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"Consider the Ants" Free Sample Sunday School lesson for Children

Proverbs 6:6-8 - Go to the Ants Bible Lesson Crafts and Activities



Consider the Ants Bible Lesson

Consider the Ants Bible Lesson


The following lessons is a sample lesson in the series of twenty-four lessons using the alphabet and animals to teach biblical concepts to preschool through elementary-age children. This curriculum can be adapted to the age and ability of your children. The ABC lessons are design for Sundays school and homeschool. Ggo to the ABC, I Believe Lessons for Homeschool and ABC, I Believe Lessons for Sunday School.

ABC, I Believe Home School Ant lesson pattern

ABC, I Believe Sunday School Ant lesson pattern


Bible Reference:

Proverbs 6:6-8

Printable Bible Verse Cards:

(Younger children) Print out onto card stock, write the Bible verse on the cards and make copies. (Available to members.)

Dictionary word:

(Older Children)

Sluggard (slug): a person who does not like to do any kind of work, but likes to sleep or be idle all the day long, a lazy person.

Teaching Concept:

We can learn from the ants and become wise. The ants do their work even when they don't have someone telling them what to do or checking up on them.


Early Arrivals Activity


Make Thumbprint Ants Bible Verse Picture

Ant Bible Verse Activity Sheet

What you will need:


Black Washable Ink


Large Grit Sandpaper

Black Marker

What to do:

1. Have your children draw an anthill on a piece of paper or use the printable pattern.

Member's pattern

Instant Download Instant Download - Ant Activity Sheet

2. Have them color the picture, and then place sandpaper behind the picture and rub the edge of a crayon over the surface to make the bumpy sand effect.

3. Then have them press the tips of their fingers on an ink pad and press them on the paper to make the ants, and then add legs and antennae with a marker.


Color a Picture of an Ant with Bible Verse

Ant Bible Verse Coloring and Activity Sheet

1. Print out the Color Sheet.

2. Have the children color it. Children would also enjoy sprinkling glitter over the sand on the anthill to make it look more like sand.

Comment from a subscriber: I wanted to share this with you — when using your ant picture instead of using sand, I just cut up pieces of sandpaper and the kids just picked their shapes and sizes and glued it on the anthill. Kristin


Working Ant 3D Activity Sheet with Bible Verse

Use this activity sheet to talk to your students about the lesson, or to discover what they know about ants. Children color the picture of the ant working, and then place a paper leaf in the ant's mouth.

Member's pattern

Instant Digital Download - Instant Download - Ant Activity Sheet



Study Ants

Set up an ant farm. Watch the ants work. Go for a walk and look for ants. What are they doing? Follow them back to their homes. At the beginning of class set out a plate of different foods near an anthill. At the end of class go out and check up on the plate to see if any ants have come for a meal. What did they like best?



The Lesson


Preparation: Before class set up a ant trail in a separate room or down the hall. At the end of the trail hide pieces of paper with one each of the following words written on them. "We can do our work without being told to do it." Write numbers on the backs of the paper in the order of the sentence so you will know where to place each word.

Have you ever stopped to watch a colony of ants next to their anthill? What did you see? (Let your children share their thoughts.)

You probably saw the ants scurrying around in all different directions going in and out of the anthill, bringing in bits of animal parts, seeds, and other things and bringing out little rocks and plant materials. They all seem to be doing something.

Did you ever see any of the ants just sitting around watching the other ants work? Did you ever see an ant just sitting there waiting for someone to tell her what to do? No. Every colony of ants has a queen ant, but she doesn't tell the other ants what to do. She doesn't organize them or give them pep talks. She's too busy laying eggs. She lays eggs all day long.

All the ants in the colony have a job to do. There are lots of things to do in an ant colony. Some of the ants help take care of the larva or baby ants. The anthill has to be kept clean and in good repair. New quarters have to be built as the colony grows. The anthill has to be protected. Some of the ants have to go out and find food and then carry it back to the nest. All the ants have a job to do and they do it. They don't worry about whose doing what or how hard they're working. They see something that needs to be done and they do it.

They don't need someone to tell them it is time to get to work, or remind them what has to be done. They just do whatever they can to keep the colony going. What would happen if the ants didn't do this? They probably wouldn't get much done. What if a little ant saw some garbage or trash laying on the floor of the colony and she said to herself, "I didn't put it there, so I'm not picking it up. I didn't make the mess, so I don't have to clean it up." The colony would soon become clogged with garbage, wouldn't it? God made the ants. He gave each one a job and they do it. They don't need someone telling them what to do all the time. They just do it.

Follow the Ant Trail to discover what the ants can teach Sunday School Activity from www.daniellesplace.com

Did you know that the Bible tells us that we can learn from these little ants?

(Open your Bible and read the verse.) In Proverbs 6:6 it says, "Go to the ant, thou sluggard; consider her ways, and be wise."

(Note: King Solomon referred to worker ants as females long before scientists disovered this fact.)

Now we are going to find out what the ants can teach us and how we can be wise. (Write on the board "What can we learn from the ants?"

An ant has left us a scent trail and the answer to this question. (Show the children the beginning of the trail.

Have one child at a time follow the trail and bring back one piece of paper with a word on it. While a child is following the trail have the other children try to figure out the answer to the question by reading the words that the children have already found. You can also ask them what they think we might be able to learn from the ants. Continue until all the words are brought back and they know the answer.)

Ants don't have anyone to guide them and tell them what to do. They don't have someone watching over them to make sure they do their jobs right. They know what they are supposed to do and they do it. They don't need someone to make sure they do it and do it right. This verse is telling us that we should be more like the ants. When we see something that needs to be done, we should do it. We shouldn't have to wait for someone to tell us to do it. If you see a crayon on the floor, you should pick it up. You know crayons don't belong on the floor and they can get stepped on and squished if they remain on the floor. Even if you didn't use the crayons, you should still pick it up because it needs to be picked up. You don't have to wait for your teacher to tell you to pick it up. You can be wise and decide for yourself that that is the right thing to do.

How many of you have chores? What kind of chores do you have? (Let the children respond.)

Do you wait for your mom or dad to tell you to do your chores, or do you do them because you know you have a job to do? Your parents shouldn't have to tell you to do your chores every day. You should try to remember what you are supposed to do and do it without someone having to tell you to do it or reminding you. The older you get the more jobs and responsibilities you will have. Your parents can't remind you every day to do everything you are supposed to do. A wise child will try to remember what he is supposed to do and do it without having to be told.

Can you think of some things that you are supposed to do that you can try to remember to do without having your parents tell you each time? (Let the children respond.) Here are some examples: make your bed, brush your teeth, comb your hair, pick up your toys when you are done playing, clean off the table after you are done eating, do your chores, etc. When you do these things without being told, you are being wise like the ant.

What are some of the jobs Jesus wants us to do? Show people we care, listen to others, share our faith, invite a friend to worship, help to keep the church clean, etc. Do we have to wait for someone to tell us to do these things? No, if we are wise we just do them because they need to be done.




Father, Help us to be more like the ants to get our work done without having to have someone tell us what to do all the time. Help us to be more responsible to do what we are supposed to do without having to be asked to do it. And to be aware of things that need to be done and do them even though we haven't been asked to do them. Help us to be diligent in our work, not to give up to easily when things get hard. Amen.




Make a Paper Ant

Paper Ant Bible Craft from www.daniellesplace.com

What you will need:

Black Poster Board

Black Chenille Stems

Wiggly Eyes



Hole Punch

How to Make a Paper Ant:

1. Before class print out the ant pattern and cut the shapes from black poster board. You will need two ant shapes per ant.

Member's pattern

Free Instant Download Ant Craft Pattern

ant craft diagram

2. Use one pattern to punch holes in the ant's body where indicated with very small hole punch. Don't use a hole punch that makes big holes. If you don't have a small hole punch, use a large needle. Put a white mark over the hole with some chalk so the children can find the hole. Punch holes for the antenna in the other body pattern.

3. Cut Chenille Stems in half for the legs. You will need two and one half pipe cleaners per ant.

4. Show the children how to stick the half Chenille stems through one hole on the side of the ants body and bring it under the body to the corresponding hole on the other side of the ants body. Show them how to bend the legs. Do this for the other two sets of holes. When all the Chenille stems are in place tape them down on the under side of the ant. Use the other half pipe cleaner for the antennas. Glue the two patterns together so that the pipe cleaners going across the pattern are on the inside. Don't glue the mouth closed. Tape the note in his mouth.

5. Glue wiggly eyes on the face.

6. Have your children write the Bible verse on sticky notes of cardstock and place it in the ant's mouth.


Ant Craft for Kids Made from Spoons and Pipe Cleaners

Ant Craft - Plastic Spoon Ant Craft from www.daniellesplace.com

What you will need:

Black or Red Plastic Spoons

Black or Red Chenille Stems (Pipe Cleaners)

Low Temp Mini Glue Gun


Wiggle Eyes

Sticky Note Paper or Cardstock Cut into Four Inch Square Pieces

How to Make a Plastic Spoon Ant:

1. Cut the cupped end of one spoon off leaving a short neck. Glue the cupped part onto the end of another spoon so that the end of that spoon is in the middle of the cupped part as shown in the diagram.

spoon ant diagram

2. To make the middle part of the ant thicker you can use the handle of the spoon you cut in half. Cut the handle to fit in the middle of the ant and glue it on.

3. Use three pipe cleaners to make the legs winding them around the middle of the ant. Then wind another pipe cleaner in between the legs to make the middle part thicker.

4. To finish glue on googly eyes.

5. Have your children write the Bible verse on sticky notes of cardstock and place it in the ant's mouth.

Members Ant Bible Verse Pattern

Free Ant Free Sample Ant Lesson

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"Things I Can Remember to Do" List

Ant List paper

Print out the ant paper and make copies. In class have the children make a list of things that they will try to remember to do without having to be reminded.

Member's pattern

Free Instant Download Free Ant Pattern

Review their list each day. When you see your child doing something without being told, you can compliment him and tell him what a good little ant he is being.

Preschool children will have a hard time remembering to do things without being asked, but you can give them little reminders during the day without actually asking them to do something. For instance, at bed time you might say, "It's almost time to go to bed, I wonder what a wise little ant would do before he goes to bed?"

When your child remembers to do something without being told place an ant sticker or a star on their ant paper next to the thing they remembered to do.


Pretend to be Ants

Divide your children up into groups of three to form ants: the head, the thorax, and the abdomen. The children who are the thorax and abdomen should place their hands on the shoulders of the child in front of them. Let them practice walking together saying left and right, left and right, as they go. Tell them to try to keep their feet all moving at the same time. Next, have them try marching to the Ant Chant.

Ant Chant

Written by Carolyn Warvel

Left and right, left and right.
We work hard all day and night.

Left and right, left and right.
Working hard is our delight.

Left and right, left and right.
We don't whine; we do it right.

Left and right, left and right.
Jesus is our guiding light.

©Carolyn Warvel - Do not reprint without permission

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Make a Letter "A" Anthill

Show the children how to draw a large letter A on their papers. The A is the anthill. Show the children pictures of what anthills look like inside. Have them draw in their own tunnels. They can also make ants using their fingerprints or glue raisins on the paper for ants. Idea sent in by Nancy Foss


Eat Ants and Sand!

Give each child a Ziploc bag of graham cracker crumbs with raisins in it and let them pour it on a plate to explore and eat the anthill and ants. Idea sent in by Nancy Foss


Review the Lesson Ant Card Game

Ant Card Game from www.daniellesplace.com

You can use these cards to make up all kinds of review games.

Member's pattern

Free Instant Download Ant Card Game Pattern

1. Review the Lesson

Before class write the letters a, n, and t on the back of the cards. To make the game harder and to review other letters you can write other letters on the cards.

Divide the class into two teams.

Place the cards face down in the middle of the teams.

The object of the game is to be the first team to spell out the word "ant".

Ask the first team a question, if they get it right they get to pick a card. The first team to get all three letters to spell out ant wins.

2. Review the Bible Verse

  1. Write one word of the verse on each ant card.
  2. Make a set for each child.
  3. Mix up the words and give a set to each child.
  4. See who can put their cards in order first.


"Wise Ants" Itty Bitty Book - Read a Book About Ants

Beginning readers will enjoy this Itty Bitty book.

Member's pattern

Wise Ants Printable Book from www.daniellesplace.com

You can find even more activities on the free ABC, I Believe Ant Lesson for home schools.




Building a Tunnel
Written Nancy Foss
(Sing to the tune of The Bear Went Over the Mountain.)

The ants are building a tunnel
The ants are building a tunnel
The ants are building a tunnel
To be all they can be.

The ants are gathering food
The ants are gathering food
The ants are gathering food
Crunch, crunch, chop, chop, chop, chop


Other Verses to Look Up


1 Corinthians 15:58
Ecclesiastes 9:10
John 9:4




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We would love to hear your comments about this lesson. If you taught this lesson, we would love to hear how it went, if you changed anything, added anything, what age you taught and was it appropriate. Any comments that would help others teach this lesson are welcome.

I did the Consider the Ants lesson for my Sunday School Class, ages 3-6. They really enjoyed the story and the dancing/singing. When our preacher came in to ask about the lesson they told him that we talked about ants and then they told him why. I thought that this was a really good lesson. Sheryl Deerinwater

I taught this lesson in my class last week. I started the lesson by reading a cute little book about ants to the class called "Those Amazing Ants" by Patricia Demuth. It has great pictures and interesting information. For instance, did you know that the ants fold up their six legs and their feelers and sleep snugly at night and when she wakes up they yawn and stretch just as we do? Your children will love this book. You can probably find it at the library.

I started today with the kids in preschool Sunday school on the ABC series. It went well, I included books for them as well as a video on insects. The craft was difficult for them, as they didn't have the strength in their little fingers to push the pipe cleaners through. Can't wait until next week. Thank You. Mindy Carlough

For this lesson, I used the printout and bought ant stickers for the children to put on the anthill. (They love stickers). I used the ant cutout on poster board. Bonnie Lucus

I was able to prepare the lesson on ants for my son to teach during a VBS week. He was working with 9 - 13 years old. He used the ant paper to have the children write some of the ways they can do things without being told. Then we cut them out and laminated them, put a magnet on the back, and attached a string with a marker so they had a usable rewritable board that they could add to after VBS was over. He also had the children follow an ant trail using the ant cards that we used to print the Bible verse on and then laminated them. They all found the cards then had to work together to be able to read the Bible verse. The children enjoyed the activity and they worked well with each other putting the verse in order. Thank you, Tina

I found a craft where you take a paper plate and draw or glue pictures of food on it. Before class I glued round magnets to Popsicle sticks and cut out small ants. I punched two small holes in the middle of each ant. In class I let the children put brads through each hole and spread them to make the ants legs. We then glued the memory verse to the plate. They could move the ant on the plate with the magnet underneath. The kids loved it. I also made the ant game you suggested. I took business cards and printed out a picture of three ants from my Printmaster program. Then I cut and pasted pictures from Printmaster in 2's into my Word program. I cut them out and pasted them to the underside of each card. Each picture depicted a way to "do what you're supposed to do without being told." (We repeated this frequently through out the lesson in a singsong fashion.) We had 25 different things. We turned the cards over with the ants up and the children took turns drawing two and trying to make a match. Each time a picture was turned over we had the children tell us what it was. For example, wash the dishes without being told. The children loved it and didn't want to stop. It really made a big impact.

1. Wash the dishes
2. Take out the trash
3. Dust
4. Clear dishes from the table
5. Pick up your toys
6. Go to bed
7. Get up in the morning
8. Put away the clean dishes
9. Brush your teeth
10. Set the table
11. Wash your hands before eating and after using the bathroom
12. Feed and water your cat dog or pet
13. Stay with your parents in the store
14. Water the plants
15. Make your bed
16. Vacuum
17. Put your dirty clothes in the laundry
18. Get yourself a drink
19. Put away your clothes
20. Pick up your shoes and put them away
21. Comb your hair
22. Buckle your seat belt
23. Turn off the lights
24. Don't bother Mom or Dad while they're talking on the phone
25. Sweep

We handed out the sheet to make a list of what they could do without being told and told them if their mom filled it out, they would get a piece of candy the next week. The parents were astonished at the attitude change in the kids. It is three weeks later and the kids still chant the saying and are trying. Thanks again! Narita

My Toddlers through 3 year olds had a ball with this lesson. We actually had a red ant pile that was very busy outside close to our church and the children observed the ants busily at work. When we came in, we talked about how God said we should be busy about HIS work. Then I passed out a red color for the children to color their ants. When their ants were colored they brought the picture to me so I could put magic glue (rubber cement) on the anthill and they sprinkled sand on it. They thought that was the most amazing thing they could do. They couldn't wait to tell Mom the Bible verse and show her their picture! Thank you for all the work you do! Lynnda

Thanks for this series. I teach younger pre-school but they loved it. We colored the ant and the older ones traced the letters. They were proud to show off their letters. We also did the raisin and graham cracker snack. They were so funny. Many would not eat them because they thought they were really bugs. Sandi I just wanted to let you know I just did the Consider the Ant lesson and the kids had a blast! I had 9 kids ages 2-5. This was the second lesson I have used from the site and plan on using them every week.

1. I printed off 200 ants and enlarged them and had them laid out down the hall into our classroom and into 5 different ant trails. At the end of each trail I had words laying to say, "Do what you are suppose to without being told". The kids picked a trail to follow and brought back a word one at a time.

2. I enlarged the color sheet and the kids colored them. Then I put rubber cement on the anthill and let the kids sprinkle sand on them. They loved that!

3. I enlarged the anthill and ran copies of it on brown construction paper. I gave them a green sheet to glue the anthill to. I also gave them foam ants to glue onto the anthill. I then printed off the NIV Proverbs 6:6 Verse on white paper and the concept, "Do what you are suppose to without being told" and cut these into rectangles that the kids glued at the top of the green construction paper. These really turned out nice and had the concept of the lesson on them. They are a great reminder of what we learned.

4. I enlarged the ant pattern and printed them out on black construction paper. I cut them out and pre-punched the holes and the kids put the pipe cleaners through them for the legs and feelers, they also glued on wiggle eyes. These turned out really cute. I enlarged these 200% so they almost filled a regular 11" sheet of paper. They were so cute and stood up on the pipe cleaner legs.

5. I took large green paper plates and let the kids put food stickers on them. I took one foam ant per child and put a paper clip through its legs so the ant was on top and the paper clip on the bottom. I gave each kid a round magnet and they moved the ant around the plate. They loved that and it gave them a game to take home and play over and over again. I saw several kids playing with them in church and it felt nice to know the crafts were actually being used.

6. We ate the ants & sand for a snack. The kids loved that the snack went with the theme. Crushed graham crackers and raisins in zip Baggies for each kid along with a spoon.

7. We went over the ant paper on what we can do without being told and the kids had a lot of neat ideas. I sent this home with each kid along with a note asking parents to help enforce the lesson over the next week.

8. We did finger print ants and talked about the ants having three body parts then we did the can you find the missing ant sheet and they all found it!

9. They loved marching around while I sang the songs.

10. I printed off signs saying, "Do what you are suppose to without being told." and had these hanging all around the room. I had enlarged ants hanging on the walls also. I also made posters listing things like: Pick up your toys, clean the table, pick up your dirty clothes, brush your teeth, go to sleep, stay with your parents while shopping, say thank you and please, wash your hands before eating and after using the bathroom.

11. I printed off pictures showing kids doing chores and things and glued them to the back of several ants and we had a match game seeing who could find the matches.

12. To pick up the ants we played a game where each kid rolled a dice and got to walk to the end of a trail and pick up the number of ants they rolled to see who got the most ants.

13. I typed a letter to the parents with the verse we were studying, Proverbs 6:6 NIV, along with the concept and attached the list of things we can do without being told and asked the parents to reinforce the lesson during the week.

All of these ideas came off your site. I wanted to do a lesson that would catch the kids' attention and ants lying around everywhere definitely did! I would highly recommend this lesson for everyone! I can't wait to do the frog lesson and have green frogs everywhere! Thanks again for all you do! Shannon

I brought the A - Ants lesson to my class of 4 - 7 year olds. They loved it. I had previously printed out in color the Glacken's Ant Encyclopedia and made it into a book (with copyrights) and used about 15 sticky notes to jot down some of the "jobs" that these ants do to keep their colony going. I had the children look thru the book and remove the notes and place them up on the board. They were able to see just a few of the "jobs" these ants did daily. They were impressed. Now I reversed the tables and told them that God wanted us to be like the ants and do our daily "jobs" or chores just like these ants everyday, without being told, and with no complaints. I printed out a list of 22 chores: many in the site lesson and including some like flushing toilet, sharing toys or other items, shutting off faucets when not in use, etc. They were to write onto their own sheets the chores they had difficulty doing or were always being told to do. I wrote a note on the back of each sheet that stated that the child had promised to complete each item on the list everyday starting with today. And if the child completed them successfully, the parent was to sign at the bottom and the child bring it back to me. They had an added incentive in that I told them I would give them a small gift: it turned out to be a push-up pop. But the kids were excited about it and when they came back the next week we had a few who had completed their assignments and one who told me that she was going to continue to do them without being told. I could see the difference in their attentiveness to things in the class as well. They loved their ant crafts too...we made them a dark blue. One parent commented that her daughter did not want her mother to ask her to do anything, that she would do it on her own. Now I was impressed. Thank you for that lesson that impacted these young ones. Anita

The kids liked the lesson. I brought in real ants for the kids to watch as they worked. They liked the ants. They made their own ants with an ink pad on the coloring sheet. It was amazing how the ants were never still. Bev

I used the lesson "Consider the Ants" for ages 4-7. I used both the lesson and the crafts. Some of the crafts that included cutting out patterns were a little advanced for the 4 and 5 year olds. We cut out the patterns but gluing the pipecleaners on the ant was too hard for them. They loved the coloring sheets. The kids liked the lessons and especially the marching song for the ants. Glenda The kids loved the ants and sand treat! My kids are still asking for it at home! I also made a sheet for them to take home and work on what we had learned. I used the ABC worksheet for A and used the ants from one of the other projects. I made copied of the ants and cut and pasted them into 4 rows under the picture of ants and the anthill. Then I typed out simple things to do alone like "remembered to turn out lights when I left the room" "remembered to flush the toilet and wash my hands" etc. and put them in line with a line of ants. For the craft we glued sand onto the ant hill on the picture and then sent the sheet home with a paper saying that the child should circle an ant each time they remembered to do each thing. If the child brought the sheet back with the ants all circled, they got a candy treat. It was great! The parents really liked that one. Tammy

I really love these lessons! Thank you. What creativity God gave you! We did the art thumbprint ants and I mixed sand and a little glitter with glue to make a thick paste and then had the children make a flat anthill on a paper and then make the thumbprint ants all around. They were very creative! I also enjoy all the orksheets and the teachings. God bless you, Susan Kelly

I used this lesson for an older group. For activities, I made up a find-a-word puzzle which included words related to ants. The letters that were not crossed out in the find-a-word puzzle, spelled out "We can do our work without being told to do it." I also made up some Memory Cards. The cards had the letters "A", "N" "T" on them. We each took a turn to find two matching cards and when two A's, N's and T's were found by a player the game was over. We enjoy your sight very much. Thank you. Bev Staveley

We are limited in space at our church building, so instead of an ant trail hunt through the building we had a hidden trail in our room. Before the children came into the room in the morning, I made ant cards I had cut out with the words "We can do our work without being told to do it." (one per card). I also wrote a number on each card so the students who don't read well but do know their numbers could help put the words in order after they were found. Next, I taped the ant cards under the table where the students sit. After we talked about ants awhile I introduced the activity by saying "Did you know ants can walk sideways and upside down? There might even be some ants in this classroom right now walking around." This got them looking!!! They loved finding ants under the table!

Also, I combined the ant lesson with the lesson on God granting Solomon wisdom. I transitioned into the ant lesson by saying "Solomon and ants have something in common!" We talked about how one aspect of wisdom can be doing our work with a good attitude and without being told. These two lessons worked well together - a Bible lesson then an application to their lives. At the end we prayed for wisdom (which I need just as much as the children!) Thank you for your wonderful lessons, crafts, and activity ideas!! blessings, Anita Reeves

Last week our lesson was Consider the Ants – the kids had a ball – for our craft we made Arrnie the Ant and kids loved it, after they made them they were carrying them around and as the parents came to pick up their kids, the kids were showing their parents what the made. They are always very excited w/ the lessons I get from this site. Thanks so much for a wonder lesson. Stacey

I just wanted to thank you for this series. We just finished a 9 month study of these in my Wednesday evening Bible hour, 4 yr - 4th grade. We called ourselves "Critters for Christ".

We even had T-shirts, etc. The kids did great!

I did want to pass on a few ideas. With the printable Bible Verse Cards I didn't use the box. Instead I bought those little plastic $.99 photo albums and added the verse card and tab to them every week. These were very easy to keep up with and the kids were proud of their book when we finished. Also, the kids earned a reward with "critter chow." I bought squirrel food and every time they brought their Bibles, learned their memory verse, etc., they got to add a scoop of critter chow to the container. When they filled it up they earned a reward. The reward was "The Snake Man." I hired a man to come and bring his King snakes to share with the kids. After the program we had the "Kingsnake" lesson. Thanks again for your ideas. Kim Richter I run a Wednesday night group that has been using the letters of the alphabet as our curriculum this year and have really enjoyed it. One of the really exciting things we have done is made a bulletin board with an ark and each week we add two of that weeks animal. It is fun for recapping as well as keeping the kids interest. Kim

I just wanted to tell you what a great lesson the "Consider the Ants" Lesson was. My kids loved it! I have the 2 to 5 year olds on Wednesday night and we started the ABC series last Wednesday. I told them about the ants how God wanted them to be hard workers like the ants. The kids really enjoyed making the ants with finger prints. We used washable finger paint instead of an ink pad. They also thought the ant page with traceable letters were awesome! Thanks for all your hard work!

In my preschool Bible class, we used the “Consider the Ants” lesson. The children loved hearing about the ants, and liked being able to think about them being like the ants in real life. We used pipe cleaners for the legs and the children loved it! I would definitely like to use this lesson again someday! Thanks for the wonderful ideas! Amanda

When I used the anthill sheet I took the time to have children draw tunnels and the various chambers before doing the fingerprint ants. This gave us the opportunity to discuss the inside of the anthill. It just occurred to me that the idea of transparency in the X-ray fish project (X Lesson) would also be a great addition to the anthill. Next school year I plan to do this too.




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