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Hawaii Flora Printable Activity Sheet

This printable flower sheet comes with a separate sheet that identifies the pictured flora including:

Hawaii Flora Activity Sheet from www.daniellesplace.com

1. Yellow Hibiscus - Hawaii's state Flower

2. Laua'e Fern - These ferns are often used in flower arrangements because they can last up to a week after they are cut.

3. Plumeria - This flower grows on small shrubs and trees that bloom all year long. They are often used in making Hawaiian leis.

4. Hibiscus - These bright yellow flowers turn to bronze and crimson as the day passes.

5. Noni Fruit Flower - The Noni Tree bears flowers and fruit all year long. The ripe fruit have a sickening sweet smell and bitter

taste. Because of this it is considered a starvation food and only eaten when nothing else is available.

6. Bird of Paradise - This flower is named because the opened flowers resemble the head of brightly colored tropical birds. They are often used in flower arrangements.

7. Red Ginger Plant - Although the red part of this plant looks like a flower it is actually the bracts. A small white flower sprouts from the top of the red bracts.

8. Lollipop Flower - This flower is also known as the Golden Candle or Shrimp Plant.

9. Autograph Tree Fruit - These star-shaped fruits are produced by the Autograph Tree. The tree is also called the Signature Tree because people write messages on the thick sturdy leaves. The messages will last for months until the leaves fall to the ground.

Member's Hawaii Flora Pattern

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Sea Turtle Writing Sheet and 3D Sea Turtle Paper Craft

Sea Turtle Writing Sheet Hawaii Learning Activity and 3D Paper Turtle Craft from www.daniellesplace.com

The green sea turtle is the most common species of sea turtles found in Hawaii. The turtle pictured in this writing sheet is basking on a Oahu beach.

Volunteer groups help monitor the turtles as they bask in the sun setting up perimeters and making sure people and animals don't disturb them as they rest.

Teachers can use this sheet to

have children write about different aspects of the sea turtle, such as types of sea turtles, their habitat, conservation, nesting habits, etc.

Children will enjoy making their own 3D paper sea turtles to go along with their writing sheets.

Member's Sea Turtle Pattern

The 3D Paper Craft is available on the Under the Sea Crafts Page.

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Paper Leis

Hawaiian Lei Craft with Printable Flower Pattern from www.daniellesplace.com

What you will need:

Colorful Paper - Construction Paper or Printer Paper

Colorful Plastic Straws

Yarn or String

How to Make the Hawaiian Lei

1. Print out the flower pattern onto colorful paper.

Member's Lei Pattern

Free Digital Download Hawaiian Lei Pattern

2 Staple about five more sheets of different colors of paper to the back of the pattern sheet.

Paper Lei Craft - Hawaiian Crafts for Kids from www.daniellesplace.com

3. Cut out the flowers cutting through all the layers of papers. Punch a hole in the middle of the flowers with a hole punch.

4. Cut up plastic straws into one-inch pieces. Cut lengths of yarn long enough for the lei. Wrap a piece of tape around on end.

5. String on two or three flowers and then a piece of straw. Keep going until you have made the lei long enough. Tie yarn ends together.

6. To finish bend the ends of the flowers in opposite directions so that they stand out from each other.

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Aloha Sign Coloring Sheet

Aloha Sign Printable Coloring Sheet for Hawaii Thematic Unit from www.daniellesplace.com

Aloha Sign Printable - Use this printable with your Hawaii unit study. Have your children look at pictures of the plumeria flower and then color the flowers on the color sheet to match the pictures they studied.

This sheet also makes a great sign for a luau. Children can use markers, colored pencils, or crayons to decorate the sign. This craft is appropriate for all ages.

Member's Aloha Printable Pattern



Fun Noodle Flower Lei

Lei Made from Pool Noodles from www.daniellesplace.com

What you will need:

Flower-shaped Fun Noodles (Aqua Noodles from Wal-mart or pool store)

Cord or Yarn

Fun Foam Beads

Chenille Stems (pipe cleaners)

How to make the Hawaiian Lei:

1. Slice fun noodles into 1-inch slices with a serrated knife to create flower shapes.

2. Drill a hole through the slices from side to side to make large beads.

3. Let children string several fun noodle flowers and beads to form a lei.

4. To make an easy threader (or needle) fold a chenille stem in half and tie the cord onto the folded end of the wire.  

Note: Make long strings of these to decorate your patio for a Luau.

This craft idea was sent in by Vicki Lepick

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Pinecone Pineapples

These make great decorations for the table at your luau.

Pinecone Pineapple Craft from www.daniellesplace.com - Great Hawaiin Luau Craft for Kids

What you will need:

Yellow Acrylic Paint

Green Paper

Low Temp. Glue Gun


How to Make the Pinecone Pineapples:

1. Paint the tips of the pinecone with yellow paint and let dry.

2. Cut a length of green paper 11" x 4". Cut 1/2" slit all the way down the length of the paper leaving about 1/2" on one side not cut. It should look like grass.

3. Roll the paper up and tape it together.

4. Glue the side that wasn't cut to the top of the pinecone. You may have to snip off the top part of the pinecone to get the leaves to stay on. When the glue is dry bend down the leaves and snip the ends to a point. Snip the top leaves a little shorter than the bottom ones.

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Maps and Facts

1. Enchanted Learning's Zoom School has a map and important facts about Hawaii worksheet.

2. www.50state.com has a blank map of Hawaii.



State Bird


50states.com has information on the Nene.



State Flower

Yellow Hibiscus (pua ma&'o hau hele)



Study Volcanoes



Hawaii-Themed Books for Children