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Wrinkles and Sparky Learn About Good News/Bad News


(A puppet skit to accompany a lesson on the Good News of the resurrection)

Sparky: [appearing rather excited] Hey, Wrinkles-guess what?

Wrinkles: [appears] Hi, Sparky! What am I guessing?

Sparky: I have good news and I have bad news! What do you want to hear first?

Wrinkles: Oh, I like good news. I don't ever want to hear the bad news.

Sparky: The good news is-my brother, Aaron, let me borrow his rowboat!

Wrinkles: That's great! Do I have to hear the bad news?

Sparky: The bad news is-the rowboat sank!

Wrinkles: Sparky! That's too bad. Was anyone in the rowboat when it sank?

Sparky: Yes-that was good news-no one was hurt!

Wrinkles: So where's the boat now?

Sparky: That's the bad news-we can't get the boat out of the lake!

Wrinkles: So now what can you do?

Sparky: That's the good news-my Uncle Pete is going to get a new rowboat for my brother.

Wrinkles: I'm glad he'll still have a boat!

Sparky: Yeah, but that's the bad news! He won't ever let me use his boat again!

Wrinkles: Well-maybe when you're older, Sparky, he'll change his mind and let you borrow it. Or maybe you can get your own rowboat.

Leader: Hi, fellas! It sounds like you've got the good news and the bad news all figured out! Do you remember the Bible story from today?

Wrinkles: Yes, I do. People thought they had bad news-but it turned out to be really, really good news!

Leader: How so, Wrinkles?

Wrinkles: People saw Jesus die on the cross and saw Him put in the tomb. They thought they would never see Him again.

Sparky: Yeah, people thought that Jesus had died and that was that.

Leader: But we know differently, right?

Wrinkles: Yes, the tomb was empty. Jesus rose from the dead, just as He had said He would.

Leader: That's right, Wrinkles.

Sparky: And that means Jesus is alive-now!

Wrinkles: He is alive because He is God-He had the power to rise from the dead.

Leader: I am so glad Jesus is alive. Isn't that Good News?

Sparky: I think that is wonderful news!

Wrinkles: It is wonderful news! Let's do the power chant for this week!

Leader: Boys and girls, would you like to do the power chant with Wrinkles and Sparky?

Boys and girls: Yes!

Wrinkles and Sparky: P-O-W-E-R (echo after each letter)
Who has the power? (echo)
Jesus has the power!

He died for you,
He died for me,
But rose again in victory!
Jesus has the power!*

Sparky and Wrinkles: Bye boys and girls!

*from Tell About Jesus, Primary Teacher, Grades 1 & 2, Spring 2002, Lesson 5, from Standard Publishing, Cincinnati, Ohio.


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