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How to Make Spring Bible Crafts and Activities for Sunday School, Children's Ministry and Special Family Days


Paper Kites for Park Days

Use these paper kites to make your next park day extra special. These simple kites are great for a family fun day or homeschool group activity. They only take a piece of paper, some string, tape, and a straw and are very cheap and easy to make. And the best thing of all, they actually fly!



Paper Kites - Creative, Educational and Fun - All in One!

Kite Craft for Kids - Paper kites that really fly are great for days in the park from www.daniellesplace.com


What you will need:

Legal-size Paper

Scotch Tape

Hole Punch

Skinny Straws

Colored Paper

Kite String and Wood Craft Sticks


Highlighters Markers, Crayons, Colored Pencils or Markers


Printable Kite Pattern for Park Day from www.daniellesplace.com - These are great for homeschool groups and children's ministry on Park Days.

How to Make the Paper Kites:

1. Print out the patterns onto legal-size paper (8.5" x 14"). Select the legal-size paper setting and "fit print to page" when printing.

2. Cut out around the edge of the printed patterns and fold them in half on the dotted line.

3. Have your children color the patterns with highlighter markers, crayons, colored pencils, or markers.

4. Fold the two flaps out on the dotted lines so that the picture is visible and comes together in the middle. Tape the kite down the center with scotch tape.

Kite string rolled around a craft stick

5. Put pieces of tape over the two smaller circles on the under side of the kite and use a hole punch to punch a hole through the paper. Tie one end of the kite string through the hole. Wind the other end of the string around craft sticks.

6. Punch a hole in the larger circles near the fold, stick a plastic straw through the hole and center it on the kite. Tape the straw to the underside of the kite. This will keep the kite from bending. Instead of punching more holes, you could just tape the straw to the top of the kite.

7. Cut an 8-inch circle from another sheet of paper. Cut the circle into a snake shape (start cutting around the outside of the circle about 3/4" from the outside and go around and around until you reach the center). Tape one end of the snake to the bottom of the kite for a tail.

Watch a video of how to make the kites and watch them fly.



Kite Patterns with Bible Verses Include:

1. "Look, he is coming with the clouds," and "every eye will see him." Rev. 1:7a

2. "Soar to new heights with Jesus"

3. "Look up at the sky and count the stars!" "So shall your offspring be."

4. "So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed." John 8:36

5. Design-your-own Kite pattern - blank pattern

6. Two kite-themed activity sheets.

7. Kite-shaped printable sight word cards.

Member's Paper kite patterns with Bible Verses

Instant Download Pattern with Bible verses $3.00 -  Paper kite purchase  Paper kite view cart 



Kite Patterns Without Bible Verses

Kite Patterns

Five Kite Patterns: Stars, Sun, Eagle, Arrow, and Blank Pattern

Two kite-themed activity sheets - See below.

Kite-shaped Sight Word Cards Printable - See above.

Member's Paper Kite Patterns Without Bible Verse

Instant Download Pattern with Bible verses $3.00

 Paper Kite Patterns Without Bible Verse purchase  Paper Kite Patterns Without Bible Verse view cart 



Kite Activity Sheets

Kite-themed Printable - Use these printables for creative writing and art activities.


Use these kite-themed activity sheets for creative writing and art activities.

Read books about kites and flying kites. Ask your children to imagine that they were kites and write about what they would do if they were a kite.

There a two different sheets available, one with lines that you can use for writing poems or for younger children, and one with just the title. You can have your children design a kite and then glue pieces of material that have been tied in knots to the kite tail.

The printable patterns are available to members and as digital downloads with the Kite Patterns Above.

Member's Kite Themed Activity Sheets Patterns


Kite-themed Park Day Ideas

Making kites is not only fun, but educational. Here are some things you can do with these paper kites with your homeschool group.



Have a Kite Decorating Contest

Design-your-own Kite Craft from www.daniellesplace.com - Free Printable Kite Pattern


Print out the free blank kite pattern and the Directions above to make paper kites. Have your children decorate their kites using a specific theme.

Member's kite pattern

Free Blank Kite Pattern

Give prizes to the most creative design, the highest flying kite, the kite that stays in the air the longest, etc.



Learn More About Kites and How Design Effects Their Flight

Have your children experiment with different kite designs, longer and shorter kite tails, or tails made from different material, and where the line is connected to the kite. Ask them which designs worked the best and why they think they worked better.

Talk about gravity, lift, weight, drag, and thrust and how it affects the flight of the kite.



Read Books About Kites

Kite Day Bear and Mole


Kite Day

Kite Day (Bear and Mole) (Bear and Mole Stories) by Will Hillenbrand


Be the Kite

Be the Kite!

Be the Kite! by Cathi Bosco Creative Activity

Read "Be the Kite" and have your children draw pictures of where they might fly and what they would see if they were kites.



The Kite

the Kite

The Kite (My First Reader (Paperback) - You can probably find this book at your local library.

Young children will love reading this book all by themselves or with help from a parent.

You will find a list of twenty words at the beginning of the book which are used in the story. Use the words to make kite-shaped sight word cards to review the words with your child before reading the book.

When you are done reading the book, use the cards to play review games. (See below.)



Kite-shaped Sight Word Printable Cards

Kite sight word printable cards for "The Kite" Childrens' book and other Kite-themed books from www.daniellesplace.com

Use these sight word cards with your child to learn new words when reading books about kites.

Print out the kite-shaped word card onto card stock.

Member's Blank Kite Pattern

(Also available with the kite patterns instant downloads above.)

Read the book you will be using before you read it to your child.

Write words on the kite-shaped cards that you think your child doesn't know.

Review the words on the cards before you start reading the book with your child. Show him one word at a time and ask him to read the word. If your child can read the word remove it from the pile of cards.

Ask your child to pick out a few word cards that he didn't know and have him hold them in his hand as you read the book. Tell your child to hand you the word card that matches the word you read as you read the story.

When you have finished the book play word games to help your children remember the words.

1. Find the word - Place all the words face down on a table. Tell your child to pick one word from the story and then take turns turning over a word card to see if it is the word. If it isn't the matching word, turn the card back over. Keep playing until someone finds the word.

2. Match Game - Make two copies of the word cards and play a match game.

3. "Make a Sentence" Game - Add more verb cards to your set of cards and then turn them all over on a table. On the word go each player should turn over one card and place it one the table in front of him. Keep playing until one person has a complete sentence. Turn all the cards over again and play again.

4. "How Many Sentence Can you Make?" Game - Use at least two sets of cards and add more verb cards. Mix up all the cards and then deal out all the cards. The player who can make the most sentences from his or her cards wins. (You can only use each card once.)