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Wrinkles and Sparky Puppet Skit

Friends Forgive Puppet Skit for Sunday School


Sparky: (taunting, laughing, going to and fro, talking to the audience) Wrinkles has stinky feet, Wrinkles has stinky feet, Wrinkles has stinky feet...

Wrinkles: (taken aback, feeling rather insulted) Sparky, my feet may not smell so good, but our friends don't need to know that! Please stop!

Sparky: (hesitates, looks at Wrinkles, then teasingly says) Okay. (pauses, then begins to laugh again) Wrinkles plays with babies, Wrinkles plays with babies, Wrinkles plays with babies...

Wrinkles: (exasperated) Sparky, babies are lots of fun, especially my little brother!

Sparky: (again hesitates, looks at Wrinkles, then teasingly says) Sorry. (pauses, then begins to laugh and dance again) Wrinkles has a girl friend, Wrinkles has a girl friend, Wrinkles has a girl friend...

Wrinkles: (firmly) Sparky, I've had enough. I'm going home. I don't think you're my friend anymore. (exits)

Sparky: (surprised, talks to audience) Hmph! Well, if that's the way he feels... (looks toward approaching adult)

Leader: Hey, Sparky! How's it going today?

Sparky: Oh, I was just having some fun with Wrinkles.

Leader: Really? What kind of fun.

Sparky: He was just here and I uh, uh, well...

Leader: I'm afraid I don't understand.

Sparky: (talks quickly) Wrinkles was just here and I uh, I, well, I was making fun of him!

Leader: And what did Wrinkles think about that?

Sparky: Well...actually, I don't think he liked what I said.

Leader: And what did you say?

Sparky: I said he had stinky feet.

Leader: And?

Sparky: And that he plays with babies.

Leader: Anything else?

Sparky: He has a girl friend.

Leader: And I suppose all your friends here heard what you said.

Sparky: (Looking hesitantly around) Yeah, I guess so!

Leader: (to boys and girls) Did you hear him boys and girls?

Boys and girls: Yes!

Leader: (to boys and girls) Did you think Sparky was being very nice to Wrinkles?

Boys and girls: No!

Leader: Sparky, they don't think you were being very nice to Wrinkles. In fact, I think you were being mean to Wrinkles.

Sparky: Okay, okay, you're right. (to boys and girls) I'm sorry.

Leader: No, no, Sparky. I meant that you need to tell Wrinkles you're sorry. Do you remember the Bible lesson today?

Sparky: Uh, yeah, sort of.

Adult: The woman in our lesson was really sorry for what she had done. She went and asked Jesus to forgive her. Do you think you could ask Wrinkles to forgive you?

Sparky: Wrinkles went away. I don't know when he's coming back...

Wrinkles: (suddenly pops up) Hi, there, (insert leader's name)_________. Someone told me you wanted to see me.

Adult: Why, yes, Wrinkles. Sparky would like to tell you something.

Sparky: (a little choked up) Yes, Wrinkles. I'm...I'm really sorry I said those things about you.

Wrinkles: Why did you say them, Sparky?

Sparky: I thought I was having fun.

Wrinkles: It wasn't fun to me.

Sparky: I'm sorry. I understand now. Will you forgive me?

Wrinkles: Yes, Sparky. We are best friends, remember? I forgive you.

Sparky: (as if a great weight has been lifted) Alright! Thank you, Wrinkles. I won't say mean things about you anymore!

Wrinkles: I still love you, Sparky. You are my best friend. (Wrinkles and Sparky lean toward each other as if hugging, wave goodbye to boys and girls, then exit)

Questions for Review:

1. What did Sparky do to Wrinkles that was mean?

2. Did Sparky think he was being mean at first?

3. Did Wrinkles want to be Sparky's friend anymore?

4. Do you think it was easy for Wrinkles to forgive Sparky?

5. Why should we forgive people who do mean things to us?



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