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How to Make Crafts and Activities Relating to Sheep



Macaroni Sheep Craft for Kids

Macaroni Sheep Craft

1. Print out the Pattern provided onto card stock (heavy paper).

Member's Member's Macaroni Sheep Craft

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2. In class have the children color the sheep picture and then glue macaroni noodles onto the sheep. When they are done gluing they can paint the noodles white.



Desert Bighorn Sheep

Children may need help cutting this pattern out, but they will love coloring it to look like a real bighorn sheep.

What you will need:

Cardstock (Heavy paper)

Colored Pencils

Tape and Scissors


3D Bighorn Sheep Craft from www.daniellesplace.com

How to Make the 3D Bighorn Sheep Craft:

1. Print out the patterns and color them. The head pattern comes with an extra set of heads so if you want to use the extra set, you will have to print out two body patterns for each head pattern.

Member's bighorn sheep pattern

2. Cut the patterns out. Fold the body pattern in half and tape a head on both side of the body matching up the heads.

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Wooden Wooly Sheep

What you will need:

2 Craft Sticks (Cut in Half)

1/2 of a Jumbo Craft Stick

Craft Spoon

One-inch Wooden Tear Drop Shape

3/4" Wooden Egg Shape for the Ear

Black Acrylic Paint

Tiny Googly Eyes

Lumpy Off-white Yarn


How to Make the Craft Stick Wooly Sheep:

1. Print out the pattern and use it to assemble the sheep with hot melt glue.

Member's Member's craft stick  Sheep Craft

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2. Paint the legs and face black and let dry.

3. Wrap yarn around the body and glue to secure the end.

4. Glue on the egg shape ear.



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