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"God Made Me" Bible Lesson Series On The Resource Room

This series of lessons is available on The Resource Room to members only. To view the complete lessons go to the "God Made Me" Series of Lessons on The Resource Room. This series includes material for home school and preschool including math and reading review games, art ideas, cooking, and science.




Crafts and Ideas Relating to the Complete Creation Story -




Creation Day 1 - "Let There Be Light" Bible Lesson on The Resource Room

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Creation Day 2 - God Creates the Sky Crafts and Learning Activities

See the Crafts for Day 2 of Creation Page



Creation Day 3 - God Made the Earth, Seas, Plants, Trees, and Flowers Craft and Activity Ideas

See the Crafts for Day 3 of Creation Page



We used (the lesson) Jesus is my best friend in my 1-2 year old class today. It went very well. They loved making the finger puppets. We did the books marks & color sheets too. They acted out the story with their puppets after we finished making them. All during the time I was in the choir, they were playing with them. The other children were taking them away from the little ones. One of the parents made a remark about what I was doing with the children. They said the crafts that we did really got their child to talking about what we did in Sunday School. He could even tell them about the lesson & was so amazed at what he was doing. I give GOD & you the credit. Muryrl



Creation Day 4 - God Made the Moon, Stars, and Sun Craft and Activity Ideas

See the Crafts for Day 4 of Creation Page



I just wanted to let you know how much I've enjoyed using your ideas for children’s church. I've used lessons from primary for my class and lessons from preschool for my little girls preschool class, the children have enjoyed everything we've done. My preschooler enjoyed the lesson on soul food, she proudly showed her granddaddy her sack of food and told him all about it. I want to thank you for your website, it is such a help to me when preparing lessons. I work, homeschool, teach childrens church and we have an outreach to underprivileged kids on Wed. so I need all the help I can get. Thanks again. Sharron



Creation Day 5 - God Made the Birds and Sea Animals

See the Crafts for Day 5 of Creation Page


I have really enjoyed getting the subscription to the resource room. For a long while I had enjoyed the craft ideas and things-sharing them with my daughters who are both teachers in Christian school. Now I am teaching Sunday School and I have really appreciated your site. This August we will be having VBS at the small church where my husband is pastoring and your site has been a great resource for me. We will be using many ideas. Tomorrow I am doing The Lord is My Rock lesson for the class. (I should have checked the web site earlier and I would have done the Independence Day lesson, but instead I have printed it out for my husband to use with ideas for the Children's Sermon.) For our craft tomorrow I am having the children write JESUS on a small rock with colored glue and then glue it on a red construction paper circle with Psalm 18:2 written around the edge. I found the lesson very meaningful. Thanks, Janet



Creation Day 6 - God Made the Animals Craft and Activity Ideas


See the Crafts for Day 6 of Creation Page



The Seven Days of Creation - Outreach Activities

Set up six stations (one for each day of creation) and have the kids rotate between them. Each station should have a sign stating which day it is and what was created.


Day #1: Light and Darkness

1. Make Sun Prints - Use blueprint paper from the educational supply store, the type of paper that exposes in light. Sent in by Cheri

2. Play a Memory Game - Make cards out of black construction paper. On one side write a different word "Night" or "Day" with a white crayon making equal number of "day" and "night" cards. I told the kids God Created night and day and so they had to match one "night" and one "day" card for fun. This was on a card table so they could all gather around it. Sent in by Diana Romberg

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Day #2: Sky and Water

1. Play a Water Game - Have the children run a relay race with a water-balloon balanced on a large plastic glass. If the balloon falls, the child is allowed to pick it up, but if it brakes, the child has to go back for another balloon. Sent in by Cheri

2. Relay Race - We filled a bowl outside and had the kids fill up their spoons and run it to the other end of the yard trying to fill up their respective teams cups. Sent in by Diana Romberg

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Day #3: Dry Land and Plants

1. Make Tissue Paper Flowers - Layer 4 sheets of tissue, folding like fan, tying in the middle, and shaping. Sent in by Cheri

2. Play "Pin the Fruit on the Tree" - For this game I made a tree out of poster board and had the kids "Pin the Fruit on the Tree" like "Pin the Tail on the Donkey", but with double sticky tape on the fruit. (There is removable double sticky tape now, so if you want to recycle the game for later use, you can use that without ruining the tree. Sent in by Diana Romberg

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Day #4: Sun and Moon

1. Face Painting - Paint suns and moons on the children’s faces. Sent in by Cheri

2. Toss Game - I took a sun and moon that I made out of construction paper and glued them to a box lid. I had the kids toss those glow in the dark plastic stars, to see if they could get their stars closer to the moon. (Much like the game boule: which
you try and get your ball as near to the jack (the small red one) as you can.) The lip of the box lid kept the stars from flying all over the place. Sent in by Diana Romberg

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Day #5: Animals

1. Create Animals from Balloons - Get a book on how to make balloon animals. Or you can use pink balloons and use a permanent marker to make pigs. They're easy to create. They have pointy ears (two sides of a triangle), two dots for eyes, a circle with two dots for a snout, and a curly tail. Sent in by Cheri

2. Flip Game - we played game I found at the dollar store where you flip a lever and get these plastic fish into a preformed net. I included a picture because I couldn't describe it any better. Sent in by Diana Romberg

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Day #6: Man

1. Human Obstacle Course - The race course can consist of jumping over legs, running around a human pole, playing leap frog, etc. Sent in by Cheri

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Day #7: Rest

1. Snack Time - Get back together and pass out snacks and lemonade. Sent in by Cheri

Also see the Bible Themes Page - Creation for more craft and activiity ideas.

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