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How to Make Crafts and Learning Activities for Children Relating to Labor Day, educational crafts for labor day and to teach about important jobs


Important Jobs Color Sheets

Important Jobs Coloring Sheets for Labor Day

Labor Day is a day we honor those who make the world a better place through their hard work. Print out the color sheets and make copies. Have your children pick one to color and then explain how they think this job might be important and how it makes the world a better place to live in.

The color sheets are available to members only and as an instant download.

Members Important Jobs Coloring Sheets

Instant Digital Download - $2.00 Instant digital download - Labor Day Coloring Sheets - Six coloring sheets including: Fireman, Carpenter, Gardener, Chef, Farmer and Mother.



Parade of Animals Labor Day Card Craft for Kids

Labor Day Card Craft

What you will need:





How to make:

1. Draw a picture of animals in a parade, (see example) or print out the patterns.

Member's Labor Day Cards pattern

2. Color the pictures and tape them together to make a long card.

3. Write a message on the card such as "Thank you for all you do."

4. To finish, fan fold the card.

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Occupation Charades

Place your children into teams of twos and give each child a piece of paper with a description of the work being performed. Let the teams take turns acting out the scene and have the other children guess what they are doing. Remind your children that they can't say anything while they are acting out the story.

1. Teacher teaching a student.

2. Doctor examining a patient.

3. Window washers.

4. Taxi car driver taking someone some place.

5. Office work1ers answering phone and typing.

6. Fast food worker and customer.

7. Grocery store clerk and someone buying food.

8. Garbage men picking up trash.

9. Delivery truck driver delivering package to home.

10. Repair man coming to a person's home to repair something.

11. Construction workers building a house.

12. Assembly line workers.

13. Cooks in a fast food restaurant.

14. Lifeguard and a swimmer.

15. Police officer arresting someone.

16. Crossing guard and student.

17. Mother feeding baby bottle and burping baby.

18. Gymnastics instructor and student.

19. Coach and student.

20. Farmer feeding animals.

21. Firemen fighting a fire.

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Jobs People Do


Clothesline Clues to Jobs People Do

Clothesline Clues to Jobs People Do

Clothesline Clues to Jobs People Do - Can you identify the job a person does from the clothes he or she wears? Children are given two pages of clothes and equipment for each occupation from which they can try to identify the occupation. Turn the page and the person wearing the clothes and using the equipment is revealed.

Take time to ask your children what they think each item or tool is used for on the job. Ask them what occupation their father and mother perform, what they wear to work, and what tools they use to perform their jobs.