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Manners Matter Bible Lesson



In this lesson children learn that manners are important. Using manners show others that we love and respect them. Rules of etiquette are important but change according to the circumstances and times, but God's rules never change.


Manners Matter! Place Setting Activity Sheet

Thanksgiving Manners Sheet

Have your children color a picture of a table setting and tell them they can use it to help them remember how to set the table on Thanksgiving Day.

Member's manners matter activity sheet for members



Setting the Table Activity

Setting the Table activity

What you will need:

Large Sheets of Construction Paper (Or tape two pieces of regular-sized sheets together on the long sides.)

Colored Paper


Pictures of Food from Magazines

Dried Food such as Cereal, Noodles, Beans and Napkins

How to Make Table Place Setting Activity:

1. Before class cut out large plate-size circles and silverware shapes from construction paper.

2. In class have your children glue the place settings in the correct place and then glue pictures of food on the plate. You can also use dried food such as cereal or pasta noodles. If you don't have time to cut out a bunch of silverware, you can use plastic silverware, or just have your children draw pictures of food on the plate.

Member's Thanksgiving place setting  pattern



Manners Matter Color Sheet

Manners Matter! Coloring Sheet

Have your children color or draw a picture about manners. Talk about good manners. Ask your children to think of other manners they should use at the table.

Member's manners matter coloring sheet for members



Practice Table Manners

Manners Matters Sheet

After talking about good table manners have your children practice their table manners. Show them a table-setting diagram, and have each student set his place at the table using paper plates, napkins, spoons, forks, knives, and a glass. Check each student's place setting to make sure he or she set it properly.

Member's pattern for members practice table setting

Set some goodies on the table and have your children practice passing them from left to right, taking their share, saying thank you, and then passing it on. Make sure they don't start eating before everyone has been served. Tell them that when you place your napkin on your lap, they should do the same thing. They should also wait for you to say the blessing and start eating before they start. As they continue eating point out good and bad manners so they learn what is appropriate. Remind your children that they should never point out someone else's bad manners at dinner.

You can even pretend that they are coming to your house for Thanksgiving dinner. Practice introducing your guests, washing their hands before they eat, not interrupting others when they are talking, etc.



Draw Pictures of Good or Bad Manners

Assign each child a different manner listed on the "Manners Matter" Activity Sheet and have them draw a picture depicting that manner. When they are done collect all the pictures and see if the other children can guess which manner is depicted in each picture.



"Do Unto Otters: A Book About Manners"

Do Unto Otters A Book About Otters

Do Unto Otters A Book About Otters

Mr. Rabbit has some new neighbors who are otters, but he has never met any otters before and doesn't know how to treat them. He gets some great advice from Mr. Owl, "Do unto otters as you would have them do unto you."

This inspires Mr. Rabbit to ask himself, "How would I like otters to treat me?" He came up with a lot of ideas; they should be honest, keep their promises, not lie, not cheat, they should apologize when they do something wrong, and forgive me when I do something wrong, etc.

I found this book in our local library. Although it may seem a little young for older children, the cartoon characters and funny remarks should appeal to any age group.

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