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How to Make Crafts Relating to Flowers and Plants


Dandelion Seed Head Chain Craft

Dandelion Seed Head Chain Craft for Children

What you will need:

Dandelion Heads that Have Closed After Blooming (You should be able to see white at the openings.)

Heavy Duty Thread

Large Needle



What to do:

1. Cut off the heads of dandelions that have closed after blooming. Try to find ones that are all at the same stage of development.

2. Cut a length of heavy duty thread and thread it through a needle.

3. Poke the needle through each dandelion head. You can go side to side or down through the middle because both methods work fine.

4. Separate the heads so they are about three inches apart or have room to expand and hang the chain in an area that is free from a breeze. Wait and watch to see the dandelions open.

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Paper Towel Flower Craft for Kids

Paper Towel Flower Craft

These flowers are easy to make and inexpensive. They can be used to decorate for any holiday. Preschool children will even enjoy painting them with eye droppers.

What you will need:

Thick, Heavy Duty, White, Square Paper Towels


Pretty Buttons

Gems or Pompoms

Water Color Paints


flower craft 1

How to Make Paper Towel Flower Craft:

1. Make sure your paper towel is square. Find the center of the paper towel by folding the paper towel in half and then in half the other way. Unfold the paper towel. The lines meet in the center.

2. Fold each corner in towards the center to form a new square. (See picture to the right.)

3.Then fold each new corner in towards the center again.(See picture to the right.)

flower craft 2

4. Turn the folded paper towel over and fold the corners in towards the center again. Glue down the four points at the center. Place a button or something decorative in the center and glue it down.

5. To form the flower petals use your thumb to press in on one of the corners while reaching around to the back and pulling up and out on the pointed flap. Do this to all four corners. (See picture to the right.)

flower craft 3

6. Then pull the four remaining corners on the back to form four more petals. (See picture to the right.)

7. Paint with water colors or eye droppers. (See picture to the right.)

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Paper Flowers

 paper flower craft 2
paper flower craft 3
paper flower craft 1

What you will need:

Colored Paper

Patterned Paper such as Origami Paper, Scrapbooking Paper, and/or Wrapping Paper

Paper Glue such as Elmer's Rubber Cement



Pompoms and other Decorative Items


paper flower craft 4

How to Make Paper Flowers:

1. Print out the directions to make the Dover Garden Flowers Coloring Book "Six-Petal Flowers and the Eight-Petal Flowers.

Eight-Petal Flower Directions

2. Study the shapes and arrangements of the petals of different kinds of flowers and try to cut the petals from paper to match the flowers you have observed.

3. Cut paper into different sized squares from 3" x 3" to 9" x 9". Fold the paper and cut according to the directions. Overlap different shapes and sizes of flowers you have cut to make more complex flowers. Experiment with different color combinations.

4. When you are satisfied with your design, glue everything together using paper glue.

5. Embellish the flowers with button, sequins, glitter glue, etc.

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Origami Flower Arrangement in a Paper Mache Vase

craft origami glower arrangement in paper mache vase

What you will need:

1. Origami Flowers Kit by Michael G. LaFoose - This kit includes the directions and origami paper you will need to make the flowers. (See the link at the right.)

2. Green Chenille Stems (Pipe Cleaners)

3. Small Box for the Vase or Cardboard

4. Different Colors of Tissue Paper

5. White Glue


How to make:

1. Make origami flowers according to the directions in the books or find directions online.

2. Put dabs of glue on the ends of your chenille stems. Poke a hole in the bottom of the flowers with the glued end of the chenille stems and insert the stems about 1/2 inch.

3. To make the vase tear different colors of tissue paper into about one-inch shapes. Cut the end off a small box or make your own from cardboard.

Add some water to make white glue a little runny. Coat the outside of the box with the white glue mixture with a paint brush. Stick the tissue paper all of the box smoothing it out as you go. To finish coat the box again over the tissue paper layer and add more tissue paper shapes to cover any places where the cardboard shows through.

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