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Owl Paper Gift Bag Christmas Craft for Kids

Owl Christmas Gift Bag Craft


What you will need:

Brown Paper Lunch Bag

Matching Brown Construction Paper

Black Marker

Yellow Card Stock or Construction Paper


Christmas Bow

Newspaper Ripped in Quarters

Glitter Paint


How to Make Owl Paper Gift Bag:

1. The owl paper bag can be used as a gift bag and stuffed with Christmas gifts such as towels, clothes, candy, cookies, etc.; or you can just stuff the bag with wrinkled up pieces of newspaper and use the owl as a decoration.

Owl Gift Bag Diagram 12. To make the owl pull the sides of the paper bag out from the top so that you can make a flat surface at the top of the bag.

Owl Gift Bag Diagram 2

3. Fold down the sides from the middle top of the bag and glue them down.

Owl Gift Bag Diagram 3

4. Fold the down the point to the front of the bag making the top of the owls head. Pull up on the sides to make the horns and open them slightly.

5. Cut wings from brown construction paper and glue them to the sides of the bag. Draw eyes on a and a beak on piece of yellow paper using a black marker, cut them out, and glue them to the bag. (A pattern for the eyes, beak, and wings are available to members.)

Member's pattern

Instant Digital Download - Purchase pattern for Owl Gift Bag

6. Add a bow and gift tag. You may also want to paint the top of the owl's head with gold glitter glue.

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Paper Plate Reindeer Craft - Paper Plate Reindeer Card Holder

Paper Plate Christmas Reindeer Christmas Card Holder Craft

What you will need:

Three Dinner-sized Paper Plates


Plastic Forks

Red Pom Pom



How to Make Paper Plate Reindeer Craft:

1. To make the body place two paper plates together, top to top. Cut of the top quarter of the plates to make a card holder, then glue the plates together as shown.

sample body

2. To make the head fold a paper plate almost in half as shown in the picture to the right.

3. Measure 3 3/4" in from the sides of the folded edge of the paper plate. Fold the sides back 3 3/4" to form the head shape as shown at the left. Glue or staple the sides together on the back.

4. Glue the head to the body as shown.

sample head

5. Cut out leg, tail, and ear shapes from brown construction paper and glue them to the body and head. Patterns for the legs, tail, and ears are available to members only.

Member's pattern2

Instant Digital Download - Purchase Paper Plate Reindeer Pattern

6. To make the antlers cut two plastic forks in half and glue each half fork to a whole fork as shown in the picture. Glue them to the back of the head.

7. Paint the paper plates and antlers. Glue on a red pompom for the nose.

8. Attach a string or strong magnet to the back of the reindeer to hang it up. Place your Christmas cards in the holder.

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Foam Elf with Candy Ornament Craft for Kids

Craft Foam Elf Christmas Craft for Kids from www.daniellesplace.com

What you will need:

Tan, Red, White, and Pink Craft Foam

Green and Pink Pompoms

Googly Eyes

Red and Green Felt

Tacky Glue or Glue Gun

Straight Pins

How to Make Foam Elf with Candy Ornament:

1. To make the face cut out a triangle shape about 5" high from the tan craft foam. Roll the triangle into a cone shape and glue it together.

2. To make the mouth fold in the foam around the open end of the cone. Cut a tongue from pink foam and glue it inside the mouth.

3. Cut ear shapes from the same tan foam and glue them to the sides of the cone.

4. To make the hat cut another triangle shape from the red felt and glue it to the top of the cone leaving about one inch above the foam cone so you can fold over the top of the hat. Glue a pompom to the end.

5. Glue a pompom on for the nose and glue on the eyes.

6. To make the candy in the elf's mouth cut two strips of foam, one from white foam and the other from the red, about 1/4" wide and the length of the foam piece. Wind the two pieces together gluing as you go. To hold them in place while they dry stick a straight pin in the side. When it is dry glue it to the tongue of the elf. Add a string to the hat to hang it on a tree.

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Christmas Dog Treat Gift Bags Craft for Kids

Dog Christmas Treat Bags


What you will need:

Lunch Bags - Regular-sized or Mini Craft Bags

Paper Glue Sticks

Color Printer and Paper

Ingredients to Make Dog Treats


How to Make Christmas Dog Treat Gift Bags:

1. Print out the Dog Treat Bag Patterns and cut them apart.

Free Free Dog Treat Christmas Bag Pattern - Small and Large Patterns

2. Glue them to the front sides of lunch bags. Make dog treats or dog toys for your dogs and place them inside the bags. Roll down the top of the bags and staple them closed. Add a bow.

Recipe for Peanut Butter and Pumpkin Dog Treats.

3. If you are placing dog biscuits in the bag, place the biscuits in a plastic bag before putting them in the dog treat gift bag. You can find dog treats and biscuit recipes on the web.

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Pipe Cleaner Christmas Tree Craft

Pipecleaner Christmas Tree Craft for Kids from www.daniellesplace.com

What you will need:

Green Pipe Cleaners

Red Beads

Star Bead

Wire or String to Hang the Ornament

How to Make Pipe Cleaner Christmas Tree Craft:

1. String red beads on a pipe cleaner about one inch apart.

2. When all the beads are in place bend the pipe cleaner in the form of a tree as pictured.

3. String a star button on to the top and bend the pipe cleaner end down to secure it.

4. Use a short piece of wire to hang the three. Secure the wire by bending it around the button back. If you don't want to use buttons, glue star gems to the top.

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