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Fantasy Paper Mini Golf Patterns

Fantasy Themed Paper Mini Golf Patterns from www.daniellesplace.com


Print out three different designs onto card stock, cut them out and assemble. Three designs are available: Castle, Sea Monsters and Enchanted Forest. Printable patterns are available to members and as an instant download.

Member's member's Pattern for Gold course

Instant Digital Download - purchase Fantasy Mini Golf Course Patterns - Includes patterns for all three mini golf courses.


Fantasy Mini Gold Paper Craft for Children


What you will need:

White, Green and Blue Card Stock

Elmer's Rubber Cement

Straight Edge Ruler

Aleene's Tacky Glue

Markers or Colored Pencils

Drinking Straw and Craft Foam

Plastic Practice Golf Balls


How to Make the Mini Golf Courses:

Fairway Diagram

1. To make the fairway use a pen to mark off 1/2" on three sides of the paper, leaving one of the short sides unmarked. Press down hard when you draw the lines so you score the paper making it easier to fold. Cut a slit at the corners, fold up the sides and glue or tape the corners together.

2. To make the golf course backdrop and stand, print out the pattern onto blue card stock and fold all the lines back forming a small square at one end. Glue the end of the paper to the back of the paper to form the stand. (See the diagram below.)

3. Use the circle pattern to draw a circle on the fairway where your want the hole. Cut out the hole and then glue the fairway to the stand and backdrop as shown in the diagram below. This will give your golf course a slight slant and allow the ball to drop through the hole.

Golf Course Diagram


Fantasy Mini Golf Paper Craft from www.daniellesplace.com

1. To make the castle course, glue the castle pattern to the backdrop, cut cloud shapes from white paper and glue them to the back.

2. Cut out the castle gate and fold back the tabs on the bottom and glue them to the back of the gate. Then glue the gate to the fairway.

3. Cut a long sheet of paper to make the walkway or draw it on the fairway.

1. To make the fantasy forest, cut out the tower and dragon.

2. Fold back the tabs and glue the pieces to the fairway.

3. Draw a path to the hole and then cut straws to fit along the path. Glue them down with tacky glue.

4. Draw in some detail on the path with colored pencils.


Sea Monster Mini Golf Course

1. To make the sea monster mini golf course, cut out the sea monster backdrop picture and glue it to the backdrop. Cut clouds from white paper and glue them to the backdrop. Draw birds flying under the clouds.

2. Cut a piece of green paper, glue it onto the front of the fairway as shown in the picture to make the shore.

3. To make the dock, fold under the end to form a square. Glue the dock onto the fairway so that the folded end lines up with the hole.

4. Cut out the smaller sea monsters and glue them next to the dock.

5. Draw waves in the water.

To make the golf clubs see the Directions Below for "Designing your Own Mini Golf Course".



Design-Your-Own Mini Golf Course

Design Your Own Mini Golf Course Craft from www.daniellesplace.com

What you will need:

Thick Cardboard from Boxes, Construction Paper, Box Cutter and Paper Trimmer, Plastic Practice Golf Balls, Golf Tees, Heavy-Duty Paper Bowls, Drinking Straws, Aleene's Tacky Glue, Tape, Craft Foam and Green Paint


How to Make a Mini Golf Course:

1. Cut a piece of cardboard one inch wider and longer than your construction paper.

2. Cut pieces of Cardboard in long lengths 1/2 inch wide.

3. Glue the construction paper onto the piece of cardboard leaving 1/2 inch of cardboard showing around the edges.

4. Glue the 1/2" wide strips of cardboard around three edges of the paper to make a wall. Leave one of the short sides open. Add at least another two layers of cardboard strips to top of the first layer to make a barrier.

5. Decide on a design for your mini golf course and cut a square with the box cutter where you want the ball to drop in.

6. Make the golf coarse a little higher on the far end so that that ball will stay in the hole. Glue several layers of the cardboard strips on the bottom of the far end across the length of the course.

7. Tape another piece of construction paper to the open end of the course to make the course longer.

8. Use drinking straws, cardboard pieces, paper, clipart and any other items you desire to decorate the golf course.

9. Make a tee mound to make it easier to "tee off" when you play your mini golf game. Paint the bottom of paper bowl green and then punch a golf tee down through the center of the bottom of the bowl.

Straw Golf Club Diagram

10. To make the straw golf club cut two matching head pieces from craft foam. Cut a stem that you can stick up into the straw to keep the head on the straw. Glue the two shapes together and then glue them inside the straw. Place some tape around the bottom of the straw just above the head. Wind some tape around the top of the straw to make the grip of the golf club.

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