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Newspaper Rake to Play Fall Games

How to Make a Newspaper Rake with One Piece of Tape to use for Fall Games from www.daniellesplace where learning is fun!


What you will need: Newspaper, Tape and Leaves

How to Make the Newspaper Rake:

1. Layout about six pieces of newspaper, one on top of the other, and roll them up starting on a long side.

2. Place another full sheet of newspaper on the floor and set the newspaper roll at one corner so that the corner of the newspaper is at the center of the roll as shown in the picture. Roll the newspaper around the newspaper roll and tape it closed in the center (on the opposite corner). Stuff the extra newspaper into one end of the roll. Cut the extra newspaper off the other end of the roll.

3. Cut six inch slits about 3/4" apart around the cut end of the roll to make the rake.

How to Use the Newspaper Rake:

Raking Leaves Game - Review Lesson or use as a Fall Party Game from www.daniellesplace.com where learning is fun!

1. Math Review Games - Write math facts on leaves (Write the same math fact on both sides of the leaf) and have your children race to separate the math facts into groups using their rakes. For example, you may tell the children to find all the math facts that have an even answer. They would then use their rakes to move the leaves with even number answers to a designated area. The child that finds and piles up the most leaves matching your description wins.

2. Word Review Games - Write words that your children are studying on leaves and place them on the floor. You can use them to review many things such as nouns, verbs, adjectives, sight words. Have your children separate the words into piles according to what you say. For example, you can tell them to find all the leaves with words that are verbs. The child that piles up the most verbs using only his leaf rake wins.

3. Fall Festival Games - Break children up into teams. Give each team a designated area in which they can rake their leaves. (You can use masking tape to tape off areas.) Have all the children stand in a circle, and then place all the leaves in a pile in the middle of the circle. On the word "go" children should try to rake as many leaves as they can to their designated areas. The team that gets the most leaves wins. You can place stickers or write words on some leaves. Tell your children that if they find one of these leaves and rake it into their piles they will win a special prize.

We would love to hear how you used the newspaper rakes and leaves in your classroom. Email us and we will place your ideas here.

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Foil Tape Fall Shapes Fall Picture Craft

Fall  Foil Leaf Tape Picture Craft for Kids from www.daniellesplace.com


What you will need:

Craft Foam

Four-Inch Aluminum Foil Tape

Utensils to Engrave the Tape Such as a Ballpoint Pen, Straws, the End of a Paintbrush, and the Tines of a Fork

Card Stock Paper (Heavy paper)


Sharpie Fine-Tip Permanent Markers

Printer Paper


How to Make Foil Tape Fall Shapes and Picture:

1. Print out the leaves and acorn patterns and the saying pattern onto colorful paper. Cut out the leave patterns and use them as templates.

Member's Foil Leaves Pattern

Free Digital Download pattern2

2. Cut craft foam pieces big enough to fit the leaf patterns. Cover the craft foam with foil tape.

3. Place the leaf or acorn templates on top of the foil tape and craft foam and trace around the edge.

4. Cut out the shapes and then engrave the tape with objects such a straw, tip of a paint brush, ball point pen, etc. by pressing the objects into the tape or drawing designs on the tape surface.

5. Use permanent markers such as Sharpies to color in the patterns. Do not press down on the tape when coloring. Quickly wipe off the excess ink with a paper towel to make the ink translucent.

6. Cut out a saying pattern and glue it to the center of a piece of construction paper or card stock. Glue the leaf and acorn shapes around the edge of the saying.

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Fall Scarecrow Craft

Scarecrow paper craft from www.daniellesplace.com


What you will need:

Paint Stick or other Stick

Card Stock (Heavy Paper)

Crayons or Colored Pencils


Yellow Paper



How to Make a Fall Scarecrow:

1. Draw a picture of a scarecrow without a hat and straw on a piece of card stock.

Member's Fall Scarecrow Craft members pattern

2. Cut the scarecrow out and glue it to a paint stick.

3. Cut small pieces of yellow paper about the length of the bottom of its pants and arm sleeves and then cut slits in the paper to make it look like straw. Glue the pieces to the arms and legs as shown in the picture.

4. Cut two more pieces of yellow construction paper to make the hair and cut slits to make it look like straw. Glue the pieces to the head and then glue the hat on top.

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Happy Harvest Fall Bulletin Board Display

Happy Harvest Bulletin Board Display from www.daniellesplace.com


What you will need:

Bulletin Board Paper

Fall Colors Colored Paper - Brown, Orange, Yellow, and Red

Fall Leaves





How to Make a Fall Bulletin Board Display:

Member's fall bulletin board for members

1. Cut brown construction paper into one-inch thick strips and staple them to your bulletin board to make a rustic looking fence. I cut the paper so that they were uneven to make the fence look old. You could also use white paper and make a picket fence.

2. Make a "Happy Harvest" sign and print it out onto yellow paper and staple it to the top of the board.

3. Cut pumpkin shapes from orange and brown paper and staple them to the board.

4. You can also cut leaf and acorn shapes from different colors of paper or use silk fall leaves. (Pattern available to members only.)

5. To make the scarecrow use the pattern above.

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Happy Harvest Picture


What you will need:

Printer Paper

Crayon, Markers or Colored Pencils


What to do:

1. Print out the pattern and have your children color it.

Member's happy harvest picture for members

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Fall Poem Activity and Craft

Happy Harvest Activity Sheet from www.daniellesplace.com


What you will need:

Fall Colors construction Paper


White paper

Crayons or Colored Pencils



What to do:

1. Print out the patterns sheets and cut out the shapes.

Member's fall harvest picture pattern

2. In class have your children write a fall poem on the frame and glue onto the middle of a sheet of construction paper, and then glue the fall pictures around the sides of the paper.

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Paper Bag Garden Scarecrow

Paper Scarecrow Craft from www.daniellesplace.com

What you will need:


Brown Grocery Bags

Brown Lunch Bag

Paper Bowl

Construction Paper




Paint and Markers


How to Make the Paper Bag Garden Scarecrow:

1. To make the main stake, roll up 6 sheets of newspaper to make a tight roll. Roll another sheet of newspaper around the roll and tape it closed. For the arms, roll up 5 sheets of newspaper to make a tight roll. Roll another sheet of paper around the roll and tape it closed. Glue or tape the arms across the main stake to make a cross shape.

2. To make the head stuff a brown lunch bag with crinkled up newspapers. Place the top of the bag on the top of the main stake and gather it around the stake. Tape it to the stake. Draw a face on the bag.

3. To make the clothes. Open up some brown grocery bags and flatten them. Place the scarecrow frame on the grocery bags. Draw around the frame to make an outline of a shirt and pants. Draw the outline at least 3" from the edge of the frame. Cut out the shirt and pants shapes and use them to trace another pattern for the back of the shirt and pants. Paint a design on the shirt and pants and then glue or staple the front and back shapes to each other onto the frame. Leave the arm holes and leg holes open.

4. To make the straw for the hands, feet, and hair. Fold a piece of yellow construction paper in half lengthwise. Cut slits down the short length of the folded paper, but do not go all way through stop about 2" before you get to the fold. Roll the paper up and crinkle up the cut paper slightly. Place some glue on the folded end and shove them into the arms. Glue or staple some straw in the arm and leg holes, and around the neck, and on the head.

5. To make the hat, lay another grocery bag out flat on a table. Place a paper bowl in the center of the bag. Trace around the edge of the bowl and then draw a large circle around the bowl. Cut out the circle and the inter circle. Glue the circle onto the hat. Paint the hat and glue it to the head.

6. To display your scarecrow, pound a stake into the ground and slide the scarecrow on the stake.

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