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Paper Hedgehog Craft for Kids

Hedgehog Paper Craft for Kids www.daniellesplace.com

What you will need:





Brown Yarn


How to Make the Paper Hedgehog Craft:

1. Draw a big oval for the hedgehog's body and a smaller one, about half the size. Draw a point on the smaller oval to make the hedgehog's muzzle.

Member's hedgehog pattern

2. Cut two small circles for the ears. Glue the ears to the back of the head and the head to the body oval.

3. To make the paws just draw to small ovals and curved lines for the fingers. Use the picture above to draw the feet. Color the feet and paws, cut them out, and glue them to the hedgehog

4. To finish glue short lengths of yarn to the top of the head.

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Felted Hedgehog Craft

Felted Hedgehog Craft from www.daniellesplace.com

Made from wool roving this little hedgehog is a great project for older children who are just learning to felt.

To find complete directions for this craft go to the Felting Craft Page.

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Paper Plate Hedgehog Craft for Children


hedgehog paper plate craft www.daniellesplace.com


What you will need:

One Small Snack-sized Paper Plate





How to Make the Paper Plate Hedgehog:

1. Fold a small paper plate in half and cut it in half on the crease line.

2. Color the paper plates to look like a hedgehog.

3. Place the halves together to form a bowl shape and glue them together around the outside edge of the paper plate.

4. Cut ears and feet from card stock, color them, and glue them to the paper plate.

5. To finish cut small slits around the outside edge of the plate beginning just above the head for spikes. Fold the first spike backwards, the second forwards, and keep going until all the spikes are folded down.

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Harriet Dancing

Harriet Dancing

Children of all ages will love Harriet Dancing by Ruth Symes. The pictures are simple and adorable, and the story will touch their hearts.

Harriet the hedgehog sees hundreds of butterflies dancing in the sunshine, and can't help but stop and dance with them. She twists and turns and skips and hops. She is the happiest hedgehog in all the world.

But then she notices that the butterflies have stopped dancing, and she is dancing all alone. She asks the butterflies to dance with her, but they say they don't want to because they only dance with butterflies. This made Harriet very sad. Harriet hurries away as fast as she can so the butterflies won't see her crying.

Later she meets her friends and they start dancing together. The butterflies see how much fun they are having and ask if they can join in. Harriet says, "Of course!" without hesitation,
"Dancing's for everyone, BIG and small. Dancing's for sharing with one and all."

After reading this story make the dancing hedgehog craft below and talk about discrimination.



Dancing Hedgehog 3D Picture - Dancing is for Everyone!

Dancing Hedgehog Craft for Kids www.daniellesplace.com

What you will need:

Tan Construction Paper


Foam Flowers

Butterfly Shapes




How to Make the Dancing Hedgehog Picture:

1. Scribble all over a piece of construction paper with brown and black crayons. Wrinkle up the paper and then straighten it out. Do this several times.

2. Rip one corner off the wrinkled paper and save it for later. Wrinkle up the paper again so that the edges of the paper meet in the middle of one side of the wadded paper. Glue the wad to a piece construction paper so that the corners are glued to the paper.

3. Draw a hedgehog face, legs, and arms, on another piece of construction paper, cut them out, and glue them to the wad.

4. Wrinkle up the reserved corner of paper and glue it to the top of the head of the hedgehog.

5. To finish glue flower and butterfly shapes all around the hedgehog.

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Some Facts About Hedgehogs


1. Hedgehogs eat snakes, bugs, mice, snails, frogs, lizards,
dead animals, birds, and eggs.

2. Hedgehogs swim and climb trees. If a hedgehog
falls from a tree it rolls into a ball. Its spines help the hedgehog bounce when it hits the ground protecting it from harm.

3. Hedgehogs have quills (spines), but they are not very sharp and do not have barbs.

Hedgehog Printable Fact Sheet www.daniellesplace.com

4. When a hedgehog is threatened it can raise its quills or
roll into a ball protecting its face, belly, arms, and legs.

5. Young hedgehogs are called hoglets or pups. A group of hedgehogs is called a heard.

A Printable Fact Sheet is available to members.

Member's hedgehog fact sheet pattern

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Good Books About Hedgehogs


Hedgehog Bakes a Cake

Hedgehog Bakes a Cake

This humorous Book will delight your children. Hedgehog decides he wants to make a cake when a friend knocks on the door and tells him that he knows how to make a cake. He dumps some ingredients in a bowl, but has to leave before he is finished, leaving hedgehog to figure out the rest of the recipe. But soon squirrel drops by and is able to help him finish the batter. Owl sticks her head in, butters the pan, and turns the oven on way too high, and then has to leave. Hedgehog is left with lumpy batter and a messy kitchen. He throws away the batter and makes a cake using his recipe. He cleans up the kitchen just in time for his friends to come back and have a piece of cake. All his friends are proud of how they helped make such a delicious cake. Hedgehog thanks them all and declares, "Next time I will try to do it all by myself." Ready-to-Read Book

A yellow cake recipe is included at the end of the book so you can make a cake too.



Porcupining - A Prickly Love Story


Cushion the porcupine is lonely. He lives in a petting zoo but no one is aloud to touch or pet him. One especially long, lonely night he makes up a little ditty about being lonely, and decides it's time to go out and look for a wife.

He meets a rabbit, a pig, and a beaver and sings each of them a special song, not realizing that his songs are offensive to them.

Finally he meets a hedgehog that is just as lonely as he is. He sings her a special song. And, of course, they end up together.

This is an excellent book to help your children practice writing. Have them think of another animal that the porcupine might have met that night, and then write a song using rhyming words replacing the second and third lines of the song.

I've been so lonesome all my life.
I guess I can't be picky.
I'm porcupining for a wife,
And rabbits aren't too icky.

They may also want to illustrate a page that could be included in the book using their animal and song.



Hedgehog for Breakfast

Hedgehog for Breakfast

Papa fox decides he would like to have Mrs. Hedgehog for breakfast so he tells his children to go and invite her to their house. The children don't understand why their father would want to eat a hedgehog, but they do as they are told.

The suspense begins when the children arrive home with Mrs. Hedgehog but their parents aren't there.

They decide that they should begin the preparations, and Mrs. Hedgehog, not knowing their intentions, goes along with them. Their father saves the gullible hedgehog from the oven just in time. And they all sit down and have a wonderful breakfast.

Talk to your children about idioms. Discuss how sometimes people don't always mean what they seem to say.