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Hawaiian Nativity Craft

Make a Hawaii-themed Nativity out of Peg Dolls and Printable Patterns



Hawaiian Peg Doll Nativity Set Craft

Hawaiian Nativity Craft from www.daniellesplace.com


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What you will need:

Wooden Peg People

One-inch Wood Ball Knobs for the Sheep

1 1/2" Wooden Balls and Caps from Water Bottles

1 1/2" Wood Star Shape or Star Shape Cut from Paper

Prismacolor Premier Colored Pencils (I love these because they have very soft lead and work well on the wood shapes.) You can also use markers but the color may bleed a little.

Brown, White, and Yellow Acrylic Paint

Low Temp Mini Glue Gun or All Purpose Tacky Glue

Silver and Brown Chenille Stems

Yellow Yarn

Shoe Box or Other Box for the Stable

Regular-sized Craft Sticks and Mini Craft Sticks


How to Make the Peg People Nativity Set:

The printable patterns for the clothes, animal faces, head dresses, and manger are available to members.

Member's pattern3

Instand Digital Download - Purchase Hawaiian Peg Doll Nativity Craft

1. Print out the two pattern sheets and color the patterns.

Hawaiian Angel Peg Doll Craft with printable patterns from www.daniellesplace.com

Angels Peg Dolls

1. Cut out the angel dresses and wing patterns.

2. Glue the dress patterns to the women-shaped pegs, and then glue the wings to the back of the angel.

3. Use colored pencils or markers to draw in the eyes and hair.

4. Cut short pieces of silver Chenille stems and form them into circles for the halos. Glue them to the angels' heads.

Hawaiian Mary and Joseph Peg Doll Craft with printable patterns from www.daniellesplace.com

Mary and Joseph Peg Dolls

1. Color the Mary and Joseph outfits and head coverings and cut them out.

2. Glue the Mary outfit on the women-shaped peg and the Joseph outfit on the man-shaped peg.

3. Draw the face and hair on the pegs.

4. To make the head covers fold the patterns on the dotted lines and then place glue on the folded tab. Bring the sides of the head dress over the tabs to make darts. Glue the head coverings on the peg dolls.


Baby Jesus in a Manger

1. Use the manger and manger leg patterns as a templates to cut the patterns from card board.

2. Fold the manger in half lengthwise and then fold the tabs up. Fold the end tabs over top of each other and glue them together.

3. Glue the legs on the manger as pictured above.

4. Cut up yellow yarn into small pieces and place in the manger.

5. Cut out the baby blanket and place a small pawn-shaped peg in the center of the blanket so that the head is just below the top of the blanket. Glue the pawn to the blanket. Fold up the bottom of the blanket over the bottom of the peg and glue it to the peg. Press up on the bottom sides of the blanket so that the blanket is up against the side of the peg. Fold over the sides of the blanket and glue them to the top of the peg.

6. Place the Baby Jesus peg in the manger.

Hawaiian Wise Men Peg Doll Craft with printable patterns for Christmas Nativity Scene from www.daniellesplace.com

Wise Men Peg Dolls

1. Color the wise men outfits and crowns and then cut them out.

2. Glue the outfits on the man-shaped pegs.

3. Draw the face and hair on the head of the pegs.

4. Glue the crowns into circles and glue them to the heads of the wise men.

Hawaiian-style Shepherd Peg Doll Craft with Printable Craft from www.daniellesplace.com

Shepherd Peg Dolls

1. Cut out the shepherd clothes and arm patterns and glue the head piece at the darts.

2. Glue the outfits on the man-shaped or curvy-shaped pegs and then glue on the arms.

3. Draw the face and hair on the head of the pegs with a black Sharpie.

4. Cut short lengths of Chenille stem to make the shepherds staffs and then glue them to the hand.


Cow, Donkey, Camel, and Sheep

Cow and Donkey nativity figures

1. To make the sheep paint the one-inch wood ball knobs white and let them dry. Glue the sheep heads to the balls.

2. To make the camel and donkey glue the 1 1/2" balls onto a water bottle cap and paint them brown. (You can also use the wooden stands that come with clothe pins.)

3. When the paint is dry glue on the head patterns.

4. To make the cow glue a bottle cap to the bottom of a 1 1/2" ball. Paint the ball and cap white and add brown spots. Glue the cow head pattern to the ball.

Nativity Stable Craft for kids  from www.daniellesplace.com


1. Cut a piece of cardboard 9" x 7". Fold down 2" of the 9" length to make a 2" roof and a 7" side.

2. Paint the cardboard tan to match your grass or reeds.

3. Glue dried grass or reeds to the roof.

4. Cut sticks 7" long for the back of the stable and 5" long for the front. Glue the 7" sticks to the sides of the back and the 5" sticks to the sides of the roof as pictured.

5. Cut four more stick so they fit on the sides and glue them to the front and back sticks. Glue sticks perpendicular to the side sticks to make it look like a fence.

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