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Crafts and Learning Activities Relating to the Sea, Ocean, Fish, Sea Shells, and Whales



3D Horseshoe Crab Craft and Learning Activity

These horseshoe crabs bend like real horseshoe crabs! Use them to learn more about horseshoe crabs.

What you will need: Grey, Tan, or Light Brown Card Stock, Colored Pencils, Scissors and Glue


How to Make the Horsecrabs:

1. Print out the horseshoe crab pattern onto card stock and cut them out on the dark lines. Cut up around behind the eyes.


2. Show your children pictures of horseshoe crabs online and and them color their patterns to match the pictures they see.

3. As you work answer the following questions with your children and then look up the answers online.

  1. What do horsecrabs eat?
  2. Where are their mouths located?
  3. How many legs do they have?
  4. How many eyes do they have and where are they located?
  5. How often do horseshoe crabs molt?

4. Before assembling the crabs have your children write important facts they learned about horsecrabs on the back of the crabs.

5. To assemble the crab body fold the dotted lines in the center of the pattern back.

6. Place dots of glue where indicated on the pattern and bring the sides of the pattern up over the glued part to make the pattern bow. Hold until the glue dries.

7. To make the tail fold the center line back. Fold the straight line up and the the diaganal lines back. Place glue on the end and glue it to the horseshoe crab to the underside of the horseshoes body or abdomen.