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Bug Buddies Studies


Ant Bug Buddy Study Lapbook Lesson from www.daniellesplace.com

This Christian-based set of studies introduces children to variety of amazing insects. Each lesson emphasizes a Biblical concept relating it to a specific insect, and encourages children to dig deeper and learn more about insects. They are child-directed, designed to get them questioning and digging for the answers, and encourages them to use their creativity.

These studies do not throw out a lot of facts which your child is expected to memorize. Children learn through investigation, hands-on activities, games, repetition, and creating. Children can create file folder books for each study to help them remember and categorize what they have learned. Children will enjoy looking back at what they have learned, and sharing it with others.

The name of this series, "Bug Buddies", was chosen because the Bible tells us that all the things God created are good. Although creation has changed since the "fall" and disease and death have been introduced, we can still find good in all God's creation, even in mosquitoes and poisonous spiders.

These studies are great for home school because they can be adapted to any age level. By sharing books and information about each insect with your children, and helping them find the answers to their questions, children at any level can learn a great deal from these studies. They not only teach scientific concepts, but incorporate biblical concepts, and emphasize how wonderful God's creation is.

Member's ant lesson pattern

Sample sample lesson pattern


Seekers Manual

The Seekers Manual is a 14-page printable book that contains information on how to find bugs to study, how to seek God, a bug-seeker's code, a God seeker's code, information about each bug and how children can relate the bug to a biblical concept with relevant Bible verses.

Seekers Manual - Children discover how to seek out bugs and God. 14 Pages


1. How to Find Bugs

1. Look near water . . .

2. Look for them at night, near lights . . .

3. Look for them In the morning or late evening when it gets colder . . .

4. Look near garbage and rest rooms . . .

5. Look under dead leaves, logs, and rocks . . .

6. Look In the soil . . .

7. Look on plants, under the leaves . . .

8. Look on flowers . . .


How to Find God

1. Study his creation . . .

2. Read the Bible . . .

3. Pray and meditate . . .

4. Talk to Christians . . .


Bug Seeker's Code

1. Know which bugs, plants, and other animals are dangerous or poisonous or illegal to collect in your area. Do not try to collect bees or wasps, or other dangerous insects.

2. Do not use your bare hands to pick up rocks and sticks when looking for bugs. Turn the rocks over with your foot or a long stick. Always leave the area the way you found it. Turn the rocks back over after you are done looking.

3. If you collect a bug to study, make sure you note where you found it so you can put it back when you are done.

4. Always do your best not to injure the bugs, and don't keep them for more than a couple of days unless you have a habitat set up for them. If possible, place some leaves or whatever you find the bugs on, in your container with a moist paper towel.

5. Do not damage plants. Take only one or two leaves.

6. If you dig for a bug, always fill up the hole when you are done.


God Seeker's Code

1. Know that not everything you hear about God is true . . .

2. If you have a question about God, always ask . . .

3. Ask God for understanding and wisdom . . .


Each Study Consists of These Main Areas:


A Bug Buddy Study

Bee lapbook

A short Lesson about an insect and how it can be related to a biblical concept including:

1. Biblical truth activities

2. Bible verse activities - Games, manipulative, etc.

3. New words activities - Children make mini shape books and games to help them review new words.

Hands-on Learning Activities:

Crafts relating to the lesson including: coloring sheets, 3D and paper models of the bug, habitat, etc.


Digging In

1. Experiments relating to the insect.

2. Worksheets and forms.

3. Suggested books to read with related activities.

4. Suggested web sites to check out.

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Studies Included in this Series


Study 1 - Introduction

Insect Lap Book Lesson from Bug Buddy Studies from www.daniellesplace.com

Seek and Find

Member's seek and find pattern

Biblical: God is a lot like the bugs around us. We don't often see bugs but we know they are there because we see signs of them all around us. We can't see God, but we can know he is there because we can see his wonderful creation.

Scientific: Children learn the difference between insects and spiders, and where to look for all types of bugs.

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Study 2 - Goliath Beetle

Goliath Beetle Lap Book Lesson from Bug Buddy Studies Series from www.daniellesplace.com

The Best Kind of Armor

Member's The best kind of armor pattern

Biblical: God gave insects armor to protect them from their enemies. He has also given us armor to protect us from our enemies.

Scientific: The Goliath beetle's exoskeleton is like a suit of armor that protects its body.

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Study 3 - Water Strider

Water Strider Lap Book Lesson from Bug Buddy Studies from www.daniellesplace.com

Keep Your Eyes on Jesus

Member's Keep your eyes  on Jesus pattern

Biblical: Jesus is the Son of God. When we keep our eyes on Jesus instead of focusing on our problems, he will give us the strength we need to face our fears.

Scientific: God designed water striders so they can easily float on water.

They are very light and their feet are covered by microscopic hairs that form air bubbles that repel the water which enable them to float.

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Study 4 - Golden Tortoise Beetle

Golden Tortoise Beetle Lap Book Lessons from Bug Buddy Series from www.daniellesplace.com

Changing Colors

Member's golden tortoise beetle pattern

Biblical: Golden Tortoise Beetles change their colors when they are disturbed or stressed. People can also change their colors, or act differently in different circumstances. Jesus wants us to always act like Christians and stand up for what is right no matter what the circumstances.

Scientific: Children learn how and why Tortoise Beetles change colors and look at other animals that change colors.

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Study 5 - Honey Bees

Bee Bug Buddies Study Homeschool lesson

Created for a Purpose

Member's Honey Bee pattern

Biblical: God created bees for a special purpose. They each have an important job. God loves you and knows you, and created you to do good works.

Scientific: Bees are very important to us. They help pollinate the flowers of plants that produce much of the food we eat.

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Study 6 - Ants

Ant Bug Buddy Study Home School Lapbook Lessons from www.daniellesplace.com

Consider the Ants

Sample sample lesson ants  pattern

Member's Consider the Ants pattern

Biblical: We can learn from the ants and become wise. The ants do their work even when they don't have someone telling them what to do.

Scientific: Every ant in the colony has an important job to do. They work together for the good of the colony.

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Study 7- Walking Stick Bug

Walking Stick Lap Book from Bug Buddy Series from www.daniellesplace.com

Standout for Jesus!

Member's Standout for Jesus Pattern

Biblical: Jesus doesn't want us to be like stick bugs that blend in to their environment. He wants us to be an example to others. We should not be conformed to this world, but stand out so that others will see Jesus shining through our lives.

Scientific: God created stick bugs to look like twigs and branches so they would be hard to see. This protects them from predators or hides them from potential prey.

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Study 8 - Inchworm

Inchworm Lap Book Lesson from Bug Buddy Studies from www.daniellesplace.com

God's Love is Immeasurable

Member's God's Love is Immeasurable Pattern

Biblical: We can't measure God's love or ever really understand how much he loves us. It is higher than the heavens, everlasting, never fails, and is priceless. Only his love is perfect.

Scientific: There are many ways to measure and compare things, but nothing compares to God.

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Study 9 - Ladybug

Ladybug Lap Book Lesson from Bug Buddy Studies from www.daniellesplace.com

Real Friends

Member's Real Friends Pattern

Biblical: Jesus helped many people. He was sent to save the world. We should follow Jesus' example.

Scientific: Ladybugs are helpful insects. People like to see them around because they know that they can help save their plants from being destroyed by aphids.

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Study 10 - Mosquitoes

Mosquito Lap Book Lesson from Bug Buddy Studies from www.daniellesplace.com

What Kind of Friend Are You?

Member's What Kind of Friend Are You Pattern

Biblical: True friends are helpful not harmful.

Scientific: Mosquitoes seem like "bad" bugs because they bite and carry diseases, but they are also very important. They provide food for birds, fish, bats, and frogs, and help pollinate flowers.

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Study 11 - Dung Beetle

Dung Beetle Lap Book Lesson - Bug Buddy Studies from www.daniellesplace.com

Work for the Lord

Member's Work for the Lord Pattern

Biblical: Every bug God created has a purpose, and an important part to play in this world. And every person in this world has a purpose and is important. Every job is important in one way or another; and God wants us to do our job to the best of our abilities even if we don't like doing it.

Scientific: Dung Beetles seem disgusting because they use the waste of other animals, but they actually have a very important job. They get rid of waste that would otherwise pile up and cause a lot of other problems.

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Study 12 - Antennae

Feelers Lap Book Lessons from Bug Buddy Studies from www.daniellesplace.com


Member's Feelers Pattern

Biblical: Children learn how to have empathy - sharing the feelings of others. Based on Romans 12:15.

Scientific: Children are introduced to different kinds of antennae and learn what bugs use them for.

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I used the Bug Buddies lessons in my Sunday school class, and I have to say, the children loved them. With each study they learned the facts about each bug, and the Bible lessons that went along with each bug were great! 

I do believe these kids will forever relate these bugs to the Bible stories they learned.  At the end of the series we hosted a “BUG PARTY” for the parents and everyone who wanted to, could come and see.

There were so many bug crafts floating around over the last couple of months I knew they were curious.



Foods Pictured that Went with Each lesson

bug buddies studies food www.daniellesplace.com
bug buddies studies food www.daniellesplace.com

1. Seek and Find Lesson - I made resurrection rolls. They are marshmallows rolled in canned biscuit dough. When baked the marshmallow melts and leaves the center hollow.

2. Goliath Beetle - Cheddar potato skins from Sam’s Club with green olives for the eyes. These were a hit!

3. Water Strider – Punch with plastic bugs floating in it - “BUG JUICE”. Sorry I didn’t get a picture of this.

4. Golden Tortoise Beetle – We had sandwiches with changing-colors gummi bugs on top. We purchased them at Wal-mart

5. Ant Lesson - Cheese balls and crackers in the shape of an anthill. We had plastic ants all around it

6. Stick Bug – Meat rolls with cream cheese and chive filling.

7. Inchworm – Bundt cake cut in half and decorated as an inchworm.. HUGH HIT!

8. Ladybug – We had crackers with cream cheese spread topped with a cherry tomato and black olive and chives to form a ladybug. These turned out great. We also had stuffed cherry tomato’s. We called it bug guts.

9. Mosquito - Pizza rolls.

10. Dung Beetle – Mini sausage balls

11. Antenna Lesson – Dirt cake with gummi worms.

12. Honey Bee – Honey roasted peanuts

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Hi - I just finished our last Bug Study lesson. We used these lessons in our first through fifth grade Sunday morning class. It took us all summer. It was a great series because the children weren't in school during these weeks so they really enjoyed making the lapbooks each week. It also gave them a take-home activity to continue learning on their own when they weren't in school or church.  After the second week though, I realized that I would need to pre-make some of the portions of the book for the sake of time constraints, and given that my class has such a wide range of ages.  We all had a great summer learning!  Thank you! Abby, Courts of Praise, Fairfield, Ohio