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Snowman Crafts and Learning Activities

How to Make Snowman Crafts and Learning Activities


Snowman Cut and Paste Learning Activity

Dress the Snowman Cut and Paste Activity

Children pick from seventeen different objects to cut out and paste onto the full-sized snowman printable.

Learning Activity - When your students are done pasting the pictures onto the snowman, have them label each items drawing a line to the item on the snowman.

This pattern is available to members and as an instant download in both color and black and white.

Member's Member's snowman printable pattern

Instant Digital Download Purchase Snowm Cut and Paster Activity



Dress the Snowman Craft and Writing Activity

Dress the Snowman Craft and Writing Activity


How to Use the "Dress the Snowmen" Printables:

1. Before class print out the snowman pattern, outfits, and writing sheet.

2. In class have your children color the patterns and then cut them out, and the glue the clothes to the snowman.

3. Give each child a writing sheet and instruct them to write about the snowman they created.

3. You can also have your children make the snowmen into a paper dolls so they can dress and undress the snowmen. Cut the snowmen out, and draw tabs on the clothes, and then cut out around the tabs.

Member's Dress the Snowmen Pattern

Free Instant Digital Download pattern - Writing sheet not included.

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Popcorn Snowman Craft for Kids

Snowman Popcorn Treat Bag Craft from www.daniellesplace.com

What you will need: 


Sandwich-size Plastic Ziplock Bags

Styrofoam Packaging Peanuts


Crayon or Markers


How to Make the Snowman Craft:

1. Print out the pattern or let the children make their own snowman. Pattern available to members.

Member's Snowman Plastic Bag Pattern

2. Fill a plastic bag with crunched up peanuts and seal the bag.  Fold in the top two corners and staple them down.  Draw a snowman head, arms and feet and cut them out.  Tape them to the bag as shown in the picture.

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*This craft can also be made into a great gift by placing gourmet popcorn inside the bag instead of packaging peanuts.

Hi! I just wanted to drop you a note and let you know how cute my snowmen turned out. I made the ones with Ziplock bags. For the inside of the bag, I stuffed it with a piece of white tissue paper. I also took our verse for the day in childrens church and copied it onto an address label and printed out 20 of them and stuck a sticker on each childs snowman tummy (Ziplock bag) They were adorable! Every age group loved this one. GREAT IDEA! Millie Morris



Melting Snowman Guess the Word Game

Melting Snowman Guess the Word Game from www.daniellesplace.com

This game is played like hangman except children remove a snowman part until the entire snowman has "melted" away.

Before class cut out the snowman pieces. (Use the pattern above.) You can laminate the pieces and add velcro tabs so the pieces can be used over an over again on a flannel board.

In class give your students a list of vocabulary or spelling words. Have one child secretly pick a word, count the number of letters in the word and then draw that many spaces on a piece of paper.

Have your students take turns guessing letters that might be in the words. If a letter is guessed that is not in the word a part of the snowman is taken away. If the children guess the word before the whole snowman "melts" away, another child takes a turn being the person who picks a word. Play until all the children have had a turn picking a word.

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"Let it Snow!" Winter Luminary Craft

What you will need:

"Let it snow!" Snowman Luminary Craft

White Paper

Snowflake Punch

Snowflake Sequins

Tape or Glue

Flameless Tealight Candles


What to do:

1. Print out the luminary pattern and snowman pattern onto white paper and cut them out.

2. Glue or tape the luminary together to form a tube. Glue the snowman pattern into a circle that fits around a tealight.

Member's Star Nativity Craft Member's Pattern

Instant Digital Download Purchase Instant download snowman luminary

3. Use a snowflake punch to punch snowflake shapes all over the luminary. Glue on snowflake sequins.

4. To finish place a tealight in the circle of the snowman circle. Place the snowman and tealight in the center of the luminary.


Bubble Wrap Snowman Picture

Bubble Wrap snowman and snow craft for children www.daniellesplace.com

What you will need:

Dark Blue Paper


One-inch Paint Brush

Black Marker

Pompom for the Hat or Wrinkled up Tissue Paper

Bubble Wrap with Small and Large Bubbles

How to Make the Snowman Bubble Wrap Picture:

1. Make the snow background first. Cut a piece of bubble wrap with the smaller bubble the same size as you paper.

2. Spread white paint over the tops of the bubbles to cover.

3. Carefully turn the bubble wrap over and place it on the paper. Press it down so the paint sticks to the paper, and then slowly peel it off.

4. While the background is drying draw a snowman on the smooth size of the large bubble wrap and cut it out.

5. Spread white paint over the tops of the bubble to cover and press the paint side down on your background paper where you want the snowman. Let it dry.

6. To finish your picture outline the snowman and draw in details with a black marker. Paint the hat, scarf, and carrot nose, and add words.

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