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Paper Christmas Tree Craft for Kids

Paper Christmas Tree Craft for Kids

What you will need:

One TP Roll (or paper rolled to the size of a TP roll)

Green Paper



Sequins or Other Decorative Items.

How to Make Paper Christmas Tree Craft:

1. Cover a TP roll with brown paper to make the trunk of the tree.

2. Make five cone shapes each a little smaller than the other using green paper.

Member's pattern

3. Cut one-inch slits all the way around the bottom edge of each cone and curl up the edges by winding the edges around a pencil.

4. Place the largest cone shape on top of the TP roll. Then stack the remaining four on top of the largest, placing the smallest on top. Glue them all together.

5. To finish glue a star or pompom to the top of the tree and glue sequins to the branches of the tree.



Secret Message Christmas Craft For Kids

The receiver of this beautiful Christmas tree takes the branches apart to reveal a Christmas message.

Secret Message Christmas Tree Craft

1. Follow the directions as above, but do not glue the pieces together.

2. Glue a star to the top of the tree and write the person's name to whom you will give the tree. Write words on the cones where they will be covered up by the cone that is placed on top.

The first word of your message should be on the next to smallest cone. The last word/words should be on the largest cone.



Ribbon and Bell Cardinal Craft for Kids

Red Bird Christmas Ornament Craft - Ribbon and Bell Cardinal Craft for Kids from www.daniellesplace.com

What you will need:

5/8" Polyester Ribbon



Bright Orange Card Stock

3/4" Jingle Bell

Black Sharpie Marker



How to Make Ribbon and Bell Cardinal Craft:

Ribbon Bird Diagram 1

1. Cut a piece of ribbon 14 inches long and fold it in half. Glue the folded sides together at the folded end. Fold over the folded end of the ribbon to make a triangle shape as shown in the picture to the right. Glue the triangle down.


2. Make a loop at the same end like you are going to make a knot at the end, tucking the folded end into the loop. Also shown in the picture to the right.


Ribbon Bird Diagram 2

3. Cut a small triangle-shaped beak from orange card stock and insert the beak through the back of the head and push it all the way through to the hole in the front as shown in the picture to the left. Press the knot flat and place a little glue inside to keep it together.


Ribbon Bird Diagram 3

4. To make the wings cut another piece of ribbon about seven inches long and insert it in the top of the bell, and pull it half way through.


Ribbon Bird Diagram 4

5. Place the headpiece you already made on top of the bell and wing ribbon. Tie the headpiece to the bell using the wing ribbon with a single knot. Cut the ends of the wings so they are curved as shown in the picture above.

6. Cut the tail feathers in a V-shape. Attach a wire to the knot on the bell to hang up the bird.

7. Use a black Sharpie marker to draw in the eyes and black around the beak.



Reindeer Pencil Holder or Treat Cup Craft for Kids

Reindeer Pencil Holder Cup Craft for Christmas

What you will need:

Card Stock


Glue or Tape

Colored Pencils or Crayons

Christmas Cups



How to Make Reindeer Treat Cup:

1. Print out the reindeer pattern onto card stock.

Member's pattern2

Instant Digital Download - $2.00 - Purchase the Reindeer Pencil Holder Cup Craft Pattern

2. Color the picture and cut out it out. Cut slits up along the inside of the legs as shown so it looks like your character is holding onto the cup.

3. Place the reindeer cutout on the edge of cup with its legs hanging over. Secure with tape or glue. Add candy canes or other candy.



3D Feather Christmas Tree Craft for Kids

Feather Christmas Tree Craft for Kids

What you will need:

Card Stock (Heavy paper)

Green Feathers


Red Pom Poms

Sequins, Buttons, etc to Decorate the Tree

How to Make Feather Christmas Tree Craft:

1. Print out the cone pattern onto card stock and cut it out.

Member's Feather Christmas Tree

Instant Digital Download pattern

2. Glue it into a cone shape.

3. Glue green feathers to the cone shape starting at the bottom of the cone. Make one row of feathers all the way around the bottom placing the feathers so that the end of the feathers extend over the bottom of the cone as shown in the picture. Made another row of feathers just above that row, placing the feathers so they overlap the bottom row about half way.

4. Keep placing rows of feathers until you get to the top of the cone. Glue decorative items on top of the feathers to finish.



Stick Nativity Scene Craft for Kids

Nativity Christmas Craft from www.daniellesplace.com

What you will need:




Dried Grass

Natural Decorative Items

Glue Gun

Rock and Leaf

How to Make Stick Nativity Scene:

1. Glue dried grass or grains to the bottom of the1. Start by making the house shape. Use your widest sticks first. Cut them to about 8" and glue them together to form the 5-sided shape. The bottom sticks are about 7" long. Glue another layer or two of sticks around the shape. You can also use vines to wrap around the sticks. The star in the picture is hanging from the curled up end of a vine. shape for hay.

2. Baby Jesus is made from a rock that was wrapped in a leaf. He is laying bark manger.

3. The star was made from a long piece of reed. It was bent into the star shape and glued together.

4. Add berries and other decorative items to finish.



Bow Christmas Tree Craft for Kids

Gift Bows Christmas Tree Craft

What you will need:

Green Bows of Different Sizes

Tiny Colored Bows

Card Board or Green Poster Board

How to Make Bow Christmas Tree:

1. Form a cone shape from a piece of green poster board that is about 8 inches tall.

2. Tape or glue green bows on the cone shape starting at the bottom of the cone with the biggest bows. Finish at the top with the smallest bows you have. When you have the whole cone covered add some tiny bows onto of the green bows to look like ornaments.

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Christmas Butterfly Craft for Kids


How to Make Feather Butterfly:

1. Cover the butterfly with white glitter glue. Use a stiff paintbrush to even the glue out. let it dry.

2. Cut the feathers to fit on the butterfly and glue them to the butterfly with tacky glue. Let it dry.

3. Cut the looped ends off the butterfly antennae. Stick beads on the antenna. Apply tacky glue to the end of the antennae and stick pearl beads on the end.

4. Add jewels, gemstones, and pearl beads to the butterfly's wings.

5. Stick rhinestones on the butterfly's body.

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Glowing Nativity Cross Craft for Kids

Glowing Christms Cross Craft from Daniellesplace.com

What you will need:

Oil such as Canola Oil or Olive Oil

Bright Yellow Computer Paper

Paint Brush

Paper Towels




How to Make Glowing Nativity Cross:

1. Print out the cross pattern onto bright yellow computer paper and cut it out. If you have a printer that has water soluble ink, print out the pattern onto white computer paper and then use a copy machine to copy the pattern onto yellow paper.

Member's Pattern card pattern

Instant Download $2.00   Purchase

2. Place a small amount of oil (1 teaspoon) into a cup. Use a paint brush to brush the oil over the back of the cross. When you have covered the entire cross with oil use paper towels to soak up any left over oil by pressing the cross pattern between to sheets of paper towels. The oil on the paper will make the paper translucent.

3. Tape the cross on a window. The images in the cross will seem to glow.

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Heart Christmas Tree with Poem Craft for Kids

Heart Christmas Tree with Poem Craft for Kids from www.daniellesplace.com

Hearts of Love Christmas Tree
Written by Carolyn Warvel

I made my tree with three special hearts:
The first one reminds me of God's love for me.
He created me just the way he wanted me to be.
The second one reminds me of when he sent his son.
His wonderful plan for my salvation had just begun.
The third heart reminds me of that eventful day
when Jesus gave his life so my sins can be taken away.

To request permission to copy this material for any other use contact me by e-mail.

What you will need: Computer paper or card stock, Christmas fabric with different designs or green construction paper, brown construction paper or brown material or felt, button, sequins, stars, pompom balls or other decorative items, and stickers.

How to Make Heart Christmas Tree with Poem:

1. Print out the Poem and Tree Pattern onto blue paper. Print the Heart Patterns onto computer paper. Cut out the hearts and use them to cut hearts from green construction paper or different patterns of material. Cut the rectangle from brown paper or material. Glue the patterns on to the poem sheet starting at the bottom with the tree trunk and then the largest heart. Glue sequins, buttons, or pompoms onto the tree to decorate it.

Member's pattern2

2. Glue or stick snowflakes in the sky or use them as a border.

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Baby Jesus in a Soft Bed Craft for Kids


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