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Newspaper and Masking Tape Sculptures

cow newspaper sculpture craft for kids

Newspaper and Tape Cow Sculpture

lion newspaper sculpture craft

Newspaper and Tape Lion Sculpture


lion newspaper and tape sculpture craft

Newspaper and Tape Giraffe Sculpture

zebra newspaper and tape sculpture craft

Newspaper and Tape Zebra Sculpture


Dog Newspaper and Tape Sculpture www.daniellesplace.com

Newspaper and Tape Dog Sculptures


What you will need:

Newspaper, Masking Tape, Craft Sticks, and Acrylic Tape

What to do:

1. First decide what you would like to make and draw a quick sketch of it.

2. Create an armature by rolling newspapers into tubes and taping them together with masking tape.

giraffe diagram 1
giraffe diagram 2

3. Start by making the biggest part of your structure. If you are making animals, it would be the torso. Then add legs, neck, and a head.

4. If you have thin features like legs that need to support weight, you can use craft sticks or other sticks to make them.

5. Tear off a long piece of newspaper and wrinkle it up. Flatten it out somewhat and wind it around the craft stick. Leave some extra newspaper at each end of the stick. Curl up the newspaper at one end to make feet and tape the other end to the torso piece.

giraffe diagram 3
giraffe diagram 4

6. Don't worry to much about what it looks like at first. You just want to get the main shape.

7. Once you are comfortable with the shape you can add more wrinkled up newspaper to the areas that you want thicker. Tape the pieces of wrinkled up newspaper down with the masking tape.

8. Keep adding more wrinkled up newspaper to the piece until you are satisfied with the results.

9. Use pieces of folded tape to make the ears.

10. Paint your sculpture with acrylic paint.

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