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Crafts and Learning Activities for
the States of the US

Learn about each of the United States of America through crafts
and activities, internet sites, and great books



polar bear craft

Alaska - (Crafts relating to Alaska) - Make pop bottle snowflakes, a paper bag moose, a moose bookmark, a pencil holder, a 3D stand up moose, a moose puppet, a paper plate puffin, a polar bear dessert dish, or a folded polar bear. Or you can make a 3D mosquito or a flyswatter picture.




pineapple craft for kids

Hawaii - (Crafts relating to Hawaii the Aloha State) - Make a lei and pinecone pineapples and use them to throw a luau.




lighthouse craft for kids

Maine - (The Pine Tree State): Make a poster with sample's of Maine's natural resources, maps, and other items. Make a lighthouse from cardboard. Read books about Maine and put on a Moose puppet show.




Armadilla Craft www.daniellesplace.com

Texas - (The Lone Star State) - This cute little armadillo is fairly easy to make. It is made from a pop bottle and fun fun. Just cut out the patterns and glue them to the pop bottle. (Coming Soon)