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Darwin's Frog with Baby in it's Mouth Educational Craft for Kids

Frog Craft - Darwin's Frog Paper Plate Craft and Leaning Activity from

Read The Mystery of
Darwin's Frog
and learn about this amazing little frog.


This amazing frog is famous because it is the only known species to raise it's young in it's vocal sacs or mouth. Discovered by Charles Darwin in 1834 in Chile the little frog is endangered due to a frog-killing fungus that is sweeping across South America. Have your children watch video's and read books about this frog and then make the frog craft.

What you will need:

Dinner-sized Paper Plates and Snack-sized Paper Plates, Green, Pink, and White Paint (or other colors), Sscissors, and Glue.

How to Make the Paper Plate Frog Craft:

Darwin's Frog Head Diagram1. To make the frog's mouth and head fold a paper plate in half and cut 2-inch slits on both sides of paper plate at the fold. Fold up the corners at the slits on the back of the paper plate. Fold back the corners on the front of the paper plate at the slits so they go to the back and over the back flaps. Glue them down. Crease the front center of the paper plate to make the frog's snout. Paint the head using a dark color for the outside and lighter color for the inside of the mouth. (Note - You don't have to fold down the sides of the head. This just make the mouth so it opens better.)

2. To make the body cut about one inch off one side of a paper plate. The cut edge is the bottom of the body. Darwin's frogs come in different colors such as brown, green and white. Study different pictures of the frog and decide what color you would like to make your frog. Then paint it to look like a Darwin frog.

3. Glue the head of the frog onto the body as shown in the picture.

4. Draw legs, arms, and the eye things on green paper as shown in the picture above. (Printable Patterrns for this craft are available to members.) Glue them to body.

Tadpole Diagram5. Draw eyes on a piece of white paper, cut them out, and glue them to the frog. (A Printable Pattern for the eyes is available to members.)

6. To make the tadpoles draw an "S" across the width of a snack-sized paper plate and cut on the line. This will make two tadpoles. Paint the tadepoles and then glue on eyes. (Printable patterns for the eyes, and tadpoles are available to members.)

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How to Use the Craft:

1. Learning Activity - Use the tadpoles to reinforce what your children have learned about Darwin's frog. Have them write facts about the frog on the underside of the tadpoles and place them in the frog's mouth.

2. Bulletin Board Display - Use the tadpoles and frog as a bulletin board display. Have each child write a fact about Darwin's frog on a piece of paper and tack it to your bulletin board with a tadpole.

3. Watch National Geographic Video "The World's Weirdest: Frog Father "Spits Out" Young


Paper Plate Frog Craft for Kids

Frog Paper Plate Bible Craft for Sunday School  www.daniellesplace.comWhat you will need:

Dinner-sized Paper Plates

Pink or Red Construction Paper

White and Green Paper or Green Foam Sheets

Ceramcoat Acrylic Paint - Lime Sorbet

Tacky Glue or Elmer's Tacky Glue


How to make the Paper Plate Frog:

1. Fold a paper plate in half. Paint the outside green and the inside black. Cut a red tongue from construction paper. Draw feet and legs on green construction paper and cut them out. Draw eyes on white printer paper and cut them out. (Patterns for the feet and eyes are available to members only.)

2. Glue the legs and feet to the bottom of the folded paper plate as shown. Glue the tongue to the inside. Glue the eyes on the top.

You will find fun spelling and reading games to go with this craft in the Educational Crafts section of this site.

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Frog Milk Jug Tabletop Garbage Container


Frog Garbage Can Craft from www.daniellesplace.comWhat you will need:

Green Tissue Paper, Ceramcoat Acrylic Paint - Lime Sorbet, or Green Spray Paint

Green Foam Sheets

Low Temp Mini Glue Gun

Printer Paper

Tacky Glue or Elmer's Tacky Glue

Scissors with sharp point or knife, Duck Tape and a Paint Brush


How to Make This Toady Awesome Craft:

1. Wash and dry the plastic milk jug. Cut a line from side to side at the top of the jug about one inch below where the jug starts to form the top of the jug as shown in the picture.

2. Cut a one inch section from the handle so that the top of the jug can be bent back and the mouth opened. Tape the remaining handle together so that the mouth stays open.

3. You can add color different ways. Small pieces of crepe paper were glued to give this toad color. Add a small amount of water to white glue and paint it on the jug. Stick small pieces of crepe on top of the glue. Add more glue and over lap the pieces until the whole jug is covered. You may also want to add some to the inside of the jug. The belly of the toad is also made with crepe paper.

4. Cut arms, legs, and a lily pad from green fun foam and glue them to the jug.

5. The eyes where made with white fun foam and green googly eyes. The tongue was cut from red fun foam.

6. Print out the "Feed me!" sign pattern (PDF Pattern), cut out a sign and glue it to the frog's hands. (Printing Problems?)

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Paper Frog with Note Paper Bible Craft for Children


Frog Craft - Paper Frog Craft for Children from

These adorable little frogs can be used in many ways. The head is made from a folded piece of paper so that the mouth opens and closes. Children can create their own designs by adding features such as a tongue, spots, and pompom eyes, and coloring them different colors.

1. Cards or Invitations - Write a message inside the frog's mouth or on a note card and place it in the frog's mouth to make unique frog invitations and cards.

2. Frog Study Bulletin Board Display or Lapbook - Assign each child a different type of frog, have him write information about that type of frog on the note papers, and color the frog to match the frog he has studied. Make a bulletin board display using all the frogs.

3. Bible Verse Holder - Have children make a frog and place a Bible verse in the frog's mouth to take home.

The patterns for this craft are available to members.

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Frog Coloring and Activity Sheet


Frog Coloring and Activity Sheet from Frog Coloring and Activity Sheet from

Types of Frogs - Explore different types of frogs with your students and have them color the frogs on the activity sheet to match the frogs you have studied. Have them write the names of the frogs next to the pictures of the frogs.

The patterns for this craft are available to members.

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Sock Tadpole

Sock Tadpole Craft for Kids from www.daniellesplace.comYou can find the directions for this craft on the Sock Crafts For Kids Page.

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Printable Frog Book


Frog Prinatable Book"Froggy Has Some Legs!" shows the stages of a frog from tadpole to maturity and is narrated with short rhyming text. It includes facts about the difference between frogs and toads, and a page on which your child can add even more frog facts.

Froggy Has Some Legs!

Froggy has some legs!
He used to be my tadpole,
and I kept him in a bowl.
But now that he's a frog,
He swims in my pool!
Don't you think that's cool?

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This book is available to members only.


Frog on a Lily Pad with Paper Flower

Frog on Lily Pand Rock Craft from www.daniellesplace.comWhat you will need:

Smooth River Rocks

Heavy Duty Paper Plates

Ceramcoat Acrylic Paint - Lime Sorbet

Creative Ceramcoat Acrylic - Green

Tacky Glue - Low Temp Mini Glue Gun

Wiggle Eyes

Sharpie Permanent Markers

Green Foam Sheets


How to Make this Frog on a Lily Pad:

1. Paint a smooth rock and the back of the paper plate green and let it dry. When the paint is dry use markers or paint to add details.

3. Glue on eyes.

4. Cut out feet shapes from craft foam or green cards stock as shown in the picture above (or use the pattern that is available to members). Glue the rock on top of the feet and then glue the frog on the paper plate.  Use a black marker to draw in the mouth.

5. To make the lily flower cut four flower shapes from paper each one smaller than the next. To make the inside of the flower color a small rectangle shape yellow on both sides. Cut slits down the length of the rectangle about half way to the other side. Roll up the rectangle and glue it closed on the uncut side.

6. Glue the flower pieces together by overlapping the center of each piece in the center. Then glue the flower together one on top of the other. Cut the end of the rolled up rectangle and glue it to the center of the flower. (Patterns for the lily are avaialbe to members.)

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Read it! Read it! Read it! Frog Bookmarks

read it frog bookmark craftEncourage your children to read more books about Froggy by Jonathan London and have them use this frog bookmark to keep track of how many books they have read. Have them color a frog each time they read a book about frogs. You can give them a frog prize when they have colored in all three frogs.

To view pictures of the books Jonathan London has written go to his web site. You will also find a printable connect-the-dots work sheet, a hidden picture activity sheet, and which-picture-is-different activity sheet.

The pattern for this bookmark is available to members only. Just click on the link.

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Folded Frog Desk Calendar Craft

Frog CalendarThis craft can be used any time of the year and would make great Christmas gifts.

What you will need:

Card stock (Heavy Paper)


Colored Pencils or Highlighter Markers


How to Make the Frog Desk Calendar Craft:

1. Print out calendar pages that are about 2 1/2" square and cut them apart. (A pattern for the calendar pages is available to members.)

2. Cut card stock 4 1/4" wide by 10" and fold it into a triangle shape as shown in the picture. (A pattern is available to members.) Glue the triangle shape together.

3. Draw pictures to glue to the top of the calendar or use stickers or pictures from other sources.

4. Glue the calendar pages to the triangle shape.

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Frog Math Activities

You can find lots of frog related math activities on the Education Math Crafts and Activities Page.


Sunday School Lessons with Frogs on The Resource Room

"God Will Help Me" (Lesson for Younger Children)

Sunday School Bible Craft frog bulletin board displayIn this lesson children learn about Moses and the plagues of Egypt. They learn that God helped the Israelites escape from Egypt and he will help them.  This lesson uses the frog theme.  Children can make a paper plate frog that hold's the memory verse in his mouth, a rock frog on a paper plate lily pad, or a Bible verse pyramid. They can play pass the frog beanbag game, musical chairs lily pad game, or find out what the Bible verse is by taking things out of Froggy's mouth. They will be amazed at the things Froggy has eaten besides the words to the Bible verse. A bulletin board display also comes wit this lesson.

This lesson is available on The Resource Room a subscription site.

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Sunday School Bible Craft Egyptian Collar"God will Help You" - "The Plagues of Egypt" (Lesson for Older Children)

In this lesson your children pretend they are Egyptians or Israelites.  They "experience" some of the same plagues the Egyptians and Israelites experienced and learn how God showed his power and helped the Israelites escape from Egypt. They color paper Egyptian beaded collars to be used by the Egyptians during the interactive lesson. The teacher uses paper gnats, grasshoppers, and flies during the lesson to reenact the plagues. They play Bible Verse Leap Frog to study the Bible verse.

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Leap into Learning! Bulletin Board Display

leap into learning bulletin board display frog craftThis bulletin board is found on the Members Only Section of Danielle's Place.

Go to Froggy Goes to School Crafts and Learning Activities for Children.



Good Books About Frogs, Toads, and Tadpoles


Look Out for the Big Bad Fish! Children's Book

Look Out for the Big Bad Fish! by Sheridan Cain

It's a beautiful summer day, but Tadpole isn't happy. Tadpole wants to be able to leap and jump like his mother and the lamb who comes to the pond to drink. They tell him that he will be able to jump when he gets a little older, but Tadpole wants to jump now. Throughout the summer he meets other creatures that can jump, and he wishes he could jump like them. Finally one day he meets the Big Bad Fish. Tadpole asks the fish if he can jump. The fish boomed, "No, but I do eat tadpoles! Tadpole leaped so high that he leapt higher than the lamb, the rabbit, and the grasshopper. He leapt all the way back home to his mom.

Learning Activities

1. How Far Can You Jump? - Draw a line somewhere that you can leave it permanently such as in your garage or basement. Have your child stand behind the line and jump as far as he can. Draw a mark on the place he landed and write a date on the line. Tell your child that you will measure how far he can jump every couple of weeks to see how fast he is growing.

2. Make a torn-paper collage - The artist of this book used torn paper to make the illustrations.


"Froggy Goes to School" Paper Doll Activity

dress the frog activityForggy Goes to School by Jonathan LondonThis activity goes with the book Froggy Goes to School by Jonathan London.

Children color the frog and then pick the clothes outline that best matches what they are wearing on their first day of school, color the patterns to match what they are wearing, cut them out, and then glue them onto the frog picture.

The pattern for this activity is available to members only on the Froggy Goes to School Crafts and Learning Activities for Children

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"Working Frog" Zoo Display Learning Activity

working frog zoo display craftworking frog book pictureChildren pretend to be a zookeepers and keep records of the zoo's animals.

This activity goes with the book Working Frog by Nancy Winslow Parker

What you will need: A large card board box, artificial leaves, blue plastic wrap or blue material, rocks, twigs or branches, clear plastic wrap, tape, paper, pencil, scale, ruler, and scissors.
Shop for Craft Supplies at S&S Worldwide

How to make:

1. Read the book "Working Frog" by Nancy Winslow Parker - This book is about a frog that is captured and taken to a zoo to work in an exhibit. It is a great book for children to learn about the behind the scene workings of a zoo.

2. Make the Frog Beanbag above for your habitat - You can let your child be creative and pick any color he would like, make up a make-believe species, and name his frog. Or you can use this project as an activity to learn more about specific frog species. Study different types of frogs and make a frog that looks like one of the frogs you study. You can even make more than one type of frog.

Your child can pretend to capture the frog and bring him to the zoo. Fill out the card with information about his frog like the zookeeper did in the book. Include the place or origin, who caught the frog, and the date. He can also pretend to examine the frog, weigh him, and measure him, and write the information on a card. You can make up your own forms or use the forms available to members only on the Activities and Crafts for Popular Children's Books Page for Members Only.

3. Make a frog exhibit - Find a large box and help your child cut the sides out to look like an aquarium leaving about one inch on all edges. Leave the flaps on the top. Let your child use different materials to make the display. Discuss what would be found in a pond habitat. You can also get books about pond habitats at the library so that you have pictures to work from. When the exhibit is done, place the frog inside. Make a form to be place on the tank like the one pictured in the book. Include the tank number, temperature, name of the animal and the acquisition number from the first form that was filled out. Also make a feeding table including the date fed, diet, what he ate that day, and any notes about the animal. (This form is available to members only on the Educational Science Activities Page.)

This activity can also be used with live animals. You can create a whole zoo with animals such as hermit crabs, preying mantis, ladybugs, frogs, crickets, worms, caterpillars, gerbils, spiders, etc.

You can also find more activities for this book on the Activities and Crafts for Popular Children's Books Page for Members Only.

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Frog Beanbags

Frog Bean Bag Craft www.daniellesplace.comWhat you will need:

Felt Squares

Craft Foam Shapes

Pompoms (optional)

Googly eyes

Low Temp Mini Glue Gun

Tacky Glue or Elmer's Tacky Glue


Rice or Dried Beans to Fill the Bean Bags


How to make Frog Beanbags:

1. Print out the pattern (PDF Pattern) for the body and legs and cut them out. Use them to cut the shapes from felt.

2. Glue the legs and arms to one of the body shapes as shown in the picture. Glue the other body piece on top of the piece with the legs and arms attached. Leave an opening at the back of the frog.

3. Fill the body with bean, rice, popcorn, or fiberfill. Glue the body closed.

4. You can glue googly eyes to pompoms and then glue the pompoms onto the frog or just glue googly eyes onto the frog without using the pompoms.

5. Decorate the frog with fun foam shapes, beads, pieces of cut up felt, buttons, or anything else you can find.

How to Print or Copy these instructions.

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Good Books About Frogs


What Did I Look Like When I Was a Baby?

Animals around the world asks their mothers what they looked like when they were babies. Each mom says pretty much the same thing until a frog asks his mom. When the little frog finds out he looked nothing like what he does now he is angry and confused. But when he hears his brothers and sisters singing a song about little bullfrog babies he feels much happier because he realizes that all frogs were once tadpoles.

Their is a cute song about frogs at the end of this book that your children will love singing.



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