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Dancing Christmas Tree and Snowman Paper Craft

Dancing Snowman and Christmas Tree Paper Craft for Kids

What you will need:

White, Green, Red, Brown, Orange and Black

3/4" Brass Paper Fasteners

Hole Punches - Round and/or Star Shape

White Glue

Googly Eyes


How to Make the Dancing Snowman and Christmas Tree:

1. Cut sheets of paper 8.5” square, 7" square, 5.5“ and 4” for the hat.

Member's Pattern

Free Instant Download Free Dancing Snowman and Christmas Tree Paper Craft from www.daniellesplace.com

Watch a short "View it and Do it" video on how to make this craft:

Snowman Christmas Tree Diagram

2. Fold the papers in half corner to corner to make triangles.

3. Place the triangles on the table so that the long sides are on the bottom.

4. Fold one corner across to the other side so that the top line of the corner is parallel to the bottom of the triangle and the point touches the other side of the triangle.

5. Fold the opposite corner over the first corner so that it touches the opposite side and is parallel to the bottom of the triangle.

6. Fold the top tabs backward and forward and then fold one side into the cup shape and fold the other side into the side flap.

7. Punch a hole in the large cup shape near the short end. Punch a hole on the back side of the medium cup near the middle of the long side. Attach the large cup shape to the inside of the medium cup shape using a brass fastener.

8. To make the Christmas tree do the same thing to attach the top green cup to the middle cup.

9. To make the snowman punch a hole in the front of the head cup where you want the nose. Punch a hole in the top of the middle cup at the short end. Attach the head to the body with a brass fastener. Cut boot shapes from black paper and punch holes at the top of the boots and on the inside, bottom of the tree. Attach the feet to the tree with brass fasteners. Glue a carrot shape to the brass fastener on the head.

10. Fold the 4” hat papers and glue them to the head of the tree and snowman.

11. Cut arm shapes from paper and glue them to the tree and snowman.

12. Decorate the hats and tree. Add black circles to the snowman for buttons, and a red pompom to the tree for a nose.