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Fan-folded Train Book and Learning Activity

Train Fan-folded Book Craft

Member's Member's pattern train

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Use this folding train book as an educational tool to review numbers, letters, words, or for writing activities. You can make the train as long as you want by adding more cars. The printable patterns come in two different page sizes: 2.5" x 3" and 3.5" x 4.25". Train track patterns that bend to the right, left and are straight are also included with this craft.



Train and Train Track Learning Activity

Train Craft and Learning Activities


Train Craft and Hands-on Learning Activities

Learn About Trains through Creative Play

Children love creating and playing with these trains. Help them set up train tracks, railroad crossing signs, and depots to deliver goods or people to different locations. They can also create train tickets for their passengers.

Train patterns include: Train Engine, Train Cars, Caboose, Train Tracks and Train Signs.

Member's Member's pattern train

Instant Digital Download - Train Craft Pattern



Oatmeal Box Train Craft Patterns

Oatmeal Box Train Craft and Learning Activity

What you will need:

Oatmeal Box and one other box about the same width and length as the oatmeal box

Large Cereal Box

Small Shoe Boxes for the Box Cars

Craft Foam or Colored Masking Tape

Heavy Paper

Oatmeal box train craft

What to do:

1. To make the engine glue the oatmeal box on top of another box that is about the same width and length of the oatmeal box. Glue the large cereal box to the oatmeal and other box as shown in the picture.

2. Cover the boxes with colored masking tape or craft foam. Cover the bottom four inches of the box with black craft foam or black masking tape, or paint it black.

3. Print out the wheel patterns and glue them to the bottom of the box.

Member's Member's pattern train

Instant Digital Download - Train Craft Pattern

4. Print out the cow catcher pattern onto card stock (heavy paper), fold it in half and then fold back the tabs on the side. Glue it to the front of the train.

5. To finish you can cut out windows or just glue black squares on the box to look like windows. You can also glue a piece of craft foam across the top of the tall box for a roof.

Paper Engineer's hat craft for kids

6. To make the box cars glue the top of the lid of the shoe box to the bottom of the shoe box to make it higher. Glue 2 1/2" of black craft foam or tape all the way around the bottom of the box. Then print out the wheel patterns and glue them over the tape.

7. To connect the box cars and the engine glue or tie a piece of rope to the back of each car. Tie a knot at the end of the rope, and make a notch at the front of each box car so that the rope and knot can be slipped into the notch to connect the cars and slipped out of the notch to disconnect them.

8. To make the paper engineer's hat go to the Hat Crafts and Learning Activities Page for a printable pattern.

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Paper Train Display Printables

You can use this train to help your children learn many things. Overtime they learn something new they can add another car to their train. For instance, if your children are learning words, each time they learn a new word, they can write the word on a train car and add it to their train. Children glue on the train windows and wheels to make a new train car when they complete an activity.

Paper Train Craft

What you will need:

Different Colors of Paper




How to Make Train Craft:

1. Print out the patterns for the engine, cars, and caboose onto colored paper.

Member's Paper Train Craft

Free Digital Download Train Craft Pattern

2. Cut out the patterns. Use the wheel patterns and window patterns to cut shapes from black and yellow paper.

Suggested Activities

1. Give each child a train car, have them glue on the windows and wheels and write their names on the car. Display the complete train with all your students names on the wall. You can have the children place them in alphabetical order, count how many classmates they have, have them write something about themselves on the cars, or line up in the same order as the cars.


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