secure the mandibles to the underside of the head with a brass fastener.

4. Tape Chenille stems to the underside of one of the patterns for legs and antennae, and then glue the other pattern over the other pattern to cover the Chenille stems. Leave the top of the head open so that the mandibles move. Glue the mouth (the protrusion at the top of the head) closed.

5. Bend the Chenille stems to form legs.

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"Make a Bug" Game and STEM Activity

Creative Bug Awards for Bug Game

What you will need:



Other Decorative Items such as Buttons, Beads, Chenille Stems, and Googly Eyes


How to Make the Bug Game:

1. Give each child a small golf-ball sized piece of play dough, eight toothpicks, and a index card with their name on it.

2. On the word "go" the children should try to make a bug using the play dough and toothpicks, and any other items you would like them to use.

3. After about ten minutes tell your children to stop.

4. Give awards for the: "Scariest Bug", "Prettiest Bug", "Cutest Bug", "Most Creative", "Ugliest Bug", and the "Goofiest Bug". Printable awards are available to members and as a instant download.

Member's Bug Awards Patterns

Instant Printable Download $2.00 Instant Download Pattern for Bug Awards - Six Different Printable Awards