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VBS Space Theme Bible Crafts for Children

The following crafts can go along with Groups "Stellar" VBS program.


"Jesus is Out of this World" Man on the Moon 3D Display

Astronaut on the Moon Craft - Jesus is Out of this World!

What you will need:

Four-inch Foam Balls


White Glue

Aluminum Foil

Cardstock (Heavy Paper)

Serrated Bread Knife

Objects such as pen caps or pencils to make indents into the aluminum foil.

4.5" Bamboo Skewers or Toothpicks


How to Make the Man on the Moon Display

1. Before class print out the astronaut and flag pattern (Available to members on The Resource Room.) or as an instant digital download) or make your own.

Member's Astronaut on the Moon VBS Craft

Instant Digital Download Purchase Astronaut on the Moon Bible Craft

2. Cut four-inch foam balls in half with a serrated knife. (A sharp bread knife works well.)

3. Cut out the astronaut and flag patterns.

4. Cut nine-inch circles from aluminum foil sheets.

5. In class, have your students glue o-rings to their foam half-ball with white glue and then drape the aluminum foil circle over the half-ball and bend it around to the bottom. Have them use their fingers to smooth it down around the o-rings to make shapes that look like craters. They can use pen caps or the ends of pencils or other items to make other landscape shapes on their "moon". Wrinkling up the aluminum foil a little before placing it over the foam ball will give more texture to the "moon".

6. To finish, glue the fag to the skewers or toothpicks and then glue the flag to the astronaut's hand. Glue the astronaut to the moon by folding back the tabs on the bottom of its feet and gluing them to the aluminum foil.



Shine for Jesus - Foil Tape Stars

Foil Tape Stars for Space Theme VBS


What you will need:

Foam Sheet 12"X18"

Four-inch Aluminum Foil Tape

Utensils to Engrave the Tape Such as a Ballpoint Pen, Straws, the End of a Paintbrush, and the Tines of a Fork

Paper Towels

Sharpie Markers


How to Make the Aluminum Foil Tape Cross:

1. Print out the cross template onto card stock and use it to trace cross shapes onto craft foam. Cut out the cross shapes.

Free Printable Template pattern

2. Cover the top of the fun foam cross with the foil tape, pressing it down and smoothing it out.

To remove the backing from the tape without making lines or dent in it, carefully pull up the backing at the top of the piece of tape. Lay the piece of tape flat on a table, silver side down. Place your fingers on the sticky part of the tape holding it down to the table while pulling the backing away from the tape.

3. Press the tape onto the foam shapes, smoothing it down on the top and sides.

4. Have your children press utensils, pens, pen caps, toy parts, etc. down into the tape to make shapes and designs.

5. Older children may want to use Sharpie markers to add color to their crosses. Instruct them to use a very gentle touch with the side of the tip of the marker to color the crosses so the don't indent the foil.

Watch a video on Youtube on how to make this craft:

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