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Make Wiggly Growing Worms

Worm Craft - Make Tissue Paper Worms, drop water on them and watch them wiggle and grow - from www.daniellesplace.com


Use this raft as a fun activity to supplement your worm studies. Home school children will enjoy watching the tissue paper worms wiggle and grow when they drop water on the them. This activity can also be used to reinforce measuring skills.

What you will need:

Pink Tissue Paper

Smooth Straws - Don't use the straws with the bendable ends.

Water Dropper or Pipettes




How to Make the Tissue Paper Worms:

1. Have your child use a ruler to measure the tissue paper into six-inch squares and then cut them out.

2. Place a six-inch square piece of paper on the table, and then place the center of the straw on one corner of the tissue paper.

3. Loosely roll the tissue paper around the straw so that the opposite corner ends up in the center of the straw. Lick the corner of the tissue paper so it sticks to the rolled tissue paper.

Gif animation
4. Place the straw upright on the table and press down on the tissue paper like you do to remove the paper from a straw. Compress the tissue paper to the bottom end of the straw and then carefully remove the tissue paper without pulling the tissue paper apart.

5. Place the tissue paper worm on a table and drop a few drops of water on the worm. Watch the worm as it wiggles and grows on the table.

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"The Great Bait Escape" Worm Spelling Game

Make spelling fun with this exciting game!

In this spelling game your child help all the worms escape a certain fate of becoming bait by spelling words correctly. If your child spells all the words correctly, he will help all the worms escape.

"The Great Bait Escape" Spellling Game from www.daniellesplace.com

What to do:

1. Print out the worm patterns onto pink or tan card stock and cut them out. (Patterns are available to Members. If you aren't a member, you can can just cut out "S-shaped" worms to use instead of the pattern.)

Member's Great Escape Members Pattern

2. Pick several words your child is having problems spelling. Write one letter of each word on a worm, leaving one worm blank. Place all the worms in a bucket. Tell your child that the worms are about to

become bait. He can save them from this fate by spelling all his words correctly.

3. Give him the worm without a letter on it. Then tell him the first word. He should look through the bucket of worms and pick out the ones that spell out the word you gave him, and hook each worm on the next worm to make a chain that spells out the word. If he spells it correctly, he can pull the pail of worms out of the bucket.

4. Tell your child the next word, and have him do the same thing. Keep playing until he has saved all the worms.

Play "Bucket of Worms"

When you are all done saving the worms, curl up the heads and tails of the worms and see who can pick up the most worms by connecting them into a chain. Play like the Barrel of Monkeys game.

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Pail of Worms Craft

Make pails using typing paper. If you have older children, you can have them make their own pails. If you have younger children, make them ahead of time and have them decorate them.

Pail of Worms Craft and Learning Activity from www.daniellesplace.com

How to Make Pail of Worms Craft:

1. Fold a piece of paper 8 1/2" x 8 1/2" in half, corner to corner to make a triangle.

2. Place the folded piece of paper on a table so that the folded, long edge is at the bottom.

3. Fold over the right, bottom corner so that the point meets the left edge of the triangle.

bucket diagram 1
bucket diagram 2

4. Fold over the left, bottom corner so that the point meets the right edge of the triangle.

bucket diagram 3

5. Fold down the top layer of the top corner along the top edges of the folded corners. Turn the bucket over and turn the top corner over the same way. Punch holes in the sides of the buckets; insert a

pipe cleaner to make the handle. If you have older children, you can have them make their own pails. If you have younger children, make them ahead of time and have them decorate them with stickers or draw faces on them.

Glue in a pipe cleaner for a handle. Older children can cut out their own worms from pink construction paper. Cut them out yourself if you have younger children and let them make faces on the worms. Write one word of the memory verse on each worm.

Children can use their pail of worms to review spelling words or vocabulary words. Have them write their the words on the worms, and then review them with their parents or friends. If they can spell the word, or give a definition of the word, they can place the worm with the word in the paper pail. If they make a mistake, they should place the worm at the back of the pile and try to spell or give the definition of the words on the other worms before attempting to spell or give the definition of the words on the worms they missed.

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Bookworm Pencil Topper Back-to-School Craft for Kids

How to Make Bookworm Pencil Topper:

1. Start by rolling one end of the Chenille stem into a ball. Glue it so that it doesn't come uncurled.

2. Starting towards the middle of the pencil wind the Chenille stem around the pencil until you reach the head. Glue the Chenille stem to the pencil.

3. To finish glue on two tiny goodly eyes.

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Good Books About Worms

Yucky Worms - A little boy thinks worms are yucky until he learns how amazing and useful they are. Great book to introduce children to worms.

Diary of a Worm - An hilarious account of a worms daily activities in the form a a journal.



Label the Earthworm Activity Sheet

Label the Earthworm Printable Activity Sheet from www.daniellesplace.com

The printable earthworm picture takes a full-sized sheet of paper. The earthworm is about eight inches long so it gives children plenty of room to label the parts.

Member's Printable Earthworm  Activity Sheet

After reading and studying earthworms, have your children label the earthworm parts and then draw in any other detail they would like such as earthworm castings, tunnels, etc.

They can also write facts about earthworms around the outside of the picture.

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Websites About Worms

Make an earthworm observatory and study worms - Go to Minnesota Worm Watch Web Site for directions. lick on "Resources for Educators".

Learn all about worms from Herman the Worm - Go to The Adventures of Herman Web site for directions.

Harvest your own worms - Go to The Adventures of Herman Web site for directions.