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Doily Sheep Craft

Sheep Craft - Doily Sheep Craft from www.daniellesplace.com


These printable patterns come in three different sizes for 4", 8", and 10" doilies. Use them as a craft for kids or for bulletin board displays.

Member's doily sheep patterns

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What you will need:

Doilies - Four-Inch Doilies, Eight-inch Doilies, and/or Ten-Inch Doilies, Combo Pack 12 each 4", 8" 10"

White Paper or Card stock

Pink Colored Pencil

Scissor and Glue




1. Print out the patterns that match the size doilies you are using. There are three different sizes of patterns for 4", 8", and 10" doilies.

2. Make copies of the patterns and cut them out.

3. Use a pink colored pencil to color in the ears, nose, and cheeks.

4. Glue the legs and head to the doily, and then glue on the ears. (You can also fold or cut off part of the doily to make a sheep that is standing sideways. Use one doily to cut a cloud-shapes for the fur on the heads of the sheep.

sheep head diagram

Glue the cut doily to the top of the sheep's head after attaching the ears.

Sheep Doily Craft

Výtvarné náměty a postupy pro děti made this craft.



Paper Plate Sheep Craft

Sheep paper plate craft

What you will need:

Two dinner-sized paper plates (heavy duty is best, but the cheap ones will work),

1 Snack-Sized Paper Plate

White Card Stock or Poster Board

Four, 5-ounce Dixie Cups

Red and White Paint

Hot Melt Glue Gun or Stapler

School Glue

Black Markers

Cotton Balls


How to Make the Sheep Paper Plate Craft:

1. Make the four legs first. Cut the side seams (the part of the cup that has been glue together) out of the cup and then squeeze the sides together rolling the sides over each other and glue them together with a hot melt glue gun. If you don't have a glue gun, staple them together. You want to make the top part of the cup much smaller. Do this for all four legs. Make a crease on both sides of the legs at the top of the cups so that the seams are on the bottom. Cut about one inch down on each side and slide them onto a dinner sized paper plate that is set upright so that the seams of the legs are facing down. Glue or staple them to the plate.

Paper cup legs
Paper cup legs

2. Turn another dinner sized paper plate upside down and glue or staple it on top of the plate with the feet.

3. Paint the feet black and let them dry while you work on the head.

4. To make the head paint the top side of a snack sized paper plate pink for the mouth and let dry. Fold it in half when it is dry so that the pink is inside.

5. Cut out two ears from poster board and glue them to the back of the head.

6. Glue the head onto the body as shown in the picture.

7. Glue cotton balls all over the sheep's body.

8. Draw eyes on a piece of card stock, cut them out and glue them to the head. Draw in the nose and mouth.



Sheep Learning Activities

Sheep Writing Sheet
Sheep Word List Printout from www.daniellesplace.com

Sheep Writing Activity Sheet and Word List

Member's Sheep World List Printable member's pattern

Have your children use this sheet to write facts about sheep, make a list of books they have read about sheep, or write a descriptive sentence about sheep.


Number 1 - 10 Bulletin Board Display Printouts

Counting Sheep Bulletin Board Printables from www.daniellesplace.com


Counting Sheep Numbers One - Ten Bulletin Board Display Printouts

Member's Counting Sheep Bulletin board display pattern

Read Russell the Sheep by Rob Scotton - The comic illustrations of Russell the Sheep and other animals along with the humorous story line will compel your children to read this book over and over. Russell the Sheep can't sleep so he tries everything he can think of to help him sleep from using a frog pillow to looking for a better place, but he has no luck until he has the brilliant idea to count things.

Check out Rob Scotton's web site for pictures from this book and others.



Sheep Bulletin Board Border

Printable Sheep Bulletin Board Boarder from www.daniellesplace.com


Member's Counting Sheep Bulletin board display pattern



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