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Collect the Snowflake Lesson Review

What you will need:

Card stock (Heavy Paper)


Game Pieces such as buttons, coins, small toys, etc.

A Die


1. Print out the game board patterns, cut the center edges, and tape the two pieces together so that one side overlaps the other to make a complete game board.


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2. Print out the snowflake game cards and cut them out. Print out enough cards to have at least ten cards per player.


3. Print out questions relating to your lesson and make up tasks a player must do to earn snowflakes. You might have something like, “Name three important people who we reviewed in the lesson, give two snowflakes to the person to your left, or share something that you learned from the lesson.

How to Play:

1. Give each player a playing piece and have them place the pieces on any of the snowflakes.

2. Players take turns throwing the die and then moving to the right that many spaces along the large snowflake trail.

3. Once a player has answered a question correctly or performed a task successfully, that player should collect or get rid of snowflakes depending on the number on the snowflake that the player landed on. If a player lands on a snowflake with a three, he should pick up three snowflakes. If it is a negative three, he should give back three snowflakes.

4. The player who collects ten snowflakes first wins.