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Rooted and Grounded Bible Lesson for Children from www.daniellesplace.com

The following crafts and activities come from the Bible lessons "Got Roots?" and "Rooted and Grounded in God's Love" for both younger and older children on The Resource Room. (See Below)



"Rooted and Grounded in God's Love" Color Sheet

Rooted and Grounded in God's Love Activity Sheet  from www.daniellesplace.com
Rooted and Grounded in God's Love Activity Sheet from www.daniellesplace.com

Print out the patterns and make copies.

Have your children color the picture. As they work talk about how trees with deep roots can stand up to storms and drought much better than trees that have very little roots.

Talk about how we can be like a strong tree when we plant our "roots" in God's words. When storms come or bad things happen, we can stand strong because God will help us through.

Member's Rooted and Grounded in Gods Love Pattern



Rooted Fruit of the Spirit Tree

Rooted Fruit of the Spirit Tree Craft from www.daniellesplace.com

Before class print out the activity sheet and fruit sheet.

Member's Rooted Fruit of the Spirit Tree Pattern2

Cut out the apples and separate them into groups of the nine fruit of the spirit.

In class give each child a tree picture and a set of apples. Have them color the tree and draw in roots and then glue the apples to the tree.

Discuss how getting to know Jesus and his words help us to produce the fruit of the spirit.



Tree With Roots Picture

Rooted in Love Paint and straw Craft

What you will need:

Brown Water-based Paint

Paint Brushes


Green Dotters, Green Paint, Colored Pencils or Markers

Heavy Card Stock

Coffee Stirs or Thin Drinking Straws

What to do:

1. Before class print out the tree pattern.

Member's Rooted Fruit of the Spirit Tree Pattern2

2. Have your children color the tree picture and then place a blob of watered down brown paint at one end of the tree trunk. (The paint must be watery so that it will run easily.) Blow on the blob of paint, directing the airflow with the straw in the direction you want the roots to go. Place the end of the coffee stir very close to the blob of paint (Almost touching it while you blow).



Tree with Roots Activity Sheet

Tree with Roots Activity Sheet

What you will need:


Highlighter Markers or Colored Pencils


What to do:

1. Before class print out the activity sheet. Available in both KJV and NIV.

Member's Rooted Fruit of the Spirit Tree Pattern2

2. In class have your students color the picture and then write words on the leaves describing the fruits tree produce when they have good roots.


Bible Verse Review Roots Activity Sheet for Older Children

Children review the Bible verse by following the roots to find the Bible verses hidden in the picture. Printable patterns available to members on The Resource Room.

Member's Rooted Fruit of the Spirit Tree Pattern2



"Bush or Tree?" Activity for Older Children

Draw a large tree on the board with a good root system and a small weak looking bush. Over the tree write "Anchored in God's Words" or something similar. Over the bush write, "Trust in Men". Have the children come up with things we do to be like the tree and things we do to be like the bush. Remind them that the bush "puts its trust in man" and has "no hope for the future". For example, you could write under the bush, "Stop going to church because someone said something nasty about you." And under the tree you could write, "You realize that man isn't perfect and go to the person that said the nasty thing and talk to him about it. You forgive him and pray for him." You could also write under the bush, "Your friends tell you that if you don't smoke, you can't hang out with them so you smoke to be in the in crowd." You could write under the tree, "You tell your friends that it is wrong to smoke because your body is the temple of God and he wants you to take care of it." You put your trust in God to help you find new friends that will accept you for who you are.



"If I Were a Tree" Activity for older Children

Ask the children, "If you had to be a tree, what kind of tree would you be? Where would you live?" Tell them to share what kind of tree they would be. For example, you could say, "If I were a tree, I would be a huge apple tree with lots of leaves and strong branches. In the spring the birds would make their nests and hatch their young on my branches. My leaves and branches would shelter them during the storms. I would have beautiful white flowers all over my branches. In the summer children would climb up my branches and swing to the ground. And they would lie on blankets and I would shade them from the hot sun. And in the fall the animals and people would come to enjoy the delicious fruit I produced.




"May Your Roots Grow Deep into God's Love"
Sing to the tune of  "My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean".

May  your roots grow deep into God's Love
Don't let anyone lead you astray
May your roots grow deep down into God's Love 
Oh, be anchored to God I pray

Anchored, Anchored,
Anchored in his love today, today
Anchored, Anchored,
Anchored in his love today


"I'm a Little Tree Sprout"
Sing to the tune of "I'm a Little Teapot"

I'm a little tree sprout, short and stout,
Plant me near the water, watch me grow.
When my roots grow deep down, reaching out
I won't be worried about a little drought!

Anchored  in God's love, yes it's true
Here's an example of what I can do
I can grow my branches all about
So you can climb on me without falling out.





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Email Comments

Yesterday I taught my junior church about being strong Christians and used the 'Got Roots' lesson to prepare. As my class has a varied age range from 5-11 I had to simplify the lesson with various applications.
Roots - I placed two pieces of paper on the floor, one very small so they could only just fit upon it with one foot, and another large piece that they could place both feet securely on. I then talked about having strong roots on a tree and what it meant. To show this we had one adult volunteer come out to stand on the small paper (representing little roots). We then got the children to try to knock him off the paper, resulting with the first push he came off. He was then put on the large sheet which he anchored himself firmly. Repeating the exercise, we discovered that it was much harder to move him. I got the children to name situations that they can face that try to shake our beliefs - before attempting to push over our tree. i.e. Saying unkind things, being called names, fighting, etc.

Trunk - represents the growth of a Christian - As we start doing what the Bible says, we become stronger Christians. I brought in a telephone directory which we got some volunteers to try to tear (with no luck) to represent a strong Christian. The more we do what God wants us to do, the stronger we become and with each discipline we apply to our lives the better relationship we have with Jesus.

Fruit - Shows us we are useful and have a purpose to accomplish. - An apple tree without apples is not fulfilling its potential. It may have some uses but it is not fulfilling its full potential. Jesus wants us to be fit for a purpose. I brought in a torch without batteries, a drum without sticks, and a doll without clothes. Showing these items I illustrated that although sometimes you can function okay, if we apply the right disciplines (bring in batteries, drumsticks and dolls clothes) in our lives we become totally fit to do God's will.


When I was asked how many books I needed for the fall session, I just said "if it is O.K. NONE, I"m continuing on with daniellesplace" I have been with you since the beginning of summer. The kids and I love your lessons, crafts and games. The kids that got promoted in September to the next class keep telling me that they wished they were back in mine. It does take more time to get the lessons and things copied off but I must say it is well worth it. Thanks for all you've done. Keep it up. God bless, Wadeanne


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