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Chameleon Paper Plate Craft with Movable Head

Chameleon Paper Plate Craft from www.daniellesplace.com

What you will need:

Six-inch Paper Plates, Scissors, Green Chenille Stems, Brass Fasteners, Google Eyes, Scissors, and Paint or Markers.


How to Make the Chameleon Paper Plate Craft:

1. Print out the chameleon patterns and cut them out. Use them as template to trace onto paper plates. Trace the patterns on the front of one paper plate and the back of another so that you have opposite facing patterns.

Member's member's Pattern Chameleon Paper Plate Craft

Instant Digital Download - Purchase Chameleon Paper Plate Craft Pattern

2. Glue the body patterns together around the back and tail leaving the belly area open.

3. Glue the head patterns toether back to back. Punch holes where indicated and attached the head to the body with brass fasteners.

4. Paint the chameleon and add details.

5. When it is dry punch holes in the belly and add Chenille stems for legs as shown in the picture.

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Gecko Bubble Wrap Craft

Gecko Bubble Wrap Craft

What you will need:


Acrylic Paint

One-inch Paint Brush

Small-bubble Bubble Wrap

Permanent Marker


What to do:

1. Draw a picture of a large lizard.

Member's gecko pattern

2. After drawing the picture place some bubble wrap over the lizard picture so that the bubble side of the wrap is on the paper and it covers the lizard completely.

3. Trace the lizard with a permanent marker on the bubble wrap.

4. Turn the bubble wrap over and paint over the bubble wrap where you traced the pattern. Turn the bubble wrap over and press the bubble wrap onto the picture matching up your traced lines. Slowly peel off the bubble wrap.

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