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Kid's Watercolor Paint Review

Which Watercolor Paints are the Best


Kid's Watercolor Paints

We wondered what brand of watercolor paint is the best for the money so we purchased three different brands:




Not Pictured Hobby Lobby


Art Blast Watercolors


Does Crayola Have 30% More Paint?

Water Color Paint Comparison

They all basically look the same on the outside, except Crayola is slightly larger and says "30% more than the next retail competitor". This claim proved to be true. We removed the paint chips to compare the amount of paint in each compartment and it was obvious that Crayola's contained at least 30% more.


Paint Brushes

The paint brush in the Crayola paints was also softer than the other two. The other two paint brushes had hard plastic bristles.


Paint Quality

Next we tested the quality of the paint by painting swatches of each color. Here are the results:

Overall, Cra-Z-Art seemed to have the best colors, although Crayola was a close second.

Cra-Z-Art had the blackest black.

Art Blast's colors weren't as saturated and even as the other two.

Water Color Paint Swatch Comparison



Cra-Z-Art paint was cheaper than both Crayola and Art Blast, so it was the best quality for the price, however it is made in China. If you care about supporting US businesses, this may not be your first choice.

Crayola, which was the most expensive, costs 58% more than Cra-Z-Art, but has a least 30% more paint, so it really only cost about 20% more than Cra-Z-Art paint. Crayola makes most of their products in the USA so you can pay 20% more and support a US business or buy the China-made Cra-Z-Art for 20% less.

Art Blast was the cheapest, and had about the same amount of paint as Cra-Z-Art, but the quality of the paint wasn't as good; however, Art Blast is made in the USA. So if you can only afford the worst paint out of the three, at least you might fill good about supporting a US company.