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Wrinkles & Sparky Remember



Sparky: [can be barely seen, but his voice is heard and various toys and items are thrown into the air and off the stage] Wrinkles...hey, wrinkles! Have you seen my neckerchief? I can't find it anywhere!

Wrinkles: [pops up] Where did you have it last?

Sparky: [pops up, very frustrated] That's just it! I don't remember!

Wrinkles: Now think just a minute. Calm down. Did you put it on this morning?

Sparky: [shaking his head] No...I remember thinking I would wait until later.

Wrinkles: That's good-that's a start-you did remember something.

Sparky: Hey, that's it- I remember! Hold on-I'll be right back. [dives below and comes back triumphant]

Wrinkles: That's wonderful, Sparky. I'm so glad you remembered. Next time, [teasingly] you'll have to tie a string on your finger to help you remember.

Sparky: [protesting] But I might forget why the string was on my finger.

Wrinkles: [laughing] Let's hope not, Sparky. You know, we remember some things without even trying.

Sparky: What do you mean? Like 2 + 2 = 4?

Wrinkles: That's right, Sparky. But you had to learn that 2 + 2 = 4. Some things we learn by "association".

Sparky: Like?

Wrinkles: Well, like popcorn. When we hear it pop or smell the popcorn popping, we know there's popcorn nearby.

Sparky: Oh, I see what you mean. Like when I smell the wonderful scent of pine as I walk through the forest, I remember the Christmas tree Dad cut for us last year.

Wrinkles: Yes, you've got it, Sparky! Things we see help us remember, too. Like a stop sign on the road-everyone remembers to stop when they see it.

Sparky: And the "S" on Superman's cape-everyone knows that "S" stands for Super Sparky! [Begins to pretend to fly]
Wrinkles: [quickly responds] Whoa-hold up there, Sparky. Don't even start with that again!

Sparky: [stops] Okay. Now, what were we talking about?

Wrinkles: [frustrated] Remembering!

Sparky: Oh, yeah. Wasn't our Bible teacher talking about remembering?

Wrinkles: Yes, she was. She was talking about how to remember Jesus.

Sparky: Jesus gave us two special things to remember him by. Do YOU remember what they are, Wrinkles?

Wrinkles: Ah, yes, I do, but ...

Leader: Hi, there, guys! I couldn't help but overhear your conversation. Maybe the boys and girls could help you remember, too. [speaking to boys and girls] Do you remember what two things Jesus told us to remember Him by?

Boys and girls: [answers: bread - His body; grape juice - His blood]

Wrinkles: That's right, they've got it!

Sparky: But I can remember Jesus in other ways, too.

Leader: Like what, Sparky.

Sparky:Like reading my Bible...and going to church.

Wrinkles: And I remember Jesus when I pray.

Leader: That's really great, guys! I'm sure Jesus is very glad that you are remembering Him. Thanks for coming by today! Bye, Wrinkles and Sparky!



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