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Good Friends Don't Break Promises

Sparky & Wrinkles Puppet Skit for Children's Ministry


Cast: Two dog puppets - See Dog Crafts for puppet ideas.


Wrinkles: (pops up, excitedly jumping up and down, singing) Pizza, Pizza, we're gonna have pizza tonight! Oh, hey, there, boys and girls! I could hardly wait to tell you-Sparky and I are going to the movies. Then we're going to his house for pizza! I can hardly wait! I wonder where Sparky is now? (looks around, wondering, peers down below, looks up, pauses) Should be here any minute.

Sparky: (appears suddenly, out of breath) Hey, Wrinkles! How're ya doin'? I'm in a hurry-just wanted to tell you, Pete and I are going to the ball game this afternoon. So, too bad, I can't go to the movies. Well, maybe next time, good buddy! (exits)

Wrinkles: (in disbelief) I can't believe it! Sparky doesn't want to go to the movies with me! I thought he was my friend. I'm really disappointed. I feel hurt. (hangs head-then looks thoughtfully in opposite direction of where Sparky returns and looks at leader)

Wrinkles: Hi, Mrs. ____________. I didn't see you there.

Leader: Hi, Wrinkles. I couldn't help but overhear. So what's up with Sparky?

Wrinkles: I don't understand. He's never done anything like this before. I thought we were friends. And friends don't break a promise. They want to be with each other. They enjoy each other's company.

Leader: You're right, Wrinkles. Friends make time for each other and want to be around each other and do things together. Good friends don't break promises that are in their power to keep.

Wrinkles: Do you think maybe I should find a new friend?

Leader: Well, let's give him some time to think things over. I think when he realizes that he has hurt you, he'll come back.

Sparky: (pops up) Hey, Wrinkles - I'm back! I'm sorry. I went home and told my Mom that I'd changed my plans. She asked me why I changed my mind. I tried to explain it to her, but as I talked, I heard myself saying things I didn't like. I'm really sorry. I didn't think about the way it would make you feel.

Wrinkles: Thanks Sparky! Apology accepted. I know we are friends and friends really want to be with each other. And they keep their promises.

Sparky: Yep-you're right, Wrinkles. All the way back here I was thinking about our Bible lesson. Remember how Zaccheus really wanted to see Jesus and be his friend?

Wrinkles: Ya, that's a really cool story. Zaccheus couldn't even see Jesus over the crowd-he was too short.

Sparky: So . . . he went the extra mile to show Jesus he wanted to be his friend-he climbed a tree so he could see.

Wrinkles: Then I like the part where Jesus calls his name and tells him he's going home with him. I'd like to ask Jesus to come home with me. I'd let him meet my brother and my sister and my cousin and . . .

Sparky: (cuts Wrinkles off) so why don't you come home with me?

Wrinkles: Okay.

Sparky: Let's get going then. We'll go see the movie, then we'll go to my house for pizza!

Wrinkles: (emphatically) Okay!

Wrinkles and Sparky: Bye boys and girls!



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