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Rustic Reindeer Craft, No-Sew Sock Snowman, Paper Christmas Trees, Ribbon Cardinal, Reindeer Treat Cup, Feather Christmas Tree, Manger Scene, Bow Christmas Tree


Paper Christmas Tree Craft for Kids

Paper Christmas Tree Craft for Kids

What you will need:

One TP roll (or paper rolled to the size of a TP roll)

Green Paper



Sequins or Other Decorative Items.


How to Make Paper Christmas Tree Craft:

1. Cover a TP roll with brown paper to make the trunk of the tree.

2. Make five cone shapes each a little smaller than the other (Patterns for this craft are available to members.) using green paper.

3. Cut one-inch slits all the way around the bottom edge of each cone and curl up the edges by winding the edges around a pencil.

4. Place the largest cone shape on top of the TP roll. Then stack the remaining four on top of the largest, placing the smallest on top. Glue them all together.

5. To finish glue a star or pompom to the top of the tree and glue sequins to the branches of the tree.



Secret Message Christmas Craft For Kids

The receiver of this beautiful Christmas tree takes the branches apart to reveal a Christmas message.

Secret Message Christmas Tree Craft

1. Follow the directions as above, but do not glue the pieces together.

2. Glue a star to the top of the tree and write the person's name to whom you will give the tree. Write words on the cones where they will be covered up by the cone that is placed on top. The first word of your message should be on the next to smallest cone. The last word/words should be on the largest cone.



Ribbon and Bell Cardinal Craft for Kids

Red Bird Christmas Ornament Craft - Ribbon and Bell Cardinal Craft for Kids from www.daniellesplace.com

What you will need:

5/8" polyester ribbon



Bright orange card stock

3/4" Jingle Bell

Black Sharpie Marker



How to Make Ribbon and Bell Cardinal Craft:

Ribbon Bird Diagram 1

1. Cut a piece of ribbon 14 inches long and fold it in half. Glue the folded sides together at the folded end. Fold over the folded end of the ribbon to make a triangle shape as shown in the picture to the right. Glue the triangle down.


2. Make a loop at the same end like you are going to make a knot at the end, tucking the folded end into the loop. Also shown in the picture to the right.



Ribbon Bird Diagram 2

3. Cut a small triangle-shaped beak from orange card stock and insert the beak through the back of the head and push it all the way through to the hole in the front as shown in the picture to the left. Press the knot flat and place a little glue inside to keep it together.


Ribbon Bird Diagram 3

4. To make the wings cut another piece of ribbon about seven inches long and insert it in the top of the bell, and pull it half way through.


Ribbon Bird Diagram 4

5. Place the headpiece you already made on top of the bell and wing ribbon. Tie the headpiece to the bell using the wing ribbon with a single knot. Cut the ends of the wings so they are curved as shown in the picture above.

6. Cut the tail feathers in a V-shape. Attach a wire to the knot on the bell to hang up the bird.

7. Use a black Sharpie marker to draw in the eyes and black around the beak.



Reindeer Treat Cup Craft for Kids

Reindeer Treat Cup Craft from www.daniellesplace.com Copyright 2007

What you will need:

Card stock


Glue or tape

Colored pencils or crayons

Christmas cups



How to Make Reindeer Treat Cup:

1. Draw a reindeer or other Christmas character on card stock similar to the one in the picture. (A pattern for this craft is available to members of Danielle's Place.)

2. Color the picture and cut out it out. Cut slits up along the inside of the legs as shown so it looks like your character is holding onto the cup.

3. Place the reindeer cutout on the edge of cup with its legs hanging over. Secure with tape or glue. Add candy canes or other candy.



Feather Christmas Tree Craft for Kids

Feather Christmas Tree Craft

What you will need:

Card stock (Heavy paper), green feathers, glue, and tiny pompoms, sequins, buttons, etc to decorate the tree.

How to Make Feather Christmas Tree Craft:

1. Print out the Cone Pattern onto card stock and cut it out. (Problems Printing?)

2. Glue it into a cone shape.

3. Glue green feathers to the cone shape starting at the bottom of the cone. Make one row of feathers all the way around the bottom placing the feathers so that the end of the feathers extend over the bottom of the cone as shown in the picture. Made another row of feathers just above that row, placing the feathers so they overlap the bottom row about half way.

4. Keep placing rows of feathers until you get to the top of the cone. Glue decorative items on top of the feathers to finish.



Stick Nativity Scene Craft for Kids

Stick Nativity Scene

What you will need:

Sticks, vines, berries, dried grass, and natural decorative items, glue gun, rock, and leaf.

How to Make Stick Nativity Scene:

2. Glue dried grass or grains to the bottom of the1. Start by making the house shape. Use your widest sticks first. Cut them to about 8" and glue them together to form the 5-sided shape. The bottom sticks are about 7" long. Glue another layer or two of sticks around the shape. You can also use vines to wrap around the sticks. The star in the picture is hanging from the curled up end of a vine. shape for hay.

3. Baby Jesus is made from a rock that was wrapped in a leaf. He is laying bark manger.

4. The star was made from a long piece of reed. It was bent into the star shape and glued together.

5. Add berries and other decorative items to finish.



Bow Christmas Tree Craft for Kids

Christmas Bow Tree

What you will need:

Green bows of different sizes, tiny colored bows, card board or green poster board.

How to Make Bow Christmas Tree:

1. Form a cone shape from a piece of green poster board that is about 8 inches tall.

2. Tape or glue green bows on the cone shape starting at the bottom of the cone with the biggest bows. Finish at the top with the smallest bows you have. When you have the whole cone covered add some tiny bows onto of the green bows to look like ornaments.

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Christmas Butterfly Craft for Kids

butterfly ornament
butterfly Christmas Ornament

What you will need:

Nylon Butterfly Decorations (36 pc)

White Feathers

Rhinestones and Gems

Faceted Beads

Snowflake Jewel Assortment

Crayola Glitter Glue


How to Make Feather Butterfly:

1. Cover the butterfly with white glitter glue. Use a stiff paintbrush to even the glue out. let it dry.

2. Cut the feathers to fit on the butterfly and glue them to the butterfly with tacky glue. Let it dry.

butterfly Christmas ornament

3. Cut the looped ends off the butterfly antennae. Stick beads on the antenna. Apply tacky glue to the end of the antennae and stick pearl beads on the end.

4. Add jewels, gemstones, and pearl beads to the butterfly's wings.

5. Stick rhinestones on the butterfly's body.

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Folded-Paper Angel Craft for Kids


What you will need:

Printer Paper

Paper Punches (Optional)

1 1/2 inch white pompoms



Tape or Glue


fold-paper angel Christmas ornament 2

How to Make Folded-Paper Angel:

1. Print out the Angel Wing Pattern and use it to cut wing patterns from printer paper. Fan-fold the pattern starting at one of the straight edges. Make the folds about 1/2" wide.

fold-paper angel Christmas ornament 3

2. Fold the fan-folded wings in half and staple in the middle as shown in the picture below. (Problems Printing?)


3. Cut printer paper into 6" lengths. The papers should measure 6" x 8 1/2".


fold-paper angel Christmas ornament 4

4. Use paper punches to punch shapes into the angel's dress. Punch along the two short ends as shown in the picture on the right.


5. Fan-fold the papers starting at a long edge using 1/2" folds.


6. Fold the fan-folded paper in half (shown in the picture below) so the punched edges meet. Glue the edges that meet together to make the dress.


fold-paper angel Christmas ornament 5

7. Glue the wings on the dress by placing a line of glue along the edge of the bottom fold as show in the picture above.


8. Glue a 1 1/2" white pompom on for the head.


9. Glue some ribbon to the back so the angels can be hung on the tree.

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Comments About this Craft:

I teach a children’s church class of 24+ children ages 3-6. We loved the folded paper angel craft, but with so many children (and varying spans of attention), I found it difficult to work with glue. As an alternative suggestion, pipe cleaners work very well. We used glitter pipe cleaners to wrap round the middle of the angel’s body and wings and then attached a pompom ball. The children absolutely loved the angel lesson. Thank you for all you do to make teaching fun! Pam

One thing I love about the lessons and crafts are that they can be adapted to different situations. Living in Uganda we don't have access to all of the supplies listed, but there is usually something I can substitute. In making the folded paper angel, I used a cotton ball for the head instead of a pompom. For the decoration at the bottom, I cut shapes into the "skirt" while it was still folded just as you would do for a snowflake. It came out very nice. Thank you for your work! It sure makes the teachers' preparation and teaching go easier. Sally Jo


Christmas Story Tree Pic

This craft goes with The Christmas Story Tree Lesson Series on The Resource Room. Each week children make Christmas tree decorations that will remind them about part of the Christmas story. They will add more decorations to the tree for each new lesson, and will enjoy seeing the tree changing and getting more beautiful each week.

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Glowing Nativity Cross Craft for Kids

Glowing Christms Cross Craft from Daniellesplace.com

What you will need:

Bright yellow computer paper, oil (such as Canola oil or olive oil), paint brush, and paper towels.

How to Make Glowing Nativity Cross:

1. Print out the cross pattern onto bright yellow computer paper and cut it out. If you have a printer that has water soluble ink, print out the pattern onto white computer paper and then use a copy machine to copy the pattern onto yellow paper.(Problems Printing?)

Member's Pattern card pattern

Instant Download $2.00    Purchase View Cart

2. Place a small amount of oil (1 teaspoon) into a cup. Use a paint brush to brush the oil over the back of the cross. When you have covered the entire cross with oil use paper towels to soak up any left over oil by pressing the cross pattern between to sheets of paper towels. The oil on the paper will make the paper translucent.

3. Tape the cross on a window. The images in the cross will seem to glow.

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Reindeer Bell Ornament Craft for Kids

Reindeer Bell Ornament

What you will need:

Bell ornaments from Kmart (I got a package of 20 for $5.00 in the Christmas ornament section.), googly eyes, tiny red pompoms, tan foam sheets, scissors, and glue.

How to Make Reindeer Bell Ornament:

1. Cut out antler shapes from foam sheets and glue them to the top of the ornament.

2. Glue on the googly eyes, and pompom to finish.

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Marshmallow Reindeer Craft for Kids

Marshmallow Reindeer Craft for Kids from www.daniellesplace.com

What you will need:

Foam Marshmallows

Golf Tees for the legs (Buy at any department store)

Brown, Red, and Black Acrylic Paint

Craft Foam

Glue, magic markers, ribbon, jingle bell and decorative trim


How to Make Marshmallow Reindeer Craft:


1. Glue two marshmallows together for the body. Glue the head to the body as shown in the diagram.

2. Stick four golf tees in the body for legs. Paint the body and legs brown. Paint the hooves black.

3. Cut ears and a tail from brown fun foam and glue them to the head as shown. Cut antlers from tan fun foam and glue behind the ears.

marshmallow reindeer Chrit

4. Use a permanent black marker to draw on the face. Paint the nose red.

5. Tie a ribbon with a bell on it around the deer's neck. Add a gold trimmed collar.

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Sitting Elf Paper Craft for Kids

sitting elf craft

What you will need:

Card stock or construction paper, colored pencils, and tape.

How to Make Sitting Elf Paper:

1. Print out the Patterns and color them. Cut them out. (Problems Printing?)

2. Fold up the legs and fold the arms down over the body. Form the body into a cone shape and tape at the back. Tape on the head.

3. This little elf would look great on the top of Christmas packages. You can place a gift tag behind it's arms. Print out the smaller patterns to use as a gift tag.

How to Print or Copy these Instructions.

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Heart Christmas Tree with Poem Craft for Kids

Heart Christmas Tree with Poem Craft for Kids from www.daniellesplace.com

Hearts of Love Christmas Tree
Written by Carolyn Warvel

I made my tree with three special hearts:
The first one reminds me of God's love for me.
He created me just the way he wanted me to be.
The second one reminds me of when he sent his son.
His wonderful plan for my salvation had just begun.
The third heart reminds me of that eventful day
when Jesus gave his life so my sins can be taken away.

To request permission to copy this material for any other use contact me by e-mail.

What you will need: Computer paper or card stock, Christmas fabric with different designs or green construction paper, brown construction paper or brown material or felt, button, sequins, stars, pompom balls or other decorative items, and stickers.

How to Make Heart Christmas Tree with Poem:

1. Print out the Poem and Tree Pattern onto blue paper. Print the Heart Patterns onto computer paper. (Patterns available to members.)Cut out the hearts and use them to cut hearts from green construction paper or different patterns of material. Cut the rectangle from brown paper or material. Glue the patterns on to the poem sheet starting at the bottom with the tree trunk and then the largest heart. Glue sequins, buttons, or pompoms onto the tree to decorate it. (Problems Printing?)

2. Glue or stick snowflakes in the sky or use them as a border.

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Feather Christmas Tree Craft for Kids

Feather Christmas Tree Printable with Poem from www.daniellesplace.com

Young children will love this project because of the soft textures. Bring in a real pine branch and let your children compare the textures. Another version of this tree is available to members only. It has a Christmas prayer at the bottom of the picture that says,

"Lord, make me a light like the one on my tree that shines so bright for all to see." Written by Carolyn Warvel

(Non-members have permission to use this prayer, (see conditions below), but you must include the author's name after the poem. This project also comes with a picture of a Christmas tree that children will love coloring and decorating if you don't want to use feathers.


What you will need:

Computer paper

Green feathers

Glittery Pompom Balls

Shiny Stars

Jumbo Craft StickGlue


How to Make Feather Christmas Tree Craft:

Christmas Tree Printable with Poem Craft for Kids from www.daniellesplace.com

1. Glue a jumbo craft stick to the middle of the paper. Color it brown. Place a long row of glue down the middle of the craft stick. Glue the feathers to the craft stick starting at the bottom of the tree as shown in the picture. Cut the top feathers shorter on each row as you go up. Glue a star to the top. Then glue on pompom balls.

2. If you would like the Prayer Printout Sheet with this craft go to "Jesus Lights Up My Life" Sunday School Lesson on The Resource Room.

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Hand Foot Angel Craft for Kids

Hand Foot Angel Craft with Bible Verse Craft from www.daniellesplace.com

What you will need:


Flesh colored paint

Yellow or Gold Paint

Black Marker

Glitter Glue


How to Make Hand Foot Angel Craft:

1. Print out the card pattern.

2. Paint your child's hand with yellow paint and have him press them on the paper as shown for the angles wings. Let the paint dry.

3. Paint your child's foot with flesh colored paint and have him step on the paper as shown. Let the paint dry.

4. Draw on a halo and face. Use glitter glue to trace the halo.

The pattern and picture for this craft was sent in by Jimmie Lanley. Thanks for sharing this great idea.

This craft can go along with the Bible Lesson "The Angels Tell the Good News" on The Resource Room.

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Rudolph with a Red Hot Nose Craft for Kids

Ruldolph reindeer Christmas craft

What you will need:

Red Hot Candies for the Nose


Markers or Crayons

Heavy Paper

Hole Punch

Ribbon or String


How to Make Rudolph with a Red Hot Nose Craft:

1. Draw a picture of Rudolph on a piece of paper or paper plate and color it in.

2. Cut it out into an ornament shape and punch a hole on the top. Tie a string to the top so that it can be hung up.

3. Glue a Red Hot Candy to the nose to finish.

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Paper Birds Craft for Kids

Paper birds craft

What you will need:

Colored computer paper (red and orange for the cardinal) (blue and white for the blue bird) (brown or tan and orange for the robin)




How to Make Paper Birds Craft:

1. Print out the patterns and cut out.

2. Print the Cardinal Pattern out onto red computer paper.

3. Print the Blue Bird Pattern out onto blue computer paper and Robin Pattern out onto tan computer paper. (The Blue Bird and Robin Pattern are the same pattern) (Problems Printing?)

4. Print the Robin Belly Pattern out onto orange computer paper and Blue Bird Belly Pattern out onto white computer paper.

5. Cut a black beak for the blue bird, an orange beak for the cardinal and a yellow beak for the robin.

6. To assemble fold the body and head patterns in half. Fold the belly patterns in half and glue them to the inside of the blue bird and the robin bodies. Do not glue the bodies closed. Glue the beaks to the inside of the folded heads and glue the heads onto the bodies. You can glue the heads closed. Glue the wings onto the bodies. Set the birds in your Christmas tree.

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Baby Jesus in a Soft Bed Craft for Kids

Baby Jesus in a Soft Bed Craft for Kids from www.daniellesplace.com

This craft goes along with the Sunday School Lesson "The Best Gift of All" on The Resource Room.

Children color the picture of the manger and Baby Jesus, glue feathers in the manger, and then glue Jesus on the soft feathers.

The pattern for this craft is available to members on The Resource Room.


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M&M's Christmas Poem

Sent in by Nance in Reno

Add the following poem to a bag of M&M's with a picture of the wise men.

M&M Christmas Poem

As you hold these candies
In your hand,
And turn them,
You will see.
The M becomes a W,
An E, and then a 3.
They tell the Christmas story,
It's one I'm sure you know.
It took place in a stable.
A long, long, time ago.
The E is for the East,
Where the star shone so bright.
The M is for the Manger,
Where Baby Jesus slept that night.
The 3 is for the Wise men,
Bearing gifts, they say they came.
W is for Worship, Hallelujah, Praise His Name.
So as you eat these candies,
Or share them with a friend.
Remember the meaning of Christmas,
It's a Love story that never ends.

Written by Pam Ridenour


More Than Colors

These special little candies,
Come in colors bright and fun.
There’s more than color to be found;
A story of God’s Son.

The M’s turn into W’s,
If you turn them upside down.
A few more turns and E and 3’s
Are waiting to be found.

M is for the manger,
Where Mary laid her precious boy.
Little did the world know,
This baby would bring great joy.

The W is for the Wise men,
Who followed a bright star.
The star revealed a king was born,
They came but, oh, so far.

In Bethlehem they found Him,
Just as they had been told.
3 is for the gifts they brought;
Frankincense, myrrh and gold

W is also for their worship,
As they bowed before their King,
Salvation is the promise given,
There’s nothing we can bring.

Faith alone is how we come
He died to set us free.
E is for eternity,
God’s gift to you and me.

Barbara Hooks' Version


M&M Poem with Layered M&M Cookie Recipe Gift

I just wanted to let you know that I used this poem along with a layered jar M&M cookie recipe that I got off the Internet. Go to http://organizedchristmas.com/article71.html. I sent it home with all of our Cubbies Mom's. (AWANA) I sent the poem with a thank you for being committed to bringing their kids to cubbies. A lot of these families are not involved in our church and it worked as a great outreach. THANKS! You have done a great job at this site and on The Resource Room as well. Merry Christmas! Nicki Jones

I placed the poem on a nice card stock paper with red font. I then stapled the small size bags of M & M's to the card and gave each child at our church one the Sunday before Christmas. I gave them a little Bible lesson beforehand to tie it all together, asking them questions like what letters are on an M & M candy, what do you think that stood for? I never thought I would be reminded of Christmas by seeing an M& M, but I am now. It's something I think I will use for years to come to remind myself and others the reason for Christmas. Bonnie Beecham

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Rustic Reindeer Craft

reindeer Craft

What you will need:

Brown muslin or other thin brown material



Red bell



Googly Eyes or Small Black Beads

Natural wool roving or cotton for the tail

Low Temp. Glue Gun


How to Make Rustic Reindeer Craft:

1. Print out the Body Pattern fold the material in half so you can cut two bodies from brown muslin. (Problems Printing?)

2. Place the pieces right-sides-together and sew them together leaving only the mouth open. (Sew as close to the edge as possible.) Turn the fabric inside out through the mouth. This is a little difficult but possible if you don't use thick material.

reindeer craft

3. Stuff the body with poly-fil. (Don't stuff it too full. You need to be able to fold down the head.) Tuck in the material at the open end to form the mouth. Glue the mouth closed. Fold down the head and put a small amount of glue under the neck to keep it down.

4. Cut tiny holes where you want the legs and antlers. Place glue on the ends of the stick and put them in the holes for the legs and antlers. Press the material up against the sticks to close up the holes.

5. To make the ears make a small fold at the bottom of the ear and glue it together. Cut small holes in the head where the ears go. Place glue at the end of the ears and stick them in the hole. Press the material around the ears to close up the holes.

6. To finish glue some wool roving on for the tail and sew a red bell on for the nose.

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Christmas Outreach Idea

Here's a great way to get your children involved in helping others this Christmas: I go to a "downtown" church that has a fairly significant ministry to the homeless. Our First Grade Sunday School class is making little red boxes (I'm putting the box together. It's made of red card stock) that will be filled with a candy cane, two Hershey's kisses, and the Candy Cane. The words on the top of the box say: Open this box to receive a special message. In this case, the message is the Candy Cane Poem. These boxes can be used for other holidays and other purposes. You can make the boxes any color and include any type of message and/or treat. Sent in by Susan Heldebrecht.


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