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Product Reviews for Crafting Supplies - Best Products to Buy



1. Gel Highlighter Markers Review

Twist and Glide Highlighters

Gel highlighters are not your typical highlighter markers. They are actually more like a very soft crayon. The ink is tacky and waxy. The wax makes a great medium for the ink because it keeps the ink from soaking through to the other side of the page. This isn't a problem if your sheet of paper is of normal thickness, but if you are trying to highlight something on very thin paper, such as in Bibles, this can be a problem. The ink from regular highlighter makers will seep through to the other side of the page making it look very messy and confusing. This is why these Gel Highlighters are great for use in Bibles. See Gel Highlighters for more details.



1. Kid's Water Color Paint

Water Color Paint Lineup - August and September is the best time to buy art supplies for your children. All the stores are advertising back-to-school discounts, but it can be hard to tell which products are the best buys for the money. We bought three different brands of water color paint and compared them. Check out what we found!



1. Crayon Lineup

We're starting to see stores stocking up and moving their school supplies to the front of store in anticipation of the new school year. They all offer discounts and incentives to shop at their stores, but it can be hard to know which brands you should buy. I decided to visit my local Walmart, Dollar Tree and 99ยข Only Store to see which stores carry the best crayons for the best price. I must say I wasn't surprised at my discoveries, and was quite pleased that my instincts have been right. Check out our findings here!