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How to Make Angel Crafts for Sunday School and Children's Ministry


The following crafts and games come from the Bible lesson "What About Angels?" on The Resource Room. This lesson is available to members.

Member's Angels Lesson Pattern



Make a "What About Angels?" Book

"What About Angels?" Printable Book Craft for Children's Ministry from www.daniellesplace.com

The wings are the pages of the book. Children open the wing pages to reveal facts about angels.

Pages Include:

1. Angels protect and guard people from harm.

2. Angels are God's messengers.

3. Angels fight battles.

4. Angels can appear to look like ordinary people.

5. Satan is a fallen angel.

6. We do not become angels when we die.

What you will need:

Card Stock, Printer Paper, Colored Pencils or Crayons and Glitter or Glitter Glue


How to make:

1. Before class print out the patterns and cut out the patterns.

Member's Angel Book Pattern

Instant Digital Download $2.00 Purchase What About Angels? Printable Book Craft

3. In class have your children place the wings pages on top of each other from largest to smallest. Staple the wing pages together and then staple or glue them to the back of the angel cover as shown in the picture.

4. Have your children color the angel book and add glitter glue to make it shiny.

5. Have older children write more facts they have learned about angels on the backs of each page. Or you can cut out blank angel wing patterns and have them write their own facts.

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Angels Ascend Bible Lesson Review Game

Angels Ascend Game

What you will need:




Crayon or Colored Pencils

A Die


How to make:

1. Before class print out the game board patterns and the angel pieces. Cut the sides off the game boards and tape them together. You can make the game longer by adding the middle game board. Cut the angel pieces apart.

Member's Angels ascend pattern

2. Prepare a list of questions relating to the lesson.

3. In class give each child an angel playing piece and have them color them or write their names or initials on them.

4. The game can be played in several different ways.

Game 1 - Take turns asking each child a question. If he gets the answer correct, he gets to throw the die and move that many clouds up towards heaven. The child to reach "Home" first wins.

Game 2 - Use only game board 1 and 3 for a shorter board. Take turns asking each children a question. If a child gets the question right, he gets to move one space up towards heaven. You can also have the children play in teams so there aren't as many angel pieces on the board.

Game 3 - Make three sets of questions, easy, medium, and hard. Easy questions are worth one space, medium questions are worth two spaces, and hard questions are worth three spaces. Take turns asking your children questions. Let each child pick what set of questions they would like to answer - easy, medium, or hard. If the child gets the question correct, he gets to move that many spaces. The child who gets to the home cloud first wins.

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Fan-folded Paper Angels Paper Craft

Fan-folded Angel Craft for Children's Ministry from www.daniellesplace.com

What you will need:

White Paper

Paper Punches - Star, Heart, and Circle Paper Punch

1 1/2 inch White Pompoms or Cotton Balls




Googly Eyes

How to Make the Craft:

1. Print out the angel wing pattern and use it to cut wing shapes from paper.

Member's Folded Angel pattern

Instant Download $2.00 Purchase Folded Angel Pattern

2. Show your children how to fan-fold the wing starting at one of the straight edges. Make the folds about 1/2 inch wide. Fold the fan-folded wings in half and staple in the middle as shown in the picture below.

Watch a "View it and Do it!" video on how to make this craft:

3. Cut printer paper into six-inch lengths. The papers should measure 6" x 8 1/2".

4. Have your children use paper punches to punch shapes into the angel's dress. They should punch along the two short ends. You may want to draw light lines on the ends that they should punch on.

Fan-folded Angel Craft Diagram from www.daniellesplace.com

5. When your children are done punching, show them how to fan-fold the papers starting at a long edge using 1/2 inch folds. Fold the fan-folded paper in half so the punched edges meet. Glue the edges that meet together to make the dress.

6. Glue the wings on the dress by placing a line of glue along the edge of the bottom fold as show in the picture above.

7. Glue a 1 1/2-inch white pompom or cotton ball on for the head.

8. Glue some ribbon to the back so the angels can be hung on the tree.

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I teach a children’s church class of 24+ children ages 3-6. We loved the folded paper angel craft, but with so many children (and varying spans of attention), I found it difficult to work with glue. As an alternative suggestion, pipe cleaners work very well. We used glitter pipe cleaners to wrap round the middle of the angel’s body and wings and then attached a pompom ball.  The children absolutely loved the angel lesson. Thank you for all you do to make teaching fun! Pam

One thing I love about the lessons and crafts are that they can be adapted to different situations.  Living in Uganda we don't have access to all of the supplies listed, but there is usually something I can substitute.  In making the folded paper angel, I used a cotton ball for the head instead of a pompom.  For the decoration at the bottom, I cut shapes into the "skirt" while it was still folded just as you would do for a snowflake.  It came out very nice.  Thank you for your work!  It sure makes the teachers' preparation and teaching go easier. Sally Jo


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