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Wrinkles & Sparky Learn
About the Blind Man

Based on John 9

(Sparky appears with a blindfold around his eyes. He begins calling out "Marco" and Wrinkles appears and answers "Polo." They dodge each other around the stage a few times, Sparky repeatedly calling out "Marco" and Wrinkles replying with "Polo.")

Wrinkles: (Finally tags Sparky) 'Gotcha!

Sparky: Hey, that's not fair!

Wrinkles: What do you mean, that's not fair!

Sparky: Well, you can see and I can't.

Wrinkles: That's how the game is played...and you know it!

Sparky: But you always catch me! (hesitantly accepts) Oh...alright. Can I be "it" now?
Huh, can I?

Wrinkles: Okay. Come over here and I'll take off the blindfold.

Sparky: (bouncing over close to Wrinkles) I can hardly wait to see again!

Wrinkles: (trying to remove Sparky's blindfold) Ah, Sparky...I think we've got a
problem. This knot is too hard. I don't see how to untie it. I learned how to untie
knots in scouts last year!

Sparky: (beginning to panic) Oh, Wrinkles, be quick. I don't want to be blind the rest of
my life!

(Leader enters.)

Leader: What's the problem, guys?

Sparky: (really panicked) Oh, please Mrs. ___________. Wrinkles can't get my blindfold
off. And I want to see again. I don't want to play this silly game anymore!

Wrinkles: (sounding regretful) I'm trying, I really am. Maybe you could untie the knot,
Mrs. _____________.

Leader: Sure. Let me have a try at it! (moves up and removes the blindfold without
untying the knot)

Sparky: Oh, thank you, thank you, Mrs. __________. You're so great! Now I can see
again! I would not like to be blind the rest of my life.

Leader: Remember today's Bible story, fellas? If a man was blind in Bible times, he
usually had to beg from other people for a living-he would be very poor because
he could not work.

I remember...Jesus spit in the dirt and made mud and put the mud on the man's

Leader: Then what did Jesus do?

Wrinkles: He told the man to go wash in the pool of Siloam and the man was healed!

Sparky: He could see again! Just like when you took the blindfold off of me, Mrs. _________.

Leader: Something like that, Sparky. Only it didn't take any special power for me to
remove your blindfold.

Wrinkles: That's right. Jesus could heal the blind man because He is the Son of God.

Leader: Do you remember the power chant? Will you guys lead us?

(Sparky and Wrinkles excitedly say yes.)

Leader: (address audience) And boys and girls, will you answer them as they lead the chant?

P-O-W-E-R (echo each letter)
Who has the power? (echo)
Jesus has the power! (echo)

He forgave sins!
He healed the blind!
Who has the power?
Jesus has the power!

(from Tell About Jesus, Primary Teacher, Grades 1 and 2, Spring 2002, from Standard Publishing, Cincinnati, Ohio, the Power Chant is used with different line changes in Lessons 1-5. Lines 5 & 6 are changed for use in this skit.)

Sparky: So can I be "it" now, Wrinkles?

Wrinkles: Do you still want to play, Sparky?

Sparky: Sure. Only this time you wear the blindfold! Bye, boys and girls!

All: Bye, Wrinkles and Sparky!



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