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Christmas Luninary Tree Craft

How to Make a Paper Christmas Tree Luninary Craft for Childen


Christmas Luninary Tree Craft Directions

Christmas Tree Craft, Fan-folded Craft, Luminary christmas Tree Craft for Kids


What you will need:

Green, Red, Blue, and Yellow Paper

Star Punch and other shapes

Tape or Glue

Flameless Tealight Candles



Scoring Tool or Blunt Knife

Sequins (optional)


What to do:

1. Print out the Christmas tree luminary pattern onto green paper and cut it out.

Member's Star Nativity Craft Member's Pattern

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2. Use the star pattern to cut a star shape from yellow paper.

3. Score all the lines on the tree pattern using a scoring tool or blunt knife and a ruler. This will make it easier to fold.

5. Fan-fold the pattern to make the tree shape. Start by folding the end tab back.

6. Use hole punches to punch shapes into the tree pattern. Don't worry if you can't reach every spot because you can punch more holes once you have glued the tree together. Punch through the folded edges.

7. Glue the tab to the back of the opposite end of the pattern to make the tree shape.

8. Glue the star to the top of the tree.

9. To finish, place a tealight in the center of the tree.

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